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Friday, April 29, 2016

90 and Still Going Strong

Dick Turns 94 on December 12
A few weeks ago, 93 year old Dick Sheppard made a return visit to Buzzy's Country Store.  His daughter Kay and her husband Wayne Sexton brought him back almost a year to the date since he was last here (click here.)  Dick kept trying to buy a round but we wouldn't let him do so. Instead, we made him promise to return on his birthday on 12 December when he will then be expected to buy in accordance with the Buzzy tradition.

Dick's visit made me think about something that I've mentioned previously and that's the numbers of folks in our area who are living well into their 80's and 90's (click here.)  

For some time now I've been amazed at the number of folks I know who have relatives in their 90's.  Everyday in Buzzy's, there are several of my friends with Moms and relatives in their 90's.  Just to mention some,  Pat Adams (his Mom is 94,) Bobby Wright (Mom 94, his Aunt Frances Dean 92,) David "Clutch" Raley (Mom 90,) Bob Mann (Mom 94, his Mother-in-law Mrs. Mattingly 94) and Ned Pratt (his Aunt Hattie Dunbar 92.) 

This past Wednesday I had lunch with a high school buddy Tim Cooksey who was here from Sedona, Arizona primarily to visit his Mom.   When I asked Tim how old Mom is, I almost knew that 90 something would be the answer.  Sure enough Tim said that she is 91.

Then yesterday, as I was thinking about these number of 90 year olds that I either know or know about, I ran into Tina "Pretty" Hewitt in Food Lion.  She informed me that she had just celebrated her 93rd birthday and said that she still doesn't consider herself "old."  Go Tina.

Charlie Simms hits his 90th birthday on Saturday October 8th of this year.  (Buzzy's 92nd birthday would have been on October 11th.)  May have to have a little Charlie/Buzzy party that day.

Good news too, whereas the 90 mark used to be sort of rare and unheard of, the 100 year old mark is now becoming more attainable.  Witness these two South County ladies who recently not only made 90 but came mighty close to the century mark - Eloise 98 and Welford 99.

And speaking of Sedona:

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