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Friday, June 3, 2016

Something(s) To Do

Event-wise here in the County, June is full of things to do ranging from sunset cruises on the Bay to truck races at Budds Creek.  Check out the County's tourism website for a listing of activities and events that may interest you.

South County has a couple events at Pt. Lookout worth checking out this weekend and next:
And the annual Blue-Gray Celebration is scheduled for next weekend at the Point.
For those of you who have never checked out Fort Lincoln at the Point it is worth doing so.  The Fort has been recreated and gives you a good idea of what it was once like. Back when I was a kid, the Fort area was overgrown and all that could be seen were the berm walls. I remember Doug Courtney built a fort inside one of the berms and we used to play in and around it before the Fort was completely restored.

Also at Pt. Lookout, the Smith Island cruises have restarted on Thursdays thru Sundays:

Nice little song from early Stones-era:
Which brings up the question - how do you spell grey/gray?

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