This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Thoughts On a Rainy Night

On a rainy night this song will always come to mind.  You know the Brook Benton version but check out this Conway and Sam Moore take on it.  If you only have a few minutes to do so, pick it up at the 3:40 mark where they go back and forth talking about it raining.  Conway's "Made me want to but I can't Sam" is a classic.  

Did you know that Conway, born Harold L. Jenkins, selected his stage name by consulting a road map where he spied Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas? Conway passed in 1993 at the young age of 60 while Sam is still around and will turn 90 next month on 12 October.   Sam is in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for being part of Sam and Dave (click here.)

Friday, September 25, 2020

Events in a Small Town

A number of events around the County are on tap for this weekend.  For more info on what's happening  (click here.)

At Buzzy's Country Store, the usual suspects will be doing their usual thing.  This past week Joyce and Rick from Annapolis were visiting the County after having lived here when Rick was stationed at Pax 40 some years ago.  They both remarked to me how much the County had changed and how little Buzzy's had not.  I took that as the ultimate compliment.  Buzzy's - the way things used to be right?  

Another Farm Aid (yesterdays post)  performance for you here from 1987.  John's line "I was educated in a small town" rings particularly true for me because I graduated from St. Michael's grammar school, Ryken High School, St. Mary's College and GW's off-campus Masters' Program at Pax River Navy Base.  And to this day, my education continues at Buzzy U!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Farm Aid - Then and Now

Since 1985 Willie and his friends have held an annual concert to raise money for farmers.  This year's event will take place this Saturday.  For details on how you can either watch or listen to it (click here.)  

Quick political aside here.  Billions of dollars of Federal Farm Aid has become necessary for our farmers due to the fallouts from our trade war(s) with China (click here.)  I know some of you will try to dismiss this as fake news, but before you do so you check out the facts of the matter (click here.)  We impose a tariff on them and they retaliate by slapping one on us.  Genius move wasn't it?

Hats off to Willie and his fellow musicians for 35 years of doing something proactive for our farmers.   (That it has been 35 years is another head shaking realization of just how old I am.)  And speaking of it's been a long time, here is a video of Sammy Hagar and EVH ripping thru Zep's Rock n Roll at the 1985 Farm Aid:

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Happy Fall!


In addition to today being Bob Wright's birthday, it also marks the first day of fall.  (OK, yesterday was the first official day of fall, but since being careless with the truth appears to now be an acceptable mode of communication, I figured why not go with the times and say that it's today!  Besides, I'm only 24 hours off.) 

But what is 100% true is that we are experiencing the best weather possible.  Not too hot, not too cold and Mother Nature is doing a great job keeping it that way, at least for the next couple days.

This really is the best time of the year to be outside doing something fun like sitting out on Buzzy's front porch drinking a cool one.  (See how I just slipped in that self promotional kinda thing?  Who says that I don't like anything Trumpian?)

I've played the Beatles version of this a couple times previously but check out this jazzy version of it featuring lead singer Renee Olstead:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Bob Denver

My friend Eric Brotherton was recently in Buzzy's Country Store and made a reference to Dobie Gillis.  It made me think of Dobie's sidekick Maynard G. Krebs and I  immediately turned to look for the following figurines stashed on a shelf behind the counter.  (I discussed these guys in a Buzzyblog post back in 2014 (click here.) )

Polock/Maynard and Capt. Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby/Buzzy
Seeing the figurines, I then realized that I had Bob Denver as Gilligan confused with him in his role as Maynard G. Krebs in Dobie Gillis. In my fogged up memory bank, I have Maynard and Gilligan co-located in the same bin.

However in my defense, when you think about those two roles that Bob is famous for, they were not all that different: both Maynard and Gilligan were affable, funny and well meaning kinda guys, who obviously didn't mind playing second banana to someone else.  (Quick aside here - as popular as they were, both shows were very short lived - the Dobie Gillis show ran from 59-63 and Gilligan only did 3 seasons 64-67.  That Bob made his mark in two very different shows while playing basically the same character is a pretty cool accomplishment when you think about it.  

