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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shades of Green

Had a customer ask the other day if I had any sunglasses for sale.  Made me think how Buzzy once had a couple racks of sunglasses for sale hanging adjacent to the post (see above.)  I think that the going price was something like a $1.98 for the cheap ones up to the more expensive $2.49 pairs. 

I was at a trade show a few years back and a fast talking sales rep was trying to sell me a sunglass display with sunglasses.  The display was $100, and held 100 pairs of shades.   Cost of the inventory was dependent on what price level of glasses I wanted to stock.  The sales rep noted that "Say you buy 100 pairs of our lowest wholesale price pairs at $10 each with a SRP double that and you make an easy $1,000.  They sell themselves."  I mumbled something about the rack costing $100 and me not living long enough to sell a 100 pair of $20 sunglasses in Buzzy's to see that return on investment.  That said however, I am doing my homework on finding some cheap(er) sunglasses to sell in Buzzy's.

In thinking about why sunglasses in general are so expensive, this Ron White discussion came to mind.
Comedian Ron White on sunglasses.
I lost my sunglasses and yesterday I went to the Sunglass Hut. Here's the question: Why does a pair of sunglasses cost more than a 25-inch color television set? I go to the Sunglass Hut. I see a pair that I like. I don't love them. I don't. I like 'em. $309. And I asked the guy, very politely, "How do you sleep at night, ya little prick?" You know what I mean? Always just wonderin'. And I told him--and this is true--that two weeks ago, I bought a 25" color television set from Wal-Mart for $218. And he goes, "Well, apparently, sir, you don't get it." "...I'm listenin'." He goes, "These glasses block 100% of all UV rays." I'm like, "No, apparently you don't get it; the T-V decodes a digital satellite signal it picks up from outer-fucking-space!" And then it turned out the glasses got basic cable and I felt like a dickhead...

You had to know what video was coming didn't you?

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