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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ocean Hall

This past Sunday I helped Pam and her Health Share members host their annual Champagne Reception at Ocean Hall located on the Wicomico River in Bushwood. 
Built in 1703, Ocean Hall is a historic home located just up the road from Quade's Store.  Owned by Dr. Jamie Boyd and his wife Jennifer, it has been completely restored to its former state.  Jamie and Jennifer reside in the addition to the original building and are renting Ocean Hall out for weddings and special events.  Check out this Baynet article on their efforts.  For some photos see their FB page (click here.)

Pam and I got there early Sunday afternoon to help set things up amidst the rainy weather.  Once we had everything ready, I had a little time to stroll down to Quade's Store before the event attendees started arriving.  Thus I was able to visit two historic Bushwood places both within walking distance of one another.  

Quade's had several folks seated inside and they were in various stages of eating their lunch/dinner.   I said hello to owner George Quade and told him I'd try and send some folks over later from the reception.  (Ernie and Ann Bell who is also on the Health Share Board indicated that they go there on Sunday mornings for after-Church-breakfast.)

Back to Ocean Hall.  Jamie gave us a tour of the house and explained how it is either the first or second masonry to be built house in America.  He also described how the roof is made of cruck trusses (for photos click here.)  It is the only remaining recorded structure from the  18th century featuring this cruck construction (click here.) 

Currently the house is not open for tours but since it does host weddings, my advice would be to wrangle an invite to a wedding there.  That or just drive by on your way to Quade's and if you see a wedding going on, do that wedding crashers thing.

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