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Thursday, May 12, 2016


I did something here the other day about visitors to Buzzy's Country Store from Washington State.  Today I want to talk about some recent Minnesota connections that popped up out of the blue. 

Or maybe I should say "out of the purple" since Prince punching out was such a big story.    I always liked Prince and his music but I respected him mostly for continuing to live in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Think about that, here he is a multi-millionaire who could live anywhere in the world that he wanted to and yet he stayed in Minnesota.  (I did learn that Prince also had a little 10,000 sq. ft. hideaway (photo below) in Turks and Caicos (click here) so maybe that Minnesota residence was not a 12 month a year round gig.)

Then I stumbled upon a second Minnesota reference recently on CBS' Sunday Morning T-V show.  They had a good story on Minnesota's Northwest Angle about a piece of land that is part of Minnesota but can only be reached via land by driving a 65 mile gravel road thru Canada  (click here.)  Check out the story and video and see if you don't see some similarities between the Northwest Angle and our Smith Island out in the middle of the Bay.  Maybe I'll contact the Sunday Morning folks and tell them that Smith Island is what they ought to be doing a story on.

My other recent Minnesota reference is a semi-sad one having to do with the passing of Bruno #8.  In thinking about Bruno and talking about whether or not to get a #9, it made me think back to Bruno #1 and how St. Bernards came to be a fixture here at Buzzy's Country Store.  Here is this post that I did several years ago about Jo Anne from Minnesota and the start of St. Bernards at Buzzy's (click here.)  (Note that my re-connecting with Jo Anne led me to learn that her younger brother Steve had passed in a car wreck.)

But not wanting to leave you on a down note, here was a funny Prince-related comment from Lyn Forrest to Mike Ridgell on his Facebook page:

Guess he called it:

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