This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


My Pax Air Museum post the other day featuring the Top Gun video reminded me of Kelly McGillis.  She did a nice job acting in Top Gun as Maverick's hot girlfriend Charlie. 
That said though, it couldn't top her performance in Witness along with Harrison Ford.  The famous nude scene is out there somewhere on the www if you care to look for it.  (For some unexplained reason though,  I tended to like her better with her clothes on as in the two scenes included below.) 

In Witness she plays an Amish mother Rachel who is attracted to Harrison (and vice versa) but they never consummate their feelings for each other.  Usually these sort of unrequited love stories or affairs of the heart will drive me crazy.  I find myself yelling at the screen "Come on people just do it already!" 

However, Kelly as Rachel does it so well here that I didn't mind watching her do the dance - literally - with Harrison as John the cop.  Check out these two scenes and see if you don't agree that she's just as "hot" here as an Amish lady as she was in Top Gun.

Another nice aspect of Witness was the portrayal of the "Amish way" versus what we are familiar with. I'll save that for another day. (Warning to my gun loving friends - you may want to skip that one.)

The following video from Witness is dedicated to all of us who have ever had a father interrupt things at just the wrong time:

Monday, June 26, 2017

Big Bob Little Bob

Speaking of Bob Seger (previous post) I had a couple in Buzzy's Country Store the other day and they argued over who is the Big Bob and who is the Little Bob.  They were referring to Dylan and Seger.  Here is how their exchange went down.

Night Moves was playing on the radio and as they approached the counter, the lady teased her husband "There's your Little Bob."  To which the husband replied "No, he's the Big Bob.  Your guy is the Little Bob."

I placed their items in a bag and as the lady handed me money to pay for their purchases I said to them "That's a tough one.  But I got to agree that Dylan's the Big Bob."   She elbowed her husband and said "See, I told you so."  The husband just laughed and said "No.  You're both wrong.  My guy is the Big Bob.  Your guy is the Little Bob."

As they left Buzzy's still disagreeing, it made me wonder just how many times they had had this discussion.  Probably every time a "Bob" song was played. 

Thru my blogging years I've done numerous Dylan-related posts but only a few featuring "The Other Bob."  Did you know that he wrote this song about Jane Fonda?  (Guess she's got to be the Big Jane right, because there aren't too many other famous Jane's around (click here to find some if, like me, you couldn't think of anyone other than Jane Austen.)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Poker Run Today

Poker Run Fund Raiser today.  They should be rolling into Buzzy's around 1130-noon.
Some discussion as to whether or not this really is Bob singing (Detroit Rock Hitters maybe?) but still a great tune regardless who is covering it.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pax Museum

Pax River Air Museum has been open for over a month now.  Couple tourists have been in Buzzy's Country Store and had some very nice things to say about it.  So I checked it out the other day. 

Lots of cool things to see and admission includes a tour of several aircraft on display outside the museum.  

Here is a photo of Gerry Carroll's A-4 which I have mentioned previously (click here.)  (I photographed Gerry standing in front of this particular plane for his novel North SAR.  He told me that he chose that background because it was the last plane that he flew before he retired from the Navy.)

Remember this from Top Gun?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Events at St. Mary's City/Local Beers

Two events at St. Mary's City this weekend:

Friday night starts the College's weekly River Concert series (click here for info.)

And then on Saturday, Historic St. Mary's City has its annual Beer Fest:

One of the beers featured at the Fest is Mully's which is brewed in Prince Frederick.  This is from their website:
Mully's is distributed in St. Mary's by Guy Distributors and yes Buzzy's Country Store has their Pale Ale for you.

While on the subject of local beers, another Maryland beer stocked in Buzzy's is Weedline.  It is brewed by Ocean City based Fin City Brewing Company

Being Maryland beers, both Mully's Pale Ale and Weedline advertise how well they go with eating crabs.  Fin City is located in west OC's Hoopers Crab House.  Mully's Brewing is off Skipjack Road just before Hallowing Point Park.

