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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dave and Company

Subtitle - The Thompson Boys on a Bus
When I first saw this Ravens bus rolling into Buzzy's Country Store parking lot this past Saturday I thought "Good. This should be fun."  And turns out I was right.

Dave Thompson and his brother Bob brought their fishing party buddies to Buzzy's to relax and have some fun. (Dave and his wife Sherry own St. James Deli and Spirits and both are frequent friends at  Buzzy's.)
From right to left: Les, Buzzy Jr., Dave, Chris, Bob (Dave's brother,) Chris, Tommy and "Bernie".  (Note:  I did not get the name of the fella on the far left but we'll just call him Bernie for now.)  Chris in the green hat divulged that he was a Patriots fan.  I had a tough time believing him and followed up a couple times to verify it because otherwise, he seemed like a really nice guy.

Stepdaughter Jennifer then grabbed this shot of YT and Brother Dave:
I am holding a camera whose batteries went kaput just as Jenn was about to take these photo's.  Jenn then took these with her trusty cell phone. 

Very glad that Dave and Company visited and had a good time at Buzzy's.  Hope they make a return visit anytime they are out rolling around on their Ravens' Thompson Boys' bus.

You know what song is coming:

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Tom B said...

This is Tom one of the guys on the bus you have a great place there and the people that we met were the nicest people you could meet especially Marcia with the hot peppers we had a ball will be back