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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ridge Fire Department Convention/Parade

Ridge Fire Department Convention begins today with a parade set for tomorrow (rain or shine since it does look like rain is in the forecast.)

Parade will cause some traffic delays Sunday afternoon so get down to Buzzy's Country Store early and avoid the traffic jam in Ridge.

In looking over the rules for the parade/contest competitions, it appears that the organizers have everything well thought out. This is an excerpt taken from their rules:
From http://www.smvfa.net/content/convention/Parade-Contest.pdf
Guess it is a good thing that the parade organizers are so thorough in trying to foresee issues/problems. But on the other hand, can't help but think that it is also kind of sad that they even have to think about these possibilities.

And while talking things firemen-related, here is this excellent sentiment from Wayne Henderson following the firefighter who got shot trying to check on and help rescue someone with a gun.

Seriously doubt that you will see too many shirts as follows on display at the Convention/Parade, but I couldn't resist showing this photo of one worn by a cousin of mine.

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