As shown in this photo, try and support our local beer brewers:
From my pot head days I naturally thought that weedline had something to do with cannabis.  Thanks to my fishing expert buddy John Carbone for telling me otherwise (click here:)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blaise's First Visit to South County

This past Sunday, Blaise Scott Ridgell made his first visit to Buzzy's Country Store to wish his Old Granddad a Happy Father's Day.  Very considerate boy isn't he!
Blaise, Brady and Caitie at Buzzy's
Before visiting Buzzy's, Blaise also paid his Great Grandmother Jean a visit:
Reminded me of a Buzzy/Great Grandkids' counter photo I took back in, I think, 08.  As you can see Buzzy wasn't feeling too chipper at the time.
Mom, Shawn, Lily and Buzzy Semi-interested
Nice little song in memory of  a very nice Father's day:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here Comes the.......

The couple and their three kids were milling around Buzzy's Country Store when I asked them if they were camping down at the State Park.  The Dad said, "No, we're staying at Woodlawn for a wedding later today." 

"What time is the wedding?" I asked.

"Four o'clock," he replied.

I then told him about my experiences as a wedding photographer and how I always dreaded the late-day weddings.  "The wedding party has had all day to fret and worry about it and in particular the bride was always a nervous wreck."

"Well, we won't have that problem today," he said.

I jokingly replied "Oh, has she been married a couple times before and knows the drill?"

"No," he responded  "It's two grooms getting married."

I didn't have a comeback to that.

All time 20 best songs about getting married (click here.) However, for some reason this one below was omitted.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Keepers

I'm going to walk down a dark road today and discuss Netflix's 7 part series The Keepers.  So if you are looking for the usual Buzzyblog b.s. and tomfoolery you may want to skip today and come back tomorrow. 

A couple weeks ago, my buddy Steve Raley told me that he had seen The Keepers and that it was very powerful and riveting.  Steve went to and graduated from Towson State (69-73) so he was familiar with the Baltimore-based story from all of the coverage it received back then.
Last week then, per Steve's suggestion, Pam and I caught a couple of episodes of the series before binge watching the final episodes on Saturday night.  (We used to go out on Saturday nights, but now it's a movie at home.)

The Keepers is a documentary about the unsolved murder of a nun Sister Cathy.  The documentary builds the case that Sister was murdered because she was about to reveal the abuse by a priest at a girls' high school.   Through the efforts of two ladies (The Keepers) acting as amateur detectives, the case and its subsequent cover up by authorities is discussed in numbing detail.  Watching the series, I found myself pissed and wanting to turn it off but like the car wreck syndrome, I couldn't look away.  Overall, I found myself blown away by it on many levels. 

First off, the fact that it took place right here in Baltimore made it a compelling story.   The Baltimore accents, folks wearing O's hats, scenes of row houses and other recognizable city sights all made it a little too close to home for comfort. 

But even more disturbing to me was the documentary's review of how the Catholic Church did or did not handle the whole matter.  Without giving away too much of the story, I'll just say that the Church doesn't come off looking too good.  At the end of the series, you're left shaking your head and wondering how all this could have happened. 

Too, at the end you're wondering who did kill her.  The documentary does a good job of portraying several suspects including a former priest who was in love with Sister Cathy.   Here is the official Netflix trailer for the series:

Also, another facet of the story involves the role and use of social media in researching the case.  The two ladies pursuing the case have a Facebook page  (click here) that continues to receive inputs and clues on the case.  It will be interesting to see if the murder is ever solved.

OK, after such a heavy topic, how about an upbeat song for you to carpe that diem.

Monday, June 19, 2017

No Chains

Got a nice postcard from my nephew Todd Taylor featuring the Captiva Island Store located on Captiva Island above Sanibel.  (Fort Myers area if you're still not oriented.)

