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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Shawn With Dad Shea and Uncle Brady
For his birthday this past Thursday, Grandson Shawn wanted to go to an Orioles game.  I am glad he included his DOG (Dear Old Granddad) in the invite because it was a great experience.  Just spending some time with my two sons and grandson is always a great time but to do so watching the Orioles come from behind to beat the Red Sox, now we're talking REALLY great time. 

Camden was crowded with Red Sox fans who have adopted Camden as Fenway South.  In the sixth inning, David Ortiz hit a three run homer to give the Sox a 6-5 lead over the O's.  An older i.e. my age Red Sox fan came up the aisle from his seat and started pointing a finger in another old dude's face saying "Take that."   (If I were a cell phone filming kind of guy I would have grabbed a video of it.)  The Sox fan continued to do this as the Orioles' fan sat calmly and just gave him the finger.  I leaned over to Shawn and explained that the Red Sox fan was acting like a real jerk and was stupid for doing that.  (Some might say that he was just acting like a typical Red Sox fan but I won't go that far.  Any ball park you go to, you'll find there are ignorant, jerk fans.)

By game's end though when the O's had hit seven home runs and had won 12 -7, the Sox fan was getting verbally abused by the O's fans in our section.  I got to cite one of my favorite expressions to Shawn about he who laughs last laughs best.  (As opposed to the "He who laughs last thinks slowest.")

When it comes to talking O's, Keith Raley drops into Buzzy's Country Store periodically to discuss them.  Couple Saturdays ago he invited me up to his house to check out his Orioles Garage and see his latest addition - an Orioles table that he made from a construction pipe.

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