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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Power Players Jeopardy

This week's Jeopardy features "Power Players" and was filmed at DAR Hall in D.C. a couple weeks ago.  The following is excerpted from (click here.)

My buddy Charlie Harless attended the filming of the shows which were all done in one day last month. He and his son stood in line on a rainy Saturday morning along with thousands of other folks to watch Alex and the players do their thing. 

Charlie said it was fun watching the pre-game stuff as the players went thru a practice session to help familiarize themselves with the clicker and the overall flow of the game.  He noted that Alex Trebek did a question and answer session with the audience and appeared to enjoy doing it even though you knew that he'd probably heard every question posed to him such as "When are you going to retire?" (The Washington Post did a good story on the filming of these shows (click here.)

When last night's show was televised I texted Charlie to make sure he was watching.  He texted me back "It's amazing how well I'm doing tonite.  I haven't missed one yet!"

Found this video on this weeks' shows.  The episode featuring Lara Logan, Anderson Cooper and Maryland's Michael Steele (48:00 mark) will air tonite. 
Charlie said that at the filming of the shows, they were instructed not to reveal any of the winners and he did not.  However, here's a clue from Frank as to tonite's results.  (Remember, your answer must be in the form of a question.) 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention AND for making us feel welcome! We enjoyed celebrating our 20th anniversary in Scotland MD and hope to visit again real soon. ~Lisa