Following his show business career, Bob retired with his wife Dreama to her hometown in Princeton, West Virginia where the two of them hosted a local radio show.  Click here for a video of Dreama discussing their post-Gilligan lives.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Not About Ruth But Maybe Buzzy?

 Today's Google Doodle caught my eye:

At first glance I thought it had something to do with RBG.  However the El Progresso threw me so I visited their Google Doodle website where I learned that it is about Jovita Idar (click here.)

As I strolled through their Doodle archives however, it got me thinking - Why not a Buzzy Google Doodle? Below is my first shot at it  and like they often say, I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon to become a Google Doodler.
Musically, here is a funny little Google ad for you to check out.  To hear the complete Pata Pata song (click here.)

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Religion - The Jefferson Bible

Pam and I drove over to Fredericksburg the other day to visit my cousin Joe White in what was my first visit out of the State since last year.  It was nice day and we had a very nice visit with Joe.


Somewhere along the way, Pam commented on how a certain section of Rt. 3 reminded her of the road leading into Charlottesville.  I didn't respond because I have only been to Charlottesville once and when it comes to how highways appear, I'm a little bit of a "road racist" in that they all look alike to me.  

Shortly after Pam's comment however, I heard radio host Thom Hartmann make mention of Thomas Jefferson and his Bible.  In my hop-skip mind then I saw a connection between Pam commenting on Charlottesville and Hartmann discussing the Jefferson Bible where Jefferson omitted any references to Jesus' divinity and His miracles. 

I won't go into any of the details about how and why Jefferson came up with his own version of the Bible but you can learn all about that by clicking here.   Consider it your Sunday morning old time religion assignment.

How about I conclude my country music foray with some George?  I'm laying some pretty good odds that his family Bible was NOT redacted.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Maryland Restaurant Week ’

 St. Mary's County Department of Economic Development announced the following:


To save you some clicking and searching, here are our County restaurants participating in this promotion:

The Economic Development folks also mentioned the County's restaurant BOOST program which I have previously passed along to you (click here.)

[Short little semi-rant here for you has to do with what I hilited in the above email:
we’re is supposed to read "we're."  This happens when the email sender uses an apostrophe and for some reason when received, the email HTML text garbles it as it did above.  Additionally, other weird symbols will often pop into the text for no apparent reason.  

My complaint is - fix it!  I'm not talking about those who write and send the emails that contain these screw ups.  My beef is with the programmers and techies responsible for the HTML coding that causes the problem in the first place.   It's annoying.  

For example, the weekly updates that I receive from the American Beverage Licensees are sometimes so farkeled up that it is a challenge to read them.  Sample from a recent entry follows:
Following my little aside, here then is a relaxing tune from Boney James. No typos will be found in this!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Stoney Creek Inn - Jenna and Dan

When Jenna and Dan told me that they owned a restaurant in Pasadena, Maryland, I asked them what I usually ask small business owners who drop into Buzzy's Country Store "How did you mange to get away?"  

Turns out that they been camping for a couple days at Pt. Lookout and they were celebrating  Dan's birthday on Wednesday.  In accordance with the Buzzy tradition, Dan bought a round for the other folks in the Store and they all spent some time relaxing out on the porch.   

When they left to head back to Pasadena, Dan gave me his card and I noted that the name of their restaurant is the Stoney Creek Inn.  I Googled Stoney Creek Inn and found this 2019 very nice review/article that discusses Jenna and Dan and their efforts to serve up what they call "Maryland Comfort food" (click here.)  (I may have to appropriate that for Buzzy's by saying that we serve up "Maryland comfort drinks.")  

My Google search of Stoney Creek also turned  up a Guy Fieri visit there several years ago as part of his Diners, Drive In's and Dives' show on the Food Network.   Stoney Creek was then operated by different owners, but the Guy video does a good job telling you about the business.  To view that episode (click here.)

Next time I'm up that way, I will definitely check out the Stoney Creek Inn Restaurant.  And my thanks to Jenna and Dan for dropping into Buzzy's. 