On the postcard Todd wrote "No chains and lots of unique old stores and Florida country style grocery places, with all the characters to fit right into each place.  Reminded me of home!"

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Crabcakes Seal the Deal

Sunday right?  All thoughts turn to - football.  Church?  Come on.  This scene from the movie  Concussion says it all.
Just my clumsy attempt to lay this Maryland-based football story on you. 

The Ravens were in need of a wide receiver and had their sights set on veteran Jeremy Maclin.  Having been in the NFL 8 years and knowing that this might just be his last big contract, Maclin was playing hard ball in his negotiations with the teams seeking his services.  The Ravens, although desperate for a wide receiver, only had so much cap salary money to offer Maclin who naturally wanted to maximize his deal.  Maclin was weighing offers from several other teams along with what the Ravens had on the table.

Enter restaurant Jimmy's Seafood.   They initially offered Maclin free crab cakes for the life of the contract.  A day later they sweetened the deal by amending "length of your deal" to "for life." 

Given such an offer that one can't refuse, Maclin signed with the Ravens.
Turns out that this isn't the first time that Jimmy's has made such an offer to an athlete. Orioles' Chris Davis and Manny Machado have similar deals with Jimmy's (click here.) Here is an excerpt from that interview with Jimmie's CEO:

Jimmy's is a family run business in that two sons currently run the place that their father Jimmy started years ago.  I can relate to that.  Maybe then I should copy their idea and offer potential free agents free 10 ounce Buds at Buzzy's Country Store if they sign with our local team(s.) 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Run - Away From St. Mary's City

After last Saturday's busy events schedule, this weekend about the only thing of note in South County is a Triathlon at St. Mary's College (click here for details.)  For those of us who drive that way, this is good to know in order to - AVOID St. Mary's City today.  They are expecting over 600 participants with the run portion beginning at 8 am.

Whenever the subject of running comes up I think of Forrest and the following scene.  (Music wise there are several clips of songs used in this extended scene.  See how many you come up with.)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Oh See! Not

Have you kept abreast of this Ocean City topless controversy?  (Yeah, I couldn't resist leading with that.)  A good article in the Washington Post summed it up fairly well  the other day when it said "Welcome to America, land of mixed messages and double standards.  Breasts, especially, continue to confound us" (click here.)

Earlier this month, Ocean City made national news (click here for CNN report on it.)  There was a report that the Beach Patrol Bubbas were not going to enforce  OC's "No Topless" rules.  Initially they came out with a quasi don't-ask-don't-tell-policy whereby going topless was not going to be "enforced"  as it previously had been. 

However, once the word got out that OC was indeed now a topless beach, well you can guess what happened next - Holy tits! Bigtime PANIC ensued!  (Just Google "OC Topless" and you will get an idea what a shit storm it generated.)
So amidst all the churn,  OC's head honcho's held an emergency city council meeting this past Saturday to issue it's decision: No Tatas.  Video follows.

Wonder if Alanis could have filmed her Thank You video in OC?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lexington Park Mural(s)

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation's ArtsPark Committee recently held a contest asking for mural ideas with the shared theme: “What Does Lexington Park Mean to You? – Lexington Park Comes Alive!

The first mural selected by the Committee was recently painted on the back of the Bank Square Building at 46940 S. Shangri La Drive and is shown here.  You can see the mural from Great Mills Road and S. Shangri-La Drive intersection as you head west from Gate 2.  It's on the building directly across the road from the old Roost.  I have been trying for a couple weeks now to get a photo of it but every time I went by there,  a car or two was parked in front of it.  The other day, Joan Axtell was able to get this photo of it with no car(s) in the way.  Thank you, Joan!

The mural competition featured several outstanding submissions some of which I've included here.  For full list (click here.)  I liked just about all of them.  However, my favorite was this one by Leanne Sanders.
Couple others that caught my eye:

Little aside here on Lexington Park.  This mural project was a tough assignment when you think about it - trying to depict Lexington Park in a positive light.  Hence, anything along these lines to help spruce up the Park is a commendable effort. 

