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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rita and Greg

Speaking of hats and dressing up for an occasion (yesterday's post) Rita and Greg Weaver stopped by Buzzy's Country Store Saturday on their way to help chaperon at the Leonardtown High School prom.  Rita volunteered to do so as a member of the Board of Education to which she was recently elected. 

I don't know for sure if Rita and Greg are the first couple to ever stop in Buzzy's en route to their prom.  However, think that I'm safe in saying that they are the first grownup couple to ever do so. 

Rita and Greg are frequent visitors to the Store where Rita receives much advice and input from my Buzzy friends on how to make the Board of Education more effective.  Given that the Board of Education does seem to be getting along and functioning much better than did the previous Boards, I'd like to attribute that to all of this good advice that Rita is receiving at Buzzy's.  I'd like to do that, but I know that Rita's a smart enough lady to filter accordingly any advice she receives at Buzzy's.    Only one song can follow this right?  However, the meter maid business is incorrect as Buzzy's Rita is an R.N..  She's still in a uniform though. 

(Watching this video made me wonder though, why is it that cops in Britain do not seem to have all this churn over how they deal with law breakers and folks?) 

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Rita said...

Great article. Shhhh, I am secretly a meter maid. Just wait till everyone gets their tickets. Just thinking that if you set up parking meters, it could be a real money maker.

When Customers at Buzzy's talk, I listen. Buzzy customers (who I am happy and privileged to call my friends) are honest, smart, tell it like they see it, and want our community to be the best.

Greg and I had a wonderful time at the prom being chaperones. Thanks for letting Buzzy's be part of our evening. Thanks for the article. I love it.