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Friday, January 28, 2011

Protests in Egypt

The current unrest in Egypt click here for story makes me think about a young tour guide named Rania.

In 2009 my cousin Jo Jo (pictured here with Rania) his wife Pat, my wife Pam and I visited Egypt and booked a private tour with Rania as our guide. We met up with her in Alexandria and traveled across the desert to  Cairo and points south.  As we did so Rania  discussed many facets of Egyptian life, past and present. 
Most tour guides tend to sugarcoat things and steer away from politics but not Rania.  She was very critical of their President Mubarak click here.  She explained how he had been in power for so long and how things had not improved under his rule. She mentioned problems and controversy surrounding Mubarak's elections.  Overall she was very outspoken and critical as she said "I just want to know, where does all of the money go?"  (We assured her that in America many of us ask that question too about our tax dollars.)
Since I am fairly certain that Rania is one of the protesters out in the streets of Cairo, hope whatever churn goes on over there in the next couple days, she doesn't end up in jail - or worse.

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Lisa from Virginia Beach said...

We, too, had Rania as our guide in 2009 and are concerned for her well-being. At one point I had her email address but have seemed to have misplaced it. She was outspoken with us as well and I'm glad to have had her perspective before the chaos hit this month.

If you have her email address, I'd appreciate you sending it to me at Jacknlisa7@aol.com. I understand their internet connections are currently down but we'd like to reconnect with her when possible.