As for the mural's overall theme "What Does Lexington Park mean to you?"  my answer is - not much.  After driving through it daily for 35 years to get to the Base, I now try to avoid the Park as much as I can.   Thank God for Chancellor's Run road and Rt. 5.   

Too bad we couldn't persuade one of those "Newtowne" big time developers to come in, raze the whole two-three block area of downtown LP and plop in something nice.  There were rumors of that a couple years back but those plans fell through.  As it is, Lexington Park needs a whole lot of love to make it come alive again and believe me, it's gonna take more than a mural or two.

Originally, this was a Neil Young song (click here) that was kinda sad and down.  Nicolette recorded it and improved it sort of like someone needs to take Lexington Park and spiff it up too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Murals (Continued)

Someone asked me about my Mural Project that I started a couple weeks back where I was trying to locate various exterior murals around the County.   I was going to feature as many outdoor murals in the County as I could.  However, after profiling a couple murals that I knew about, I hit a wall (literally!) on locating additional ones.  

However, I have stumbled upon a few more that I will feature here on the BB.   First up, let's go back to high school.

I was up County the other day and swung by Chopticon High School to take a photo of their famous barn which features a graffiti-covered mural.  Every year Chopticon's graduating seniors are allowed to paint the barn as part of a tradition that started back when Choticon first opened in 1965. 

I was a little surprised to see that the barn is now more of a movie-set barn to put it nicely.  (In Ridge-boy terms - it is a half-assed barn - literally.)  Here is my photo of it and yes I do believe that that is a Porto Potty next to it.  They must have gotten tired of folks peeing on the barn I guess.)

Wondering how and why the barn is the way it is, I hit the old Google machine and learned that the original barn was torn down in 1996 to make way for renovations and expansion of Chopticon High School.
And then in 2003 the barn that replaced the original one, was burned down by arsonists.  I could not locate any additional info as to whether or not the culprits were ever found.

Later in 2003 the movie set barn was erected.
As murals go, the Chopticon barn probably wouldn't be classified as a true mural. That said however, it sure has a storied background.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today in South County History - 13 June 1959

While looking thru some old issues of the St. Mary's County Beacon, I found this front page article on Capt. Harry Yeatman and his efforts to save 19 folks stranded out in the Bay.

I contacted Larry and Ted Yeatman about the article. In turn they provided me more info about their Dad's heroics that day in the Bay. Larry even provided me a story that he wrote about it.  An excerpt from that account is provided here as Larry quotes his Dad's remembrances of the event: 

