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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

No Wonder Britain Pulled Out

Great Britain leaving the European Union reminded me of a talk I once heard about the composition and operations of the EU.  The lady giving the talk was a staffer for the EU.  She noted that a major logistical hurdle for the EU's members and employees is that one week each month all of them have to pack up everything and relocate from the EU's permanent headquarters in Belgium to Strasbourg, France which is over 300 miles away (click here for related story.) 

She explained that this came about as a compromise solution at the EU's origins when Paris was not chosen as the EU HQ's and France was given the one-week- a-month as a kind of consolation prize.  She said that the monthly move discombobulates everything for several days as they have to pack and unpack files and documents to make the moves to and from Strasburg.  She also noted that it is a big burden for all of their families to deal with the monthly disruption.  She even went so far as to compare it to a female's monthly period.

Think about that for a minute and imagine the churn here in the U.S. if one week in each month all of our Congress' 535 members, their staff and all the hanger-on's had to relocate to say Detroit to do business for one week and then return to Washington.  Dumb right?  Now factor into that the fact that the EU has 751 members who make the trip each month.  The annual cost of this operation is estimated to be approximately $200 million.  Even a Ridge boy knows the solution to this colossal waste of money. 

George Costanza as England. Funny isn't it, how Seinfeld can still be relevant 20 years on?!)

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