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Monday, May 23, 2016

Tourism Plan

Friday I attended an update on something called the St. Mary's County Tourism and Hospitality Master Plan.  A consultant group has been at work for some time now developing an overall tourism plan to help guide the County.  A subcomponent of this effort is to develop a South County Action Plan.  (For more info relative to South County click here and scroll down.)  The front page of the handout from the Friday's meeting follows:
For various reasons, I tend to view consultant studies as a semi-waste of time and money.  For the most part it seems to me that a lot of money is spent just to have someone tell you what you already know. 

That said however, this effort did seem to have some merit to it in that it looked at overall tourism trends and discussed how the County could or should try and pursue/take advantage of them.  For instance the following Population chart was presented and discussed:
In discussing Millennial Travelers, the consultant noted that this is the group projected to be doing the most travel in the foreseeable future.  Thus, any tourism plan should be orchestrated accordingly to accommodate and appeal to them.  (Note:  I was unaware that Millennials numbers-wise will pass us Boomers this year as the largest living generation.  Oh well, we had a pretty good run don't you think?  Time to pass the baton.)

Speaking of the End of the Line, I think Tom and the boys were not talking directions here as much as they were life-stuff.  See what you think:

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