Music wise, here is something from a group that started out 20 years ago as a local band in Pasadena, Maryland.  Great song even if the video is a little dark.  (I think it has something to do with doing drugs.)  

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Happy Birthday Hank

In case you have not noticed, I've been on a country music kick here of late. A lot of that has to do with my car radio tuned to 102.9 WKIK Country and me just being too lazy to change the channel.  

So when I saw that today in music, we celebrate the birthday of the King of Country Music - Hank Williams I thought ok, let's do some Hank.

I knew that he had died young but I wasn't aware just how young he was.   While Rock n Roll has its 27 Club of folks who went outta here at a young age, Hank may have been ahead of his time by punching out as he did on New Year's Day 1953.  Like most of those in the 27 club, Hank's alcohol/drug use was a contributing factor to his early demise.

Hank's what I call "tears in his beers" songs such as I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry and Your Cheating Heart never did much for me.  Too depressing.  But I did enjoy it when he would rock a little on songs like Hey Good Looking, Jambalaya and this one, which of course George Thorogood made me appreciate even more (click here for his take on it) 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

West Point Quarters

With the majority of Buzzy's individual beer prices set at either $2.25 or $2.50,  I go thru approximately $40-$50 in quarters giving change each week.  My Monday banking duties always involve picking up several rolls of quarters to get me thru each week.

But while the quarter is my most handled money item in and out of the Buzzy cash register, I never gave it much thought until recently following a conversation with my coin collecting friend Nancy.  It was Nancy who told me to keep an eye out for any quarter minted in West Point.  The  mint mark is below the In God We Trust inscription on quarters and indicates where the coin was made.  In addition to West Point, quarters are minted in Philadelphia (P), San Francisco (S) or Denver (D.)  

Based on the couple of weeks that I have paid any attention to this, I have not stumbled upon any W quarters yet.  However, I'm going to keep looking.  (For more info on why W quarters are so rare (click here.))

Not too many songs with "Quarter" in the title, but here is a great one that does:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Trucks and Cokes

Two trucks and one dirty dog.
48 or 49 Ford and Buzzy's 53 Chevy.  Bruno #5

I thought that this was LP's Ford truck.  However, when I contacted LP to ask him about it, he informed that it was not his truck, that his is a 51 and this one is either a 48 or 49 Ford.  For comparison purposes here is a photo of LP's truck from one of the Buzzy car shows:
Another twofer in the two truck photo above involves the two Coke logo's on Buzzy's porch sign. Note that when I had the sign redone in 2008, I opted to replace one of the Coke logo's with a photo of a very young Bruno #8 who has since passed.
However, when I look at the Mary Lou Troutman painting of the Store, I see where she shows the circular Coke logos which I think I prefer to the square ones.  I may have to think about re-incorporating them too.  So many decisions to make!
Note too how Wally the Walnut Tree is standing tall and looking pretty good here as drawn by Mary Lou.  Regarding his fate (previous post,) the consensus from those of you whom I have heard from seems to be to take him out.  However, I still can't do it.  I grew up with that big fella and he's been a good friend to me.  (On the other hand, it was his relative around back of the Store who produced the walnut for me to trip on and break my hip.  Him I'm definitely getting rid of;  Wally will stay for now.

And speaking of making decisions and who owns which truck, check out how that twofer didn't work out for Rhett:

Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday and Boots

 Monday morning when rolling out of bed is easy to do but getting up off the floor isn't.  

Initially, I had planned to do an extended take on Monday mornings but just don't feel it today.    My conclusion - this note may or may not be correct:

Catchy country tune here for you that prompted the comment: "My neighbors like this song so much they threw a rock through my window so they could hear it better."

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Floyd Country Store

I have previously mentioned Floyd's Country Store in Virginia (click here.)  Thus, I was a little sadden to see this 28 August 2020 story:


As I mentioned the other day in my post on Quades Store closing, our local businesses need our support now more than ever.  And I'm not just saying this because I happen to own such a business.  Buzzy's will survive this for a number of reasons foremost of which is the loyal support and patronage from all of you.   