 “You know,” he started again, “I rarely think about that day or the accident. I’ll bet I haven’t talked about this in almost thirty years. But surprisingly, or maybe not, I can see everything as if it happened just yesterday.
Like I said, I don’t think about that day very often, but whenever I replay the accident in my mind, I always see it in slow motion: I’m about to break the anchor free from the bottom; the boat unexpectedly lurches sideways; the coiled rope twists; I lose my balance; my left leg comes down in a stray loop on the deck; the boat rides up to the crest of the next swell; my foot is dragged to the snubbing post. With the entire weight of the boat bearing down on my leg, above the howling of the wind and the screams of the passengers, I hear my left leg snap like a pencil.
I knew right away that I was hurt bad. However, it seemed so unreal that I glanced back at the passengers who had gathered in and just behind the cabin as if I expected to find that something else had made the snapping sound. I felt no pain, but I realized from the pressure of the line against my leg that something was very wrong. Looking down at the pitching deck, I saw just how badly I was injured. My left leg bone was completely shattered; it no longer connected my leg to my foot. The flesh above my ankle was torn so thoroughly that the only thing that kept my foot attached to my leg was a single tendon. As waves crashed over the bow, I watched in disbelief as my left foot flopped from one side of my injured leg to the other on the rolling deck.
 What happened next and exactly how I got back into the boat has always been a bit fuzzy in my mind. I was still pinned by the anchor rope. Trying to reach my pocket knife, I thought if I could cut either the anchor line or the tendon that was barely keeping my foot attached to my leg, I would be able to free myself, get overboard, swim to the stern of the boat, and be lifted aboard by my passengers. That would have been a fatal mistake; there’s no question that I’d have drowned.
I was able to reach my pocketknife, but it turned out to be too small to cut the one inch nylon rope, so I called back for someone to bring me the knife I used for cutting bait. One of the passengers opened the cabin windshield and slid the knife across the bow to me. As I grabbed onto the anchor line to cut myself free, another swell directed the entire weight of the boat onto the rope, and that’s when the line severed two of my fingers. I didn’t realize they had been cut off until much later when I was in the hospital. Anyway, I finally managed to cut the anchor rope.
I was free, but I wasn’t safe. I had to get off the bow and back in the boat. I crawled and hopped on one leg down the washboard toward the stern. This was no easy feat because waves continued to slam against the boat causing it to pitch wildly. It’s almost funny now, but at one point my dangling left foot somehow got caught in the side window of the cabin. I had to hop backwards on my right foot to free myself once more.
When I finally jumped down onto the afterdeck, passengers spotted my dangling left foot, and that’s when they really became frightened. They were screaming and crying all at the same time. I pulled myself into the wheelhouse and reached up for the radio to call for help. There were lots of charter boats fishing in the area, so fortunately help was nearby. Somehow I needed another boat to get alongside the Sammi Jean, have someone jump from that boat into mine and pilot us to shore. Of course, that was easier said than done in the heavy, rolling seas. 
I was beginning to lose quite a bit of blood, and the floor of the cabin was sopping red and slippery. Above the commotion, I yelled to the passengers to find something I could use as a tourniquet. After a minute or so they reported that they couldn’t find anything suitable.  "Well someone must have a belt,” I screamed over the howling wind. 
An older man, who looked to be in his late seventies, quickly removed his leather belt and handed it to me. Calmly, I cinched the belt as tight as I could around the lower part of my calf. The bleeding stopped. I reached up over my head, grabbed the radio, and waited for help to arrive.
Louis Bean, the owner of the fishing center, was fishing only half a mile away from my position when he heard my distress call. Even though he was so near, it still took him almost fifteen minutes to maneuver his boat alongside mine. Both boats were rolling and pitching violently when a twenty year old mate, Joe Bohanan, jumped from his boat down into mine.
Once aboard the Sammi Jean, Joe asked, ‘Cap’n Harry, are you alright?’ We both looked down at my leg. “I’ve been better," I answered. “Hang in there," was all he said.
As Joe began piloting the boat to Point Lookout, I reassured my passengers, who were now somewhat calmer, that they were fine and that I’d be okay as well. Joe and I spoke no other words to each other as we made the seven or eight mile trip in heavy seas to the Navy ambulance which was waiting for us at Point Lookout. I stayed seated in the cabin and continued to reassure my passengers that they were safe and that everything would be fine.
I remained conscious the whole time, but I really wasn’t thinking much about my injuries. However, at one point on the return trip it did cross my mind that I had taken on this part-time captain’s job to earn some extra money, and now I might not be able to work at all, at least for the foreseeable future.
There’s not much more to tell. When we arrived at the wharf at Point Lookout, I climbed out of the boat and onto the dock by myself. Everyone protested and offered assistance, but, honestly, I was afraid they’d drop me and I’d fall overboard.
You fellas know the rest of the story – the amputation, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. They say that everything happens for a reason. I believe that. I really do. I don’t have any idea why this happened to me, but I think in the end, that I might be a better man for it. You know, there really is some truth to that old saying: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."

