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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Katie and Ian

I attended my niece Katie Taylor and Ian Allen's wedding yesterday. Late afternoon wedding, I had Lisa Mecure cover for me at the Store where I changed from my Buzzy working attire, shorts and a pullover into wedding attire. Lisa took this photo of Reagan and me wedding ready.

From the Store we picked up Mom and made our way to St. Mary's City's Garden of Remembrance.  Back in the day when I took wedding photos, the Garden was one of my favorite sites simply because the background is so scenic.  Good/great wedding pictures are guaranteed.  Later on at the reception held right next to the Garden in front of Calvert Hall, Katie's Dad Jerry commented  on how much Katie loved St. Mary's City and how they had enjoyed sailing and anchoring in the waters around the College thru the years.  

I was not in any kind of official wedding photographer capacity at the event so I took these with my trusty cell phone from whatever vantage point I found myself in.  (One of the advantages a wedding photographer has over everyone else trying to take photos is that he/she is free to roam about and secure the best position for any given photo.  Here is my attempt at photographing Katie and her folks Donna and Jerry processing in.  I'm off to the side where I was seated for the ceremony.)

Did however manage a decent shot of Katie and Ian at the "altar" exchanging their vows.
Mom had to do one of the readings and on the way to the wedding she talked about being nervous having to do so.  However, when it came time for her to do it, she did a great job.  Her body guard Todd didn't even have to intervene to assist her at all.

As I said, the background at St. Mary's City makes every photo a keeper as seen here in this one of my guys post-ceremony.  (Shawn was somewhere else and Stephanie was in San Diego on a work trip.)
Ryan, Shea, Emma, Reagan, Lily, Brady and Caitie
Great reception where I managed to grab the first and probably only selfie ever of my Mom and me.
Ian is a musician and it showed as the music throughout the reception was great including this Sam and Dave song that I got to dance with Grandaughter Lily.  There is a video of it somewhere and if I can I will pass it along.  Best wishes to the newly wed Katie and Ian!

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