However, other local businesses and in particular local restaurants are in dire need of your support.  A lot of the Covid-related Government aid that was available to local businesses is now drying up and things are about to get even tighter for the bar and restaurant industry.  (I'm still not too wild about being referred to as "the hospitality industry" because it makes us sound a little too much like hookers.  But on second thought, I guess that we do provide entertainment and fun in exchange for money so to quote our Leader "it is what it is.")  

Regardless, we need to be supporting our local businesses as much as we can during this time.  Again I call your attention to County's BOOST program (click here.

Nice video here featuring Floyd's:

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Dena's Birthday at Buzzy's

When she made it to the counter at Buzzy's Country Store this past Labor Day Monday Dena very proudly told me "Today is my birthday!"  I wished her happy birthday but quickly advised her to keep quiet about it because my Buzzy regulars would not hesitate to tell her about the Buzzy policy of buying a round on your birthday.  She laughed, paid for her drink and headed out to the front porch.

A little later Dena came back into the Store and told me "I want to buy a round for my birthday."  I rang the bell and took the following photo of her.

I told her I would put the photo on the Buzzyblog and asked her what was her last name.  She said "Womack, just like Bobby."  I, of course, got that reference.  (Here is a previous Buzzyblog post I did on Bobby back in 2013 (click here.)) 

Dena later posted a comment on Buzzy's FB page that she had a great time celebrating her birthday at Buzzy's.  Thank you Dena and drop back by anytime you can.

Bobby's Womack's It's All Over Now was his most well known hit and I included it in that 2013 post mentioned above.  However, check out this tune  that he also wrote and recorded.  It is supposedly talking about Bobby's friendship with Sam Cooke and Sam's wife Barbara whom he married just 3 months after Sam's death. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Plywood Times 3

This past Wednesday was a plywood-kinda-day for me in that I encountered three different situations where plywood was boarded over windows and a door for 3 very different reasons.  As you will see, these reasons read like a Clint Eastwood movie - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  I'll start off with telling you about The Bad one.

The 4 August Hurricane Isaias launched a tornado in my neighborhood that caused shingles from my neighbor's roof to damage 4 of my windows one of which was broken out.  To keep additional rain from coming into my living room, I installed a patchwork of plywood pieces over the outside.  Here's a photo I took at the time of the window from the inside of my house.  I did not get a photo of my boarded up window on the outside, but trust me when I say that it did not look any better nor neater than my handiwork here on the inside.

Mike Raley from 84 Lumber visited us shortly afterwards and ordered us replacement windows for the damaged ones.  He told us that the replacements wouldn't be in until the week of 8 September.  As it turned out he was 100% correct in that he called us this past Monday to inform us that the windows were in.  Brady picked them up Tuesday afternoon for me and first thing Wednesday morning I set about replacing the damaged ones. 

Following my window repair efforts, I headed out and visited the Bank of America in downtown Lexington Park.  As I pulled in to park, I noticed that its front window was boarded up as follows:  
Dude in ATM Line Wondering Why I'm Taking His Picture
I had not been to this BoA branch in a couple of weeks so I asked my Bank Guard friend Armando what had happened.  He informed me that a shooting across the street from the bank a few weeks ago had sent a bullet through the window which has been boarded up since then.  Leaving the Bank, I made another vow to myself to continue trying to avoid going to this Lexington Park BoA Branch whenever I can do so.  This then was my Ugly plywood encounter.

From  there I made my way down the road to Buzzy's Country Store.  As I passed the St. Mary's Chapel just above the Store though I noticed the following and wondered what had happened there:
Later on in the Store my friend Pat Adams commented on the plywood and informed me that he had removed the front doors to take them to his house and renovate them.  When I asked him how and why he had been tasked to do all this he noted that following his wife Michelle's passing in 1989, the doors which were made by Sonny Melvin, had been installed on the Church in her memory.  Pat then told the Church folks that he would take care of maintaining the doors as needed.  Here is a photo I found on the Church's website showing how nice the doors look. 
As for the plywood, Pat noted that with the rain forecasted for the next couple of days, he thought it best to remove the doors and take them to his house to work on them.  Hence the plywood and hence my third plywood encounter of the day - The Good one thanks to Pat's efforts.   Calls for  a good song right?

