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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pat John

As you know, day one of each month here on the Buzzyblog I will post a listing of birthdays of folks in the extended and immediate Buzzy Country Store family for the coming month.  When I do the list, I go back to last year's list and do a copy, paste for the newer entry. 

Occasionally I will add someone new to the Buzzy family and that's cool.  However, a downside of updating the monthly list occurs when one of the Buzzy family or friends has passed away and I have to drop them off the birthday list.  For instance, I have had to this with my brother Steve, Bart and of course Buzzy.  It always makes me sad about missing that person and consequently I think about them alot and in particular on the day that would have been their birthday.

Today for instance would have been Pat John Forrest's 65th birthday and I have thought of him quite frequently these last couple days. 

The most often told Buzzy story about PJ involves the New Year's Eve Sobriety Check Point at the Methodist Church just above the Store.  For some reason or other, the police authorities decided to set up a check point there above the Store on New Year's Eve several years ago in a not-so-subtle display of just who they were targeting - Buzzy's patrons!  As folks travelling southward to Buzzy's passed and made note of the check point, they would then roll into Buzzy's and warn folks NOT to drive up the road because the check point was going to nail them if they had been drinking. 

PJ, along with the rest of the crew that had been in Buzzy's drinking for awhile, could not believe that a check point was there.  While everyone else elected to remain at Buzzy's, PJ said that he was going to go find out for sure if it really was a check point.  Folks tried to talk him out of leaving but PJ said
to hell with it and left.  Well, you can guess what happened - PJ got a free ride to Leonardtown. 

The irony of me missing PJ is that he is one of the few former Ridge running mates of mine that, since I took over the Store in 07, I saw him more often outside of Buzzy's than I did inside the Store. 

PJ did not come in the Store much the last several years but I saw and talked to him frequently as I exited and visited with my Mom his neighbor. Usually he was out and about cutting grass.  God knows he loved to cut his grass.   Wish I had gotten a picture of him on his lawnmower. 

So, wherever he is today, whatever check point he is challenging or lawn he is mowing, here's to Pat John.  Happy Birthday!

And just because I mentioned it above, here is Edgar:

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