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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Memphis in May

First of May I always think of the Memphis in May music festival held there on the first weekend.  This year it went down this past weekend (click here.)

My buddy Ronnie Edwards lived in Little Rock and liked to attend the festival there in Memphis.  He told me a crazy story of him rolling into Memphis one year with some lady friend to attend the 3 day music fest.  They checked into the hotel and then made their way over to the festival. 

However, once they were at the festival with their blanket all set up to sit back and enjoy the show, the lady friend copped an attitude.  Turns out that she didn't like crowds.  Brother Ron asked her "Then why the hell did you agree to come here?"  She said something about not knowing that it was going to be sooooo crowded, not knowing that it involved hours sitting on a blanket etc. and in general was just not too satisfied about the whole affair.

Ronnie made a command decision.  He told her to get her things and then drove her back to Little Rock.  On the two hour ride back to Little Rock she tried to apologize to Ron but he never said a word to her.  He dropped her off at her place and then returned to Memphis. 

As he pulled back into Memphis and was stopped at a traffic light, some lady on the corner (yes she probably was a Street Corner Girl) said to Ron "Nice car." Ron said he then used his shortest pickup line ever when he told her "Get in."  Whereupon she did.  He said they returned to the festival and had a great time for the next couple days and nights. 

Always think of Ron and Little Feat as they were one of his favorite bands.  Know I've played this tune before but in honor of Ron, Lowell, Memphis and Tennessee Lambs everywhere here it is again.  (This is a little different version than what you are used to but give it a look because it has some nice and some funny photo's of various "Tennessee Lambs" (picture of one above for instance.)  How a photo of our next President made it into the video, I don't know.

And since it is Two For Tuesday (and because I did mention it above,) check this one out too.

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