Thursday, September 10, 2020


Old joke but one I had never heard before I saw it as a comment to this Washington Post article on a recently released Danny Gatton Documentary (click here.)

A famous guitarist dies and goes to heaven. One night laying in bed he hears the most remarkable guitar playing he has ever heard in his long life on earth. At breakfast the next day he asks everyone if that was Danny Gatton playing and is told no, it was God who just unsuccessfully tries to sound as good as Danny.

Here is the trailer for the Documentary:

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wally the Walnut Tree

Those of you of a certain age will remember  Larry the Lobster (click here.) I couldn't find the original SNL video of Eddie asking folks to vote one way or the other on Larry's fate, but here is the followup video:


OK, so why am I telling you about Larry the Lobster and voting on his fate? 

Well, it's because I'm facing a decision about whether or not to remove the walnut tree that has stood alongside Buzzy's Country Store for all these years.  In keeping with SNL's alliterative naming construct, I have dubbed the tree Wally the Walnut Tree and am now going to ask you guys and gals to vote on whether or not Wally should stay with us. 

As for why I am thinking about giving Wally his pink slip, my reasons are threefold.  One, I want to redo and expand the deck area around Wally and he's in the way of doing that. Two, in case you haven't noticed of late, Wally is not doing well. My Buzzy tree experts advise me that it is only a matter of time before Wally needs to be Kervorkianed.  Three, Wally's many walnuts lying around pose a trip hazard not only for me who already has a new hip thanks to an errant walnut, but also to the other folks entering and exiting Buzzy's.  

Still, in spite of these very valid reasons, I can not quite bring myself to saying goodbye to Wally.  Thus, I'm going to pull a SNL here and let you vote on it.  Lemme know what you think - does Wally stay or go?  Either text, email or just tell me when you are in Buzzy's what you think about Wally's fate.  However, PLEASE no racist letters about me being a redneck who does not like trees! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Tale of Two Chrises and Two Chicks

Today being Twofer Tuesday, here is something I heard on this week's American Country Countdown when host Kix Brooks did their The Song Remembers When tune. (The video for Buy Me a Boat is included in the link following this excerpt:

But it was another song on the American Country Countdown (checking in at #13 this week) that caught my ear - Ashley Mcbryde's One Night Standards.  

After hearing it on the Countdown I then checked it out on video and it was definitely not exactly what I was expecting.  (Hence my blog post title above.)  Don't you think that Ashley and her friend over reacted maybe just a little bit here?

Monday, September 7, 2020

It Was 25 Years Ago Yesterday

Twenty five years ago yesterday Cal Ripken, playing in his 2,131st game, broke Lou Gehrig's streak of consecutive games played (click here.)  My first thought was "25 years ago?  I am soooo old."  

My second thought was to track down a print that my sister Lila and her husband Dan Hofmeister gave me sometime after Cal broke the record.  Here is that print titled Chesapeake Feast done by Jonathan W. Brown (click here.)

As to why I had to try and track it down, I had forgotten just where my framed copy of it was hanging.  As you can see in the photo here, it is in a not-so-noticeable place on the back side of a center column in the Ridgell Hacienda.  Since I seem to recall that I had it hanging up in the kitchen, leads me to think that Pam just may not have been as keen on it as I am.  

Music-wise this song came to mind not only for personal reasons about getting so old, but also  because I'd like for the Orioles to be back where they were again as the best team in baseball.  This tune is one of those "earworm" songs that you can't stop hearing in your mind once it is played.  Consider yourself forewarned because - you will be humming it all day:

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Quade's Store

I heard a financial reporter on the radio state the other day that being in the bar/restaurant business right now is sorta like when you got your orders for Viet Nam and they told you "Take a good look at the fella to your left and the one on your right because out of the 3 of you, the odds are one of you will not be coming back."  He went on to say that in the coming months we will see an estimated 40% of all bars and restaurants currently trying to stay afloat will be out of business.

I thought of that interview when I saw the following FB notice about Quade's Store closing. (To read some nice comments folks made following the post (click here.)

