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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some Photos of Folks

In looking thru the Buzzy photos for the sunglasses picture the other day, I came upon some other pictures that I thought were worth passing on.  (I also posted some old photos on the Buzzy Facebook page.  Someday I will figure out how to link the Buzzyblog and FB sites but haven't done so just yet.)

Barb, Robbie and Kim:
Duncan with Butch Wood's pet snake.

Then I took the following picture of Grandson Shawn, Pat Birmingham and Charlie Simms.  Here's the background.  This past Monday afternoon I was on the computer scanning the above photos when I noticed that things had gotten very quiet in the Store.  When I bopped around the beer case to check on why it had become so quiet, I had to smile when I saw the three of them busily consulting with and concentrating on their cell phones.
Shawn, Pat and Charlie

For no related reason other than I heard this tune the other day and liked it, here is a young dude by the name Declan McKenna:

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