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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buzzy Jeopardy

In baseball there is that unwritten rule that teammates will not speak to a pitcher about his no hitter as long as he is throwing one.  Well, following that logic, I tried the same "rule" for Buzzy Cohen on Jeopardy. 
When he first started winning two weeks ago on Jeopardy, I ginned up a post for the Buzzyblog to the effect "Hey everybody check out this dude on Jeopardy named Buzzy."  But then I chickened out with the rationale "Naw, soon as I say something, he will lose that night."

But despite my restraint and unwritten rules of non-engagement, Buzzy went down last night.  I am surprised that he lasted as long as he did because he had started screwing with Trebek (click here for story.)   Everybody knows that you don't mess with Alex.

Found this video documenting his downfall last night.  Like the viewer said "Dang it!"

Now should they ever have a contestant on by the name of J.Scott.........

I have shown this previously but it's worth another look.

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