It should go without saying that we all need to support our local businesses as much as we can right now.  The chain restaurants and big boy liquor businesses are all going to survive this; but small businesses simply can not do so given what we are dealing with.  Here's hoping that the Quades can ride this out, regroup and make a comeback.   

This song came to mind:


I've done a couple of previous Buzzyblog posts on Quade's Store including one in 2010 when Mrs. Quade was recognized for her 75 years of being in business (click here and then there is a link to the 2010 post.)

As for helping support local restaurants, St. Mary's County currently has a BOOST program where you can purchase a $25 gift card that is worth $50 to use at one of the participating restaurants (click here for more info.)   This is a good deal for you and the restaurants so try and take advantage of it.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Harold Herndon and the Impacts

Following my mentioning the 1974 Take It Easy Ranch Rock Fest (above) the other day, my buddy Steve Raley sent me a link to the following Slackwater story on Hal Herndon and the Impacts.  Here is an excerpt from that story:
To read the complete Slackwater story (click here.)

While I wasn't able to find any Youtube videos of Harold and the Impacts performing, I did land on this tune that I recall them covering back in the day.

P.S.  Interesting back story to Tighten Up is that when it was released, Archie Bell had been drafted into the Army and was serving in Vietnam where he got shot in the leg. When Tighten Up eventually went on to hit Number 1 on the charts, he was in a military hospital trying to convince people that the song on the radio was really his (click here.)

Friday, September 4, 2020

Labor Day Weekend - Relax

Of the 5 National Holidays celebrated on a designated Monday, Labor Day weekend is my most favorite.  While the other 3 day holiday weekends celebrate someone or something special, I like Labor Day weekend just because it says "Hey, we're taking a day off because we can, we should and we ought to do so."   
Labor Day used to symbolize the unofficial end of summer and the kids going back to school.  While that may not be the case now with hotter weather around longer and the virus mess keeping kids at home, Labor Day is still a relaxed and fun time of the year.  

However, the origins of Labor Day were a little more chaotic.  The official National holiday was a way to placate workers following riots that saw Federal troops kill dozens of protesters (click here.)  Crazy story and a little scary that not only did it happen back then, but also there is a lot of talk today about sending in troops to combat protesters.  This being great again is a good thing right? 

But enough about all that, the big event this weekend in South County is the official opening of Peggy's Pier 450.  For a run down of their hours and events thru the weekend check out their FB page.

As for Buzzy's Country Store, we will be open all weekend including Labor Day Monday.  Stop in either before or after you visit Pier 450.

In looking for Black Flag videos (previous post) I found this funny take on a Punk Band's Reunion at a wedding:

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Billy Hill - St. Mary's Landing

I attended a Beverage Association meeting yesterday along several other beverage licensees.  One of the attendees at the meeting was Billy Hill owner of St. Mary's Landing.  I did not get a chance to talk to him following the meeting, but did have to smile when I saw this posted by his daughter on You Know You're From St. Mary's FB page.


If you click on the above link and scroll down to the actual post, you will find a number of comments talking about Billy's St. Mary's Landing and its previous owners Frank Abell and Steve Dulin.  

I was helping Brady yesterday when the following song began playing on the radio that he had tuned to a rock station out of Richmond.  As the song began I thought "That sure sure sounds like the Eagles' tune Boys of Summer."  

Turns out that I was correct and after commenting to Brady he informed me that this song has been around awhile and that they changed the "Saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac" line to "a Black Flag sticker."  I listened for the line and once I heard it thought "that doesn't work" mostly because I didn't know who Black Flag was.  Just proves what an old fart I am.  But as one of the video's commentators noted - you know you're old when a 2003 cover of a 1984 song makes you feel nostalgic.  Nostalgia is one thing; not getting the reference is another matter completely!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lost Somewhere

Speaking of remembering, check out this video titled Lost In The 50's.  It probably should have said Lost In The 50's, 60's and 70's but you get the overall point: those sure seem like simpler and saner times back then. 

Thank you Joan for sending this my way even if it did remind of what an old fart I am.