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Sunday, June 5, 2016

For the Birds

Photography-wise here is a good lesson. 

At the O's game the other night I took a couple shots of O's mascot Bird doing his thing atop the Orioles' dugout.  I knew what I wanted picture-wise: the mascot heading my way, in full stride and gesturing to the crowd.  However, the vendor in the red stripped shirt kept getting in the way and I had to wait patiently for the Bird to appear as I had envisioned him in my mind without the vendor blocking him.   I finally got this photo and was semi-pleased with the result.   
The day after the game though, I asked Shea to send me some of his photos that he had taken at the game.  I was specifically looking for one that someone had taken of the four of us posing in front of Cal's number 8.  

When I looked thru the photos that Shea sent me however, I had to stop at his Bird photo and marvel at how much better his Bird picture was than mine. 

I know, you are thinking I'm just saying Shea's is better because it has a cute young lady in it.  You have a point because she definitely adds to the photo - blurred action and all. 

However, I like Shea's shot better because he shows more fan response in the foreground, his Bird has his wings up and there is more action in his photo than in mine.  Also, the vertical composition makes it a tighter and hence overall better shot in my opinion.   Judge for yourself and see which photo you spend more time examining.

Speaking of Baltimore bird-related things, here is a good article on how Seven Nation Army came to be such a popular sports song.  I remember being at the 2013 Ravens Super Bowl rally in Baltimore and hearing the song's refrain being chanted and was not familiar with it.  Shea and Brady recognized it immediately and explained it to me how it was a White Stripes song and had become a Ravens chant.

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