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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maryland Lighthouse Challenge This Weekend

Speaking of lighthouses (in my previous post), the 8th Annual Maryland Lighthouse Challenge will be held this coming weekend at all of the Chesapeake Bay area lighthouses including of course our very own Pt. Lookout Lighthouse. (Click here for more info.) 
Last year a couple from Buffalo were in Buzzy's Country Store participating in the event.  They had flown into BWI, rented a car and were doing the tour of all ten lighthouses.  When I asked them how Point Lookout compared to the others, they noted that Pt. Lookout is one of the few lighthouses that really does have a house with it.  That and the fact that it is supposedly haunted, made Pt. Lookout a must see for them.  Wonder if they will be back for this year's event.  Hopefully, the ghosts will be hospitable.

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Cindy said...

You guys need a facebook fan page! Scott I was in during the summer with my Mom (a local) and a couple small kids. I have some photos from the 70s to share with you and some recent ones as well! Love the blog and will be following regularly!