With the story concluded, Dad rose from his stool and opened up the shed doors. The sun was now much lower in the western sky, and the flag drooped, soaked and still, against the flagpole. My father hugged each of his sons.
The Enterprise also had an article on the event (click here.)  As Ted noted in an email to me:  I still remember waking up that Sunday morning and Uncle Jimmy (Radford) telling us what had happened the night before. Goes without saying that was a life changing event for Dad and for us all. I love the last statement in the article: "This won't slow me down." And the truth is it never did slow him down.

Quite a story wouldn't you agree?   

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Music to Get You Thru

Little experiment for you featuring a great Monday song from John Prine.  Bob of course is the King of the lyrical song, but this one from John is right up there poetry and image wise

Here is your mission then should you care to accept it: click on Prine's Austin City Limits' video below and then at the 00:29 mark click on the one with his lyrics.  (You may have to mute the lyrics one.  Also, because the lyrics' one scrolls a little faster you'll need to pause it couple places to stay synchronized.)

If you don't have time to listen to the whole song, at least go to the end (3:29) of the Austin City one where you will hear John throw in a non sequitur of a verse that is missing from the official lyrics.  

"Seven deadly signs sleeping at the bottom of the deep blue sea.
Objects in the mirror may appear nearer than they seem to be. "

Great eh?  In the words of Greg Kihn:

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I am only a week late on this, but last Sunday I caught an O's game with my guys Brady, Shea and Shawn.  Officially it was a celebration of Shawn's 12th birthday which went down on Friday 2 June.  However, when we were deciding which game to try and attend - either Friday or Sunday - I showed my age by lobbying for the Sunday day game.  Knowing I would be the designated driver, those Friday night road trips home from B'more are all in my rear view.  So last Sunday we headed to Camden Yards.
(In case you are wondering, the Orioles shirt I am wearing was a promotional one in honor of their right fielder Hyun Soo Kim who is from Korea (click here.)  It was given away at one of their games last season.  오리올스 is Orioles in Korean.  And yeah, if you had told me years ago that I would one day be wearing an Orioles shirt with the Korean translation of Orioles on the front of it, I am not sure how I would have responded.)

As a bonus treat, on Sundays kids are allowed to run the bases after the game. 

So, following the O's loss to the Red Sox, which was the only down thing about the entire trip, we waited around for Shawn to do his thing.  Shea and Shawn are shown here waiting in the line leading down to the ball field where the kids were let onto the field to run the bases.  Shea tried to sneak his way onto the field along with Shawn but an usher deemed him too old and Shawn able enough to make his way around the bases unassisted.

Unfortunately for Shawn, when it came time for him to make his move, he got behind some young toddlers and didn't get to do much actual running.  Still, he was cool with the experience and the opportunity to go out onto the field.
No He Is Not Texting; He Was Filming His Trip Around the Bases

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Doug's Man Cave

Still want to fight the last war? Check out the Blue/Gray days at Pt. Lookout.  For details (click here.)

Some of the Blue/Gray events will take place at Ft. Lincoln located on the Potomac River side of the State Park. 

Ft. Lincoln has been restored to its Civil War state (click here.)  Many moons ago my buddy Doug Courtney had a "fort" of his own in Ft. Lincoln.  Back then the area was overgrown and all that could be seen were the berms around the original Fort.  By digging a small cave into a side of one of the berms, Doug created a little man cave - literally - long before the concept became popular.  He even constructed a door at the entrance and covered it with tree limbs to ensure that no one saw it.

I may have to ride down to the Fort this weekend and throw one Doug's way when I note where his little hideaway used to be.  He is now resting peacefully in St. Mary's City.
Like Gregg sings here at the 1:55 mark, I guess that Doug had gone by the point of caring when he shot himself:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Silvio Steps Up (Subtitled "I'm More Behind the Scenes - Vice, Strategy")

Speaking of rock and roller Steven Van Zandt (previous video) he is most noted for being Bruce's right hand man and rightfully so.  However, for me, his portrayal of Tony Soprano's right hand man Silvio is/was even more impressive. 

With no previous acting experience, Van Zandt took on the Sopranos'  "consigliore" role and nailed it.  His demeanor, his mannerisms, and his interactions with the other Sopranos' dudes were all spot on.  That he went from being a free wheeling rock and roller to portraying a buttoned down mobster was one of the better acting transitions to be seen.  Of all the great performances on the Sopranos, his was perhaps my favorite just because of his rock and roll background and the fact that he wasn't an actor by trade.

One of the story lines in the Sopranos had Tony out of commission and hospitalized in a coma.  In turn, Silvio had to step up into Tony's place as The Boss.  It was a transition that Sil was not exactly comfortable with (video below) despite his very loyal wife encouraging him to do so.  Nothing quite like having a wife to support and encourage you right? 

Little trivia for you - the actress who portrayed Silvio's wife Gabriella was Steven's real life wife Maureen.  Check out their interactions here as Silvio prepares to go to "work."  I don't know why, but the "behind-the-scenes" kind of guy line (2:05 mark) cracks me up the way Steven delivers it with a shrug.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tiki Ticky-Tacky

Have you caught the Tiki Bar - Veterans' Biker kerfuffle that went down over Memorial Day weekend?  Here is a quick recap:

It started with this May 28 FB post reprinted here (click here for source.)

The Tiki Bar owner then responded by firing the employee(s) involved in the encounter and posted this on the Tiki's FB.  

Southern Maryland News Net did a story on June 2nd that included the Tiki owners' above statement (click here for story.)  Couple days later however, one of the fired employees fired back with a letter describing how he was merely enforcing Tiki Bar policies (click here.) He even included a photo of this Tiki Bar sign:
(Note:  If the "No a shirts" reference threw you like it did me, I think wife beater shirt is a better description.)

I'm not sure about all of this but I do think that the Tiki folks brought it on themselves with their dress code crap.  Being a little bit of an anti-establishment kind of guy, I have never liked seeing any business post these "attire" signs and try to tell folks what they couldn't wear.   When I see these postings at a business entrance, I usually turn around and go somewhere else. 

If, as the fired employee maintains, the fracas started because he was trying to enforce the Tiki's "no doo rag" policy that makes it all the more a joke.  What's wrong with doo rags?

It reminded me of my gift from Aaron Dalton awhile back (click here.)
Also, makes me wonder if Little Steven would ever get served in the Tiki Bar.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Three Things You Need in Life

Let's shift a bit from old photo's to an old movie - Shindler's List from 1993. 

Twenty four years after it appeared in the theaters, Shindler's List finally made it into my viewing lane the other night.  I now regret that I waited so long to catch it because it was perhaps the most powerful and moving movie that I have ever seen.  (Old Yeller notwithstanding (click here.)  

Too, I now understand why it won the Oscar for Best Picture along with six other Oscars.  Powerful movie telling a powerful story and an ending that brings the tears to your eyes.

Having said all that however, the one note that I wrote while watching the movie had to do with the following quote by Shindler.
Shindler said this to a Jewish acquaintance whom he was trying to convince to come work for him.

It got me thinking about the three things that one needs in life.  So I did some research and found the following Harvard study which documented these 3 things needed for a happy life:
From http://www.businessinsider.com/robert-waldinger-says-3-things-are-the-secret-to-happiness-2015-12
Given all that, I could make a case that the Harvard study and Shindler's Big 3 can not hold a candle to Earl Butz and his three things that one needs to be happy.  Butz famously observed that folks just want a pair of loose shoes, a tight pussy and a warm place to shit.  (For complete story  (click here,)) 

OK, granted, Butz was talking about three things that blacks want in life, but I ask you - who doesn't want all that?     

Didn't particularly care for the Stones' version when I first heard it on Sticky Fingers, but it grew on me.  Their version closely followed Mississippi Fred McDowell's: