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Monday, September 25, 2017


Saw this Baynet article about a local lady being scammed out of $500 after responding to an ad that offered to pay her to have her car wrapped in a Red Bull advertisement (click here for article.)  
This came on the heels of someone telling me just last week in Buzzy's Country Store about a local Grandfather who was scammed out of $8,000 that he sent to assist his grand daughter.  This is known as the Grandparents Scam and has been around for quite awhile.  However, the local Granddad fell for it.

The scam involves a call from someone sounding like a grandchild telling his/her grandparent(s) that they are in a jam and need money to post bail, pay a hospital bill, repair their car etc.. 

Our local friend received such a call from someone purporting to be his grand daughter saying that she had been in a car wreck in Miami, had a broken her nose and needed cash to pay her medical bills.  Her broken nose, she said, explained why she sounded the way she did. 

What made this particular scam different and more sinister is that the real granddaughter had indeed left earlier that day to go to Miami and was on a plane heading there.  Her Granddad did not know the particulars of her flight plans but did know that she was bound for Miami.

It turns out that the real Granddaughter was in the air when the scam call was made to her Granddad.  That explains why any return calls to her went unanswered until she had landed and had her phone turned back on.  The scammer(s) knew that she would be incommunicado and chose that time to call Granddad accordingly.

Following the call, Granddad went to the Credit Union and wired his scammers the $8,000.  A short while later, his real Granddaughter landed in Miami, returned his phone calls to her and explained that she was ok.  Granddad then re-contacted the Credit Union to halt the payment but it was too late as the money had already been sent.

Ordinarily, my response to scam stories about folks being duped falls in the "a fool and his money" category.  However, because these scams took place to local people, one of whom I know and respect, my take is now more along the lines - "Why can't the FCC, the FBI, the Better Business Bureau or someone put an end to these kind of things?!"

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ravens in London Today

Saw this send up of Her Majesty in my sports travels and apparently it's caused a little stink about the Ravens dissing the old gal.  (That red eye was probably what made it totally unacceptable.) 

In another nod to PCness, the Ravens have since pulled this down from their website.  Go figure the NFL - you can sit for the National Anthem and diss the flag - but you can't mess with the Queen of England.  As Riggio told Sandra Day - "Loosen up baby."
John Lithgow very deservedly so won a Best Supporting Actor Emmy the other night for his portrayal of Churchill in The Crown.

The lady playing Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy was nominated for Best Actress but did not win. Of all the women nominated in that category Claire's performance as the Queen was the only one I saw but she too was very good and convincing.  She actually forced me to change my previous, not-so-good opinion of the Queen.  Now that's some acting!

Although they probably had another kind of Queen in mind when they chose their band name, Freddy and the Boys seemed in order for today:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's Late September.....

And man do I miss a baseball pennant race.  All those years that the Orioles contended for and won pennants during the late September part of the ball season sure spoiled me.  I remember how I would fall asleep after the Orioles had won their game and then awaken in the middle of the night to see if the team(s) that they were competing against had won or lost their contest.  On many nights the result of that game would determine whether or not I went back to sleep.

This year however, there are no good pennant races in the six MLB Divisions.  Of the 6 MLB Divisions, 4 of them are runaways with the lead teams several games ahead of the number 2 team. 

Our Washington Nationals are one of these runaway leaders.  The Nationals have the luxury of resting folks, getting others well (you Bryce) and just gearing up for post-season which has been their Achilles for some years now.  It is looking like the Nationals in the playoffs will have to defeat the Cubs and then the Dodgers if they are to advance to the World Series.  They can rest now but come October they better be balling.

Only 2 pennant races have been anywhere near competitive as the Red Sox are 5 games up on the Yankees and the Cubs lead the Cards 5.5 games.  Other than those two races, the only other September action is for the Number 2 Wild Card Spot in both Leagues.  Usually the Orioles are in the mix for at least a Wild Card spot but this year they just aren't playing well enough to even hope for that.  The Orioles are so far out of it that not even Trumpenezer could lie about how good they are doing.  Yep, the O's are playing that badly having lost 7 of their last 10 games.

Here is an interesting scheduling twist for you: the Red Sox will conclude their season with a four game series in Fenway against the Houston Astros.  The way the playoffs are now shaping up, it looks like the Red Sox and Astros will then go head to head in the first round a couple days after the season ends.  They should be very familiar with each other by that time.

Bottom line, I don't care if the O's are in it or not, I am going up tonite to see them play as Caitie and Brady will be taking their dear old Dads to the ballgame.  In a full circle way, Mickey and I are being rewarded for all those years that we took our kids to O's games.  A pennant race is not mandatory for having a good time at the ballpark.

And speaking of diamonds.....

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lots to Do

Busy weekend ahead.  

First up is the County Fair and you know the drill - its gonna rain!  Forecasters say no rain so let's see if the curse is lifted this year.
On Saturday St, Mary's City will have its Riverfest.  Glad to see that Senator Fowler got the Patuxent all cleaned up and is now working on the St. Mary's River.

Sunday Trinity Church at St. Mary's City will have its drive thru dinner.
As always, if that social ramble just ain't your scene and you have no particular place to go, there is a little country store in South County where you can relax, sit back and drink.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crowds and Photos

Speaking of photographic ideas (previous post,) I saw advertised a piece of software that will easily zap out unwanted people and things in your photos.  (Too bad there isn't a real life equivalent of this that would allow you to purge people and things from your personal life!)  While Photoshop has long had an erase feature to do this task, it isn't the most user friendly tool around.  These latest software tools have made the process much easier to work with.

It made me think of the roll of film that I shot up taking photos of the Taj Mahal when Buzzy and I visited there several years ago.  After visiting the Taj in late afternoon, we returned to our hotel in Agra and I made my way down to a gift shop that also processed photos.  Because we were scheduled to make a return visit to the Taj the next morning, I wanted to see how my first round of shots came out so I would know what and where to focus on the next day.

However, as I was filling out the paperwork to process the roll of film, I saw behind the counter this great photo of the Taj for only $5.  I immediately instructed the clerk to give me back my undeveloped roll of film and instead sell me the photo on display.  Here it is hanging in Buzzy's Country Store today.
Compare that to the one I shot with all the people in the image:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017



Happy Birthday Sophia! 

Found this video featuring her and Peter Sellers.  Unbelievable that Sellers, as far back as 1960, could anticipate how all of our doctors of today would sound?!

I spent some time looking for an article I once saw somewhere in my photographic (NOT pornographic) travels that discussed how the famous topless nude photos of Sophia had been altered. However, after looking thru more nude sites than I am willing to admit to, I couldn't find the source for this claim.  However, I can't really complain that it was wasted time. Just Google Sophia Loren nude photos.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Deplorable 10 Ounce Buzzy's

Here are a couple photo's I took of the back of Bobby Page's bike. 

As you can see Buzzy's is well represented along with stickers proclaiming "Sandy Bottom Deplorables" and "10 Ounce Trucking Hollywood, Maryland."
Do you think kids nowadays know what a "10 inch record of her favorite blues" is a reference to?  Aerosmith does a good cover version of this but Bull Moose Jackson was the first to record it.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Today in Rock History

This was timely for me because I just watched a PBS special on Carole King last week.  Carole and her husband wrote numerous hit songs for folks including the following one for Bobby Vee.  Take Good Care of My Baby hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts today in 1961.

I also learned how Bobby got his big break as follows which once again proves the saying "One man's misery is another man's fortune:"

Vee's career began in the midst of tragedy. On February 3, 1959, "The Day the Music Died," three of the four headline acts in the lineup of the traveling Winter Dance Party—Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper—were killed in the crash of a V-tailed 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza airplane, along with the 21-year-old pilot, Roger Peterson. (Dion DiMucci, the second headliner, had opted not to travel on the plane.) It crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, en route to the next show on the tour itinerary, in Moorhead, Minnesota. Velline, then 15 years old, and a hastily assembled band of Fargo schoolboys (including his older brother Bill)[6] calling themselves the Shadows volunteered for and were given the unenviