This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Recycle Recycle

I did a 30 year cull of Enterprise references to Buzzy's Country Store by focusing on year 1991.  I found only 2 mentions but both of them had to do with recycling.  

First to appear in the paper was a Buzzy-penned Letter to the Editor in a March 1999 issue:

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)

Buzzy's recycling efforts then landed him on the front page of the Enterprise in July 1999:

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)

All of which makes me feel a little guilty because I have ceased recycling anything at the Store.  During Covid, the can recyclers shut down their operations so I began single streaming everything into the dumpster.  I have not resumed any recycling.

But, having just now seen Buzzy's two 1999 mentions about recycling, it makes me re-think all that.  Who says you can't an old dog new tricks?  (However, please note that I said "re-think" it; re-starting it is another matter.)

Speaking of questionable dog behavior, Dr. John had a funny observation about his bad ass dog or more specifically - his bad-ass wife:

Friday, May 7, 2021

Visit St. Mary's (And Buzzy's Country Store!)


Nice website here on things to do in the County (click here.)

Of course I had to do some minor adjustments to their St. Mary's City photo:

However, Buzzy's does get a photo included in the another section  (click here and scroll down) so I can't complain.
And since I did sorta quote the refrain from this tune here it is for you:

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Check Your Background

A Drumset?

When watching all those T-V interviews with folks in their homes, I find myself more interested in checking out their backgrounds than in what they are actually saying.  

Now, there is even a Twitter site known as Room Rater that evaluates and critiques backgrounds (click here.)  Here too is a good article on the subject (click here.)  

Sometimes however, background things just sorta "pop up" into view as they did in this interview with a lady from the UK:

Maybe the subtitle to her background story should have been "Dil-don't!" (click here.)

Haven't played any Bruce in awhile, but this one seems appropriate given today's subject matter:

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"Buzzy Seemed Like the Mayor"

Got a note from Jim Hackett, a former neighbor of mine from many years ago who lived here for several years before relocating back to the West Coast/San Francisco area.  I responded back to him with some updates on what I've been up to and he sent me the following email:

"Thanks for the reply. I sometimes still miss my time in So. Md. Everyone seemed to know everyone, close families-maybe too close- but everyone was a least on the same page down there. Sometimes. Always enjoyed my sojourn, although I think I spent the first few years before I moved down full time at the bar at Sheaffers with Chief and crew plus at Meatyard's joint. When it was open!

Know Brady married Caitie. Always a sweetheart.... Loved her Uncle Merl. Might not admit that.

Good you are Buzzy Jr. The joint always seemed like a club. Later in the days guys hanging with your Dad, having a beer, kicking the can down the road. Buzzy seemed like the Mayor.....

Still here in SF. Managing three Apt Bldgs. Turned 77 in February. Gotta keep busy. Old age is in your head. At least as long as you have your health."

Good to hear from Jim.  (I particularly liked his "Old age is in your head" line.  When I repeated it to Pam she quickly added "Until it's not."  Hate it when she comes up with qualifiers like that.)

Speaking of the SF area, I've played the Richie Havens' version of this tune a couple of times previously for you.  It was written and originally done by Bay area musician Jesse Fuller: 
And happy Cinco De Mayo! Got some Corona and Modello chilled and ready for you to celebrate with later today.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Markets and Ringo

Two big news stories this past week sorta flew below the radar.  

First, the County's Farmers Markets are once again back in business every Saturday:

2021-97NewsReleaseSMCFarmersMarketsOpenfor2021Season.pdf (stmarysmd.com)

And the second big news story of the past week saw Ringo reveal that Come Together is his favorite Beatles tune.  Check him out here in this video below at the 2:00 mark discussing how he, as a lefthander playing a right handed drum set, came up with the "reverse tom-tom" playing style on the song.  (Clueless about drums, I never knew that there were left handed and right handed drum sets.  In my defense though, I was aware that we do have Farmers Market here in the County.)

It does lead me to wonder if maybe I should start stocking right handed and left handed 10 ouncers at Buzzy's and see if anyone can tell the difference.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Multitasking Toilet

Just when I thought that I had succeeded in taking the Buzzy's Country Store image up a notch or two, my buddy Larry Yeatman has kept me, and Buzzy's, in humble mode by forwarding the following note and photo.  

"This would fit on the Buzzy store front porch . . . unsure, however, if County regulations would permit."

Thanks Larry!  I may just put two on Buzzy's front porch - a his and her's.  

And while on this subject, how's about some more bad toilet humor?  

The wife told me that I should stop smoking weed when I was on the toilet.

I told her it wasn't a problem because I only do it for the shits and giggles.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Baseball One Month In

Herbie McKay reminded me the other day that I had not yet done anything on baseball this season so here goes.

First off, it's like having a long lost friend come back into your life.  Someone you used to know and enjoyed spending time with has suddenly popped back up and you're enjoying getting to know him/her all over again.  For me baseball is just that friend.  

So even if during this first month of April the O's and the Nationals didn't win a single game and played like crap, I wouldn't have really cared.  The mere fact that they are now back on the field and competing is good enough for me.  Like a lot of other things that were Covid-impacted where you didn't know how much you enjoyed something until you couldn't,  Covid's biggest lesson learned may well be that we don't take anything, or anyone for that matter, for granted anymore.

That said though, a funny thing has happened this April:  all things considered, the O's and Nationals have come out the gate pretty well.  The Nats, who started terribly with a quarantine mess that delayed and screwed up their start of the season, began 1 and 5.  

But as we well know, the Nationals can and do handle adversity pretty well.  They somehow managed to negotiate a number of injuries and slow starts from key players and are now tied for first place in the NL East just one game under .500.  The NL East Division that the Nats are in looks to be a crazy one this season with all 5 teams currently under .500 and the last place Marlins only 1.5 games back.  

But I like the Nationals chances to win such a crazy division just because their pitching is so good.  They are currently on a 3 game win streak but go against the Marlines best pitcher today so we'll see if they can make it 4 games in a row and hit that .500 mark here in early May.

The Orioles too are on a 3 game streak and find themselves only one game below .500 which is great for them  They have been a fun team to watch even if there is a Jekyll and Hyde (their manager's name ironically enough) element about them from day to day.  And why they can't win at home, where they are 4-10 but do well on the road at 9-4 is also a little weird.     

Still, after last year's worst-team-in-baseball campaign, the O's, now close to .500, look pretty damn good!  They've swept two in a row this weekend from a tough A's team and go for the sweep today.  That alone is exciting enough for me here in the early month of May.  

Which brings me to an old baseball saying "April doesn't define you."  Granted, it doesn't, but still it gives you a glimpse of what you got.  My season prediction is that the Nats will be right where they need to be in the hunt for NL East title and that the O's will be much better and maybe even a whole lot better than they were last year.  We'll just have to see.  Ain't the beer cold?!    

Last Sunday at Buzzy's Country Store I had to get permission from Clyde to change the channel from "The Race" to see what the O's and Nationals were doing.  (It reinforced for me that the second T-V in Buzzy's needs to be back up and running.)  Since "The Race" today doesn't start til 3, I can keep tabs on the Nationals and their early 1:00 start time.  The O's out in Oakland don't get underway until 4 so I'll have to ask Clyde again if it's ok to check on them during "The Race."     

Speaking again of classic cars (even if I wasn't) we may have a couple of them in the Buzzy parking lot for you to check out.  Like Bob used to say "Come on down, the price is right."  (Price of beer that is and yes it is cold.)

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Merry Month of May

There are two explanations for how this month was named May.  

One notes that it was named after the Roman Goddess Maia who oversaw the growth of plants.  Another take has it that it comes from the Latin word maiores , "elders" who were celebrated this month.  (Next month the juniores or youngsters get their month named for them.  (For more on all this useless trivia click here.)

As my alliterative post title indicates above, the month of May also seems to be heavy on the M's.  For example, we start off with celebrating May Day and then a couple days later party hardy on Cinco de Mayo.  Catholics celebrate May as Mary's month.  Throw in Mothers Day and then conclude the month with Memorial Day and I think you get my my my drift that it's a month for the M's.  (And just because I had nothing else to do, I played a hunch and checked out when Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married.  However, turns out that it was not in May.  It also turns out that there is some discussion as to whether or not those two kids are even married at all  (click here.)  How can that be?  Living in sin all these years!

But speaking of playing hunches, another May event is the Kentucky Derby usually held on the first Saturday in May.  I say usually, because last year it was not held until September due to the pandemic crap.  (Remember favorite Tiz the Law getting beaten by Authentic, trainer Bob Baffert's horse?  Well, I didn't either, but click here to refresh your memory.)

I only mention this because Baffert has an "M" horse entered in today's Derby named Medina Spirit.  Since there are a couple other M-named horses in the race too including Keepmeinmind and Highly Motivated, you may not want to go betting the rent money using my M theory here.  In fact, in deference to my main man Charlie Simms, I believe that if I were to plunk down a hunch wager today it would be on a non-M Derby entrant by the name of  Hot Rod Charlie.  He is trained by Doug O'neill, who, like Baffert, has won a couple of Derby's previously as 2012 and 2016 so he's due.

The Derby goes off at 6:45 and we'll have it on at Buzzy's Country Store so drop in and check out the greatest 2 minutes in sports.  Before the race, you can be checking out all the pretty mademoiselles in hats parading around the Derby.  (See how I slipped that M-mademoiselle reference in there?)  I'm guessing that the filly shown here in white is a 2-1 favorite.   Too, I'm betting her name starts with an M!  

The Buzzy birthdays in May list looks like this: my daughter Reagan celebrates hers' on 19 May; my niece Regi Hofmeister celebrates today; Patrick Ridgell is on 6 May; Dave Berg 10 May; my cousins Joe White and Sister Marianne Ridgell also celebrate on 10 May; Robby Norris' Carol on 11 May; Kevin Adkins 14 May; my nephew Todd's wife Sherrie also the 14th and then their daughter Piper on 18 May; Kim McKay celebrates on 17 May;  Clyde Ridgell 18 May and Richard Mandeville on 19 May; my Daughter-in-law Stephanie's Dad Eddie Elgersma on 30 May; and Bootsie Norris on 31 May. 

Never knew May was so busy did you? 

Music-wise Rod's Maggie Mae would be the obvious choice but I've got a curve ball here for you.  Instead, check Donna out and you'll see what I'm talking about at the 1:00 mark:

Just to put a bow on this, you had to know that Donna's Mom was named Mary (click here.)

Friday, April 30, 2021

Dexter's Pt.2

Thanks to Francy Eagan, I learned that the Dexters (yesterdays' post) are buried in Immaculate Heart of Mary's Graveyard.  I was able to find their resting spots (above) and as you can see, Jack died in July 1988 and Regina two months afterwards.  

Francy also told me a funny story as to how Mrs. Dexter would hide money in the washing machine.  Jack once did a load of laundry with the money in the mix.  Francy said that the Dexters then had $100 bills with clothes pins up all around their bathroom to dry the bills out.  Guess you could say they were money laundering.

And speaking of "green" here's Booker T. covering his classic instrumental Green Onions along with Daryl and Company.  (For some background info on the song, check out Steve Cropper,  guitarist for the MG's, discussing how this was an "accidental" recording (click here.)

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Dexter's Store

Awhile back, I saw something on Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's FB page about Dexter's Store.  Then yesterday as I was rumbling thru the Enterprise newspaper archives looking for articles on Rich and the Raley Softball Team, I landed on this 1984 story about the closing of Dexter's Store (click here.)

Dexter's was a small store located on St. Andrews Church Road where the BJ's Gas Station now stands.  It was owned and operated for 34 years by Regina and Jack Dexter.

The article is not the easiest to read due to the way it was copied, but it's worth trying to do so.  For instance the Dexters talk about being stationed in Pearl City, Hawaii when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  They also tell a funny story about trying to find a place to stay once stationed here at Pax and ended up living on a boat in Park Hall.  

As for selling their store in 1984, they relate how they travelled to Waldorf to check out their potential buyer, the Western Steer, before they agreed to sell to them.  Here too, is an excerpt with Jack talking about getting out of the Navy and deciding to stay here.
P.S.  I was unable to find out anything about whatever became of the Dexters.  If any of you have heard, please let me know and I'll pass it along.

Music-wise, since Pearl Harbor was mentioned, there is this from Faith:

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Talking Rich and Baseball

As a follow up to yesterday's sad news about Rich Brewer, let's talk some baseball today.  I know Rich would appreciate the transition from something so sad to something more upbeat.  So here goes.  

In addition to being an all around good guy and a great friend, Rich was also an outstanding ball player.  He played on St. Mary's College ball team where he pitched and played center field.  He then was a key member of the powerful Raley's softball team of the late 70's.  That team, managed by Keith Raley, won several championships and tournaments.   In their 1977 Championship season, Rich was deemed the MVP on a very talent-loaded team of excellent ball players.   

Just a few years ago, Rich was the catalyst in putting together a reunion party of those Raley teammates.  I'll try and track down some photos of that and pass them along to you.  

I did manage to find this Joe Norris article in an old Enterprise. 

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)
Speaking of photo's, that's my buddy John Garner shown above heading to first base.   

No music video today for you, but in keeping with this baseball theme how about the Orioles' Cedric Mullins?  He is hitting .356 and leads the league in most hits including 3 home runs.  Two of those homers came against the Yankees the other night (click here and scroll down to watch that video which includes Cedric's 400 foot shot to center field at Camden Yards.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Rich Brewer

Rich and Joe Stone in Key West - 2011
Rich Brewer - a good guy, a class act and a great friend.  His buddy Clay Evans posted this tribute to him on the SMC 70's FB page (click here.)  (Scroll down the FB entries to read the nice comments about Rich from his many friends.)
In talking to Sandy Sweikar as we awaited for the police to finish their investigations and preparations to remove Rich's body from her apartment rental where he resided, she mentioned "the last time I saw Richard...."  It made me think of Joni's tune about loss and sadness.  With Rich gone from us, it just makes the song all the sadder.  Like Joni notes near the end of her tune "All good dreamers pass this way someday."

Monday, April 26, 2021

Supermoon Delight

Recall me telling you about that first full moon after Easter?  (I did so in the Earth Day blog post having to do with gardening (click here.)  In that post, I mistakenly told you that the full moon's appearance was set for Saturday night .  Well, it turns out that I was a couple nights early because it goes down, or comes up depending on how you look at it, tonight.  

For some reason related to the blooming of springtime flowers (again that moon-growing connection) this particular lunar spectacle tonight is called "a pink moon" even though it is not really pink.  Stay up til 11:30 or so tonight and you can verify this for yourself or you can (click here) and read all about it.

When I went looking for this crazy Paul McCartney tune I saw where Screaming Jay had also covered it.  Paul 's original tune is weird enough but Jay weirds it out even more when he adds lyrics like these - "Why you look at me with seven brown eyes?  You ain't got no baldheaded children do you?"  

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Airstreaming at Buzzy's

Friday at Buzzy's Country Store I noticed several Airstreams passing by on their way to Pt. Lookout.  Through the course of the afternoon several more continued going by.  It  lead me to conclude - they must be having some kind of Airstream convention or something at the State Park this weekend.  

Turns out that my Sherlock Holmes/Ridge Boy powers of deduction were right on.  Thanks to Airstreamers Linda and Wayne Moore, and Gayle and Rob Sunde,  who dropped into the Store Saturday afternoon,  I learned that this was their Kick Off Rally for the year.  They are members of the D.C. Unit of Airstream International.  I nicked this photo from their website and hi-lited the announcement of the Pt. Lookout rally (click here.) 

Although named D.C. Unit, the group includes members from all over the D.C. area.  Linda, shown below with Gayle, edits their monthly newsletter and included this photo from a recent edition of the newsletter (click here.)  (I neglected to get a photo of all of them at Buzzy's so they'll just gave to come back some time in the future for me to do so.)

Lobster Holding Up Ice Cream Cones Behind Linda and Gayle

It was very nice to meet and discuss things Airstream with these folks all of whom have served as past-Presidents of the unit.  It brought back some very  pleasant memories of my camping-in-tent-days and later in a pull along camper with the kids.  When doing so, I would always admire and check out the classy Airstreams around the camp ground and think - maybe some day I'll have me one of those bad boys.    

However, that was a dream from another life time.  Today, I feel a little like Harry Chapin at the end of Taxi where he realizes his dream after all - "I'm camping out at Buzzy's with my Airstream (hat) hanging from the ceiling above me."     

When Linda's husband Wayne picked up a Buzzy hat to purchase, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse - trade the Buzzy hat for his Airstream hat he was wearing.  Wayne did so, signed it and now it is proudly on display at Buzzy's.  Bet their other Airstream Rally sites can't claim an honor like that!

The D.C. Unit has their own Youtube video featuring the Woody Guthrie Crawdad tune. (Funny, but I always associate this tune with Andy Griffith singing it on Andy of Mayberry.)

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Chesapeake Week and Ruke's

If you didn't get a chance to see MPT's re-broadcast of their 2014 Secrets of the Chesapeake last night, you can catch the hour long documentary here (click here.)  (As part of MPT's Chesapeake Week celebration they have been broadcasting several shows featuring the Bay and have several more set for today/tonight if you are interested  (see schedule here.))  Pt. Lookout is discussed at length beginning at the 11:35 minute mark.

However, as I watched and enjoyed the video, it was seeing a discussion of Ruke's Store on Smith Island at the 33:00 minute mark that caught my attention.  The video shows folks gathered at the Ruke's Store/Restaurant  and being hosted by Charlotte Dize. 
It reminded me that I had done a blogpost here on Rukes' closing in 2015 (click here.)  As noted in the following article about the closing, Charlotte and her husband Rukie Dize had owned and operated the store for a number of years before their son and daughter took it over (click here.)  

I tried finding out what Charlotte and Rukie are up to now and found Rukie's obituary.  He passed away in October of 2015 (click here.)  Don't know about Charlotte and as best I could tell the store is still closed.  This was their last FB entry:
Why does all this make me sad?  Maybe I should quit watching MPT!  The following tune came to mind:

Friday, April 23, 2021

Pride of Baltimore Coming to Town

If today you happen to see a tall ship heading down the Bay, around the Point and back up the River, it will be the Pride of Baltimore heading to St. Mary's City (click here for details.)  It is scheduled to arrive around 430 this afternoon and will be available for touring (for free!) at the Maryland Dove dock this weekend.  

Go check it out and then head a few miles south to visit an authentic country store still sailing along and riding the tides of time.  Maybe I should rename Buzzy's the Pride of Scotland.

And speaking of sailing life's currents, Jimmy is the undisputed King of Yacht Rock with several songs on the subject.  This following one of his might be my favorite and not just because of the lines "I pissed it away so fast" and "I've been drunk now for over 2 weeks."   Sarah singing along with him of course takes it to a whole nother level.  I think that  you got to be old to fully appreciate this tune.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day and Planting By the Moon

Why Do We Garden By The Moon? Farmers' Almanac (farmersalmanac.com)

With today being Earth Day, let's talk a little about a subject that comes up quite frequently in Buzzy's Country Store during the month of April - when to plant what in your garden.  

Actually, these conversations also occur in March as folks get ready to get ready for the planting season.  However, it is in April that the Buzzy gardening talk really sprouts up.  (I know, bad pun.)

But unlike some of the other "philosophical" conversations in Buzzy's such as the current guns and policemen to and fro, I actually enjoy hearing all of the tales told about the best times to plant which plants.  I am not and have never been much of a gardener, even back during my half-assed attempts at growing pot.   So for me, the gardening talk in Buzzy's is very educational.    

I have noted though, that when these conversations do crop up (sorry again) invariably,  the moon and its 4 phases will be mentioned.   Seems that the phrase "first full moon after Easter" gets said a lot.  I also overhear people say things like "My Grandpappy always said "Good seeds, good potatoes, Good Friday."  (And since the whole Easter shindig is based upon the moon too that makes sense.)

As for how and why it is that the moon derives all this gardening power and notoriety, I found this Farmers Almanac explanation  (click here.)  However, if you don't feel like reading this explanation, just drop into Buzzy's some afternoon and you can get your gardening lesson of the day.  I promise you, you will be entertained when you do so.   

The Google Doodle folks were pretty clever today with their animated offering showing folks planting small saplings that grow up to become big trees.  Should this inspire you to do likewise, here is a "bright" idea for you - wait until this Saturday when it's a Full Moon!  (Three bad puns in one post may just be a Buzzyblog record here today!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How About Calling It Hippie Lettuce?

The Cannabis Industry Would Like You To Stop Using These Pot Slang Words | HuffPost
As a follow up to yesterday's National Pot Day, have you caught the "M" word controversy?  "Marijuana"  is a now deemed a racist word and not to be used (click here.)   (Does this mean that the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is gonna have to change its name?)  Certain folks in the pot industry also don't particularly care for pot being called "weed." 

It would seem to me that what they should be objecting to is calling it "pot" a reference that has absolutely nothing to do with a kitchen implement.  The word pot comes from the Spanish word potaguaya as in potacion de guaya or literally "drink of grief" (click here.)   Think I'd be trying to get away from the drink of grief association.  Now as for calling it hippie lettuce.....

These two guys, who happen to be brothers and are from Deale, Maryland, were just featured on the T-V show Sunday Morning (click here to view that interview which contains a surprise or two about them.)  Following is a video of them performing at the ACM awards show Sunday night where they were nominated, but did not win, for Best Duo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Happy - April 20th!

You know what today is right?  Of course you do - it's my Grandson Blaise's fourth birthday.  Happy Birthday Blaise!

Then again, we do have that whole National Pot Day thing going on also.  Hence, this tune which believe it or not, some folks have tried to use as an anti-drug tune.  I don't see how that works. 

But then again, then again, I can see where this terrible parody of Afroman's classic may just do the trick as an effective anti-drug song.   See what you think.


Monday, April 19, 2021

Welcome Back Chet!

This past Saturday Brian was in the Store when he observed a couple get out of their car parked on the side of Buzzy's and the man pointed over to the backside of the building.  After Brian told me about it, my first thought was "I wonder if he used to live here and is showing his wife just where his apartment was?"  

Well, that is exactly what Chet and Sally Rhodes were doing before they came into the Store and told me the following.  

Chet graduated from Great Mills High School in 1980 and then lived at Buzzy's for 2 years while going to St. Mary's College.  He said that he loved living there and enjoyed getting to know Buzzy who at first came across to him as a gruff and tough kinda guy.  Given that Chet was only 19 or so when he rented from Buzzy, I can see where Buzzy was probably a little intimidating to him.  Plus, remember that Buzzy always did try to play up his tough guy image to folks he first met particularly his tenants to make sure they stayed in line and paid their rent on time.  

Chet and Sally currently reside in the D.C. area and were camping down at Pt. Lookout for a couple of days.  I gave them a tour of the Buzzy estate noting to them how things had and had not changed since he lived there in the early 80's.  

Before they left I grabbed this photo of them standing on the stoop that leads into the apartment area where Chet resided 40 some years ago.  Who says you can't go back?

And since I titled this as I did, here's the original song that John Sebastian wrote for the T-V show Welcome Back Kotter.    At the time, Gabe Kaplan was the big star and a young dude by the name of John Travolta played the Sweathog role of Vinny Barbarino.  Here are some Kotter trivia notes for you. 1)  The Sweathogs were all based on real people that Kaplan knew and went to school with when he was a Sweathog in high school.  2)  John Sebastian wrote the theme song after viewing some of the show that was initially named Kotter.  When Sebastian came up with Welcome Back as the theme, the show's title was then renamed accordingly to say Welcome Back Kotter.  Sebastian's song title was also amended to include Kotter even though his (Kotter's) name isn't mentioned in the song at all (click here.)  So the T-V title got the Welcome Back and the song title got the Kotter.  Makes perfect sense to me.  

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Get to Know You

OK, so I started out looking for the Spanky and Our Gang song Sunday Will Never be the Same thinking "Today is Sunday, so why not?"  

But a funny thing happened on my Sunday mission to find that song.  Another Spanky song caught and stole my attention, which wasn't all that tough to do given that I have the attention span of a flea.   

Check out their appearance here on the Ed Sullivan Show where they do a performance within a performance. Didn't know Ed and his folks were so creative but it works.

On the other hand, something that doesn't change on Sundays from start to finish, is having some classic cars at Buzzy's later this afternoon. Weather's nice and since you did yardwork all day yesterday, why not drive down today and chill out on the Buzzy porch!?  See if you notice anything different about the deck area of the porch.  Correctly name it and I'll buy you a drink.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Yes - Another Maryland Flag Post! (Get It?)

As I was toying with the idea of doing a follow up post to yesterday's about how proud we Marylanders are of our flag, it occurred to me "Geez, I think I've already done several such takes on our flag.  Maybe I'll be reinforcing and proving the anti-Marylander's complaint that we really are too overly obsessed with our flag."

However, after I consulted Blogger's search engine herein, I found that this will only be my 4th Maryland flag-related post here on the Buzzyblog.   With over 5,000 Buzzyblog posts in 13 years, only 4 on our flag doesn't seem too obsessive does it?  

The first Buzzyblog Maryland flag post was in 2011 (click here) and had to do with how the flag ended up flying at the end of my pier as shown above.  (To save you from clicking and going to that link, it had to do with me keeping up with my neighbor Jim who flew his Virginia flag from his pier down river from mine.)   

My second Maryland flag-post was in January of last year.  I must confess that this post did tend to confirm that maybe we are a bit obsessive about our flag.  In the post, I noted how the souvenir industry has latched onto putting the Maryland flag on just about everything that they could find:

My third Buzzyblog post hit in June of last year when Caitie and Brady gave me a Father's Day present of a new flag for the pier.  (Note the addition of a flag pole to better display that bad ass flag:)
Musically, Maryland's legislature just deep sixed our Maryland My Maryland state song which has been around since 1935.  Back then a Democratically controlled State Congress approved the tune only for then Governor Harry Nice (yep the bridge fella) to veto it.  Harry was a Republican and objected to the song because it was a Confederate Call to Arms and had negative things to say about President Lincoln and Northerners.  However, after Harry left office in 1936 the next Governor approved the song and it has been our State song since then.  

Fast forward to today and now it's the Dems who have ditched the song and a Republican Governor Hogan who has signed off on doing so.  As Mark Twain observed - history doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes.  The powers that be are now looking for a replacement song.  As this article suggests (click here) why don't we just adopt the Natty Boh theme?  After all, Maryland is crabs and beer right?

Friday, April 16, 2021

Don't Mess With Maryland!

Hats off to my daughter Reagan for a perfect response to this dude on FB slamming Maryland:

It reminded me of when Buzzy and I visited Lou Gentry in El Paso in 2001.  Lou told us that he was responsible for the Ft. Bliss Commissary now stocking Old Bay after he couldn't find any there when he moved back to his hometown from Maryland.  Lou was very proud of his contribution to their inventory.  (I didn't see any Maryland flags around his place though.)

Although Wiki lists them as a Washington, D.C.-based band, I always think of these guys as Maryland boys.  Next year they celebrate 50 years of playing the blues.  Good article on them by John Kelly (click here.)

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Anderson's Bar/Hurry's Store/Abell's Diner

 This article was in a recent edition of the County Times:

Note that I have previously discussed Hurry's Store located across the road from Anderson's Bar (click here.)  Anderson's has a group of musicians playing some music for you during the week.  If you are up that way drop in and check them out.  You can grab some lunch next door at Abell's Diner. 

How about a bar and grill tune then?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Who Would You Like to Have Dinner With Tonight?

In another life working for the Navy, I attended a training session where the instructor started off by doing one of those ice breaking drills.  She asked that we go around the room, introduce ourselves and then state the one person alive or dead whom we would like to have dinner with that night if we could do so.

I had arrived a little late to the class room up at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center and thus ended up having to sit in a front row seat as all the other seats in the back were taken.  The instructor pointed to me and said "We'll just start right here and go around the room. Sir, please give us your name and who you would like to have dinner with tonight."  

I gave her my name and said "Sheryl Crowe"  mostly because I had just been listening to her CD in my car on the way to the class.  The instructor shook her head slowly and responded "I've been asking this question to my classes for some time now and I have never heard her given as a response.  So that's a first."  She then proceeded to the lady seated behind me who introduced herself and said that she would like to have dinner with "Jesus."  (Being a smart ass and thinking that the instructor and the lady behind me had shown me up, I started to interject "Yeah, and we all know how the ended up" but I held off saying anything.)   

However, it sort of continued like that around the room with folks giving great answers about having dinner with a deceased parent or relative who had passed, or some famous person like Lincoln or Gandhi etc.  Very few folks even mentioned someone alive until a man in the back of the room noted that he'd like to have dinner with his son who was stationed in Afghanistan at the time and he hadn't heard from him in a couple months.  With my daughter Ryan in Hawaii, I thought "Damn that should have been my answer."  

Needless to say, out of all of the answers everyone in the class made about potential dinner mates, my suggestion of Sheryl was probably the lamest one given.  I made a mental note to myself to get to future classes a little earlier so I wouldn't have to sit up front and be the first one to answer any ice breaker questions.  

Of course today my answer would be to have dinner with either my Mom or my Dad because I'd like to hear how they are doing post time here on this terra firma.  But then again since both of them are unavailable and if Sheryl didn't have anything else going tonight....