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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buzzy at Fedex

Back in my wedding photographer days I took some photo's for Melissa and Mike Kerr.  After I finished taking their post-ceremony formal photo's on the altar, Mike then asked me to take one more.  He whipped out a Durkins Pharmacy shopping bag and then posed with Melissa holding the shopping bag between them.
A couple months later I was in Durkins and saw my photo of Mike and Melissa on prominent display. Durkins encouraged customers to take photo's of their shopping bag in various places around the world and then would put them on display in their drugstore.  Mike and Melissa's was the only wedding themed photo on display.
I was reminded of all this when Kim Wiley sent me these photo's of her and her Buzzy cozi at the Kenny Chesney concert at Fed Ex this past Saturday.   Like Durkins used to do, I'll start posting your photo's of Buzzy's cozi in places and positions of your choosing.  Pose it, shoot it and send it to me and I'll post it.  
(Sad to note however that we won't be able to pose the Buzzy cozi in front of Durkins Pharmacy as it is no longer in business.  I'm trying to contact Mike and Melissa to see if they still have their Durkins wedding photo.)   
Buzzy at Fedex

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