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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First Dance Song

Photo by Heather Russell
Katie and Ian's first dance at their wedding was set to the Beatles' song In My Life.  Great choice but truth be told I had always had that one semi-slotted as my leaving-the-church-funeral song.  (Reminds me of the joke(s) - What's the difference between a wedding and a funeral?  Answer #1  - the stiff is upright at one of them.  Answer #2 - you can smell your own flowers at the wedding.)

Back to Katie and Ian's first dance, Katie's cousin Heather Russell made this nice video of them dancing to the Beatles song (click here.)   Now that I see them dancing to it, I got to agree that it is better used as a wedding first dance song vice my funeral song.  Guess then I am back to the drawing board as to what my funeral song should be, like maybe say Smoke on the Water!?  That is, if Trump doesn't follow this suggestion that someone posted in the Smoke You Tube comments:
Note:  I May Even Vote for Don the Con If I Thought That He'd Really Do This

During my years as wedding photographer I witnessed all sorts of first dance songs and in general didn't care for most of the ones chosen.  Anne Murray's Could I Have This Dance I hated.  Ditto for Chicago's Color My World, and Rascal Flatts' Bless the Broken Road.  I don't recall too many first dance songs that impressed me.  (One couple danced to Peaches and Herb's Reunited Again which I'm still not sure about other than they must have gotten back together just to get hitched.)   Coolest of all, I remember one couple who picked Jimi Hendrix's Waterfall song - a great choice.  

I always thought that for a second (third?) marriage, the Stevie Wonder I Believe song would be a good first dance song.  Several folks have covered the tune and I pretty much like all of them.  Just shows what a great song it is. 

This particular video of the song has lots of nice photos and views.  Here are links to the other versions of the song if, like me you think this is a worthwhile waste of time:  Macy Gray, Michael McDonald, George Michaels, Stevie.  Thank you God.

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