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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Johnny Ford - Where Does the Time Go?

Someone told me the other day that the Buzzy blog was the second one he reads each morning.  When asked why it was not the first one read, my friend said "I always check out the funeral home sites first to see who died knowing it's probably going to depress me.  But then I go to Buzzy's because I know it's going to bring me back up and make me smile."

Well, how is this for a reversal of that logic:  when I first heard that Johnny Ford had passed away, I was sadden and very depressed.  (Johnny had been in the Store just a few weeks ago and seemed like the same old Johnny laughing and joking as he said things like "The police stopped me the other day and asked if I had any firearms, drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. I told them I didn't think so but hang on while I checked to see.")

Then I logged into the funeral home site to find Johnny's obit and it made me smile.  With notations like "He might be the only person asked to not return to Disney World,"  it sure sounds like he wrote it himself.  (For complete obit click here. )  

I printed out a copy of his obituary to place it on the counter in the Store.  However, along with the obit came several pages of condolences that folks have made.  There were so many, that it printed out about a half a ream of paper.  Johnny was that well liked and he will be missed very much. Here's a good time song in memory of a good time guy.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart for this post... I love this song so much and I loved me some Johnny Ford. He's still my favorite dance partner.

Your weekend mail lady.

Frump said...

Thank you for remembering my dad.