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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

License to Drink?

What with all the talk of legalizing pot, and taxing it so the States can make money, how about this for an idea -  a drinking license for teens say either at 16 or 18 years of age?  This would be easy to implement because the template to do so is already in place.  Treat it just like the process used to obtain a drivers license.  The teen would have to take classes, master some on-the-road i.e. in-the-bar drinking lessons and then take a test to obtain his/her license to drink.  

As for the money making aspect of it, the State would regulate the sale and retention of the license.  The teens would pay for the license as well as renew it each year until they turned 21. Should the teens be found drunk somewhere, they would be fined and have to go thru the suspension process just like they do now with their drivers' license when they get a ticket.  Like all ideas, this one is not unique as I found some support here (click here, excerpt follows:)

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