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Saturday, May 7, 2016

But If You Visit Buzzy's Later, Please Put Some Clothes On

Them's Some Green Thumbs (wngd.org)
First Saturday in May and I always thought that it was most famous for being Kentucky Derby Day.  You know, roses, mint juleps, attractive women in big hats and a horse race, dubbed the most exciting two minutes in all of sports, somewhere in the middle of all that hoopla.

However, guess that I am just so old-school-out-of-it that I knew nothing about the first Saturday in May also being known as World Naked Gardening Day - no lie, it's tough to make up stuff like that (click here.)

Confession time, I am not into gardening but maybe that's because I was never incentivized to be so inclined.  Guess I'll just have to get busy stripping and planting.  Now, if I could just talk Pam into it too.

So should you honor the day being naked and working in your garden, suggest that you do so in the a.m. and then later buzz down to Buzzy's to watch the Derby.  Clothing may or may not be optional in your garden but it IS required at Buzzy's however.

Have played this tune a couple times previously for you but plead guilty to being repetitive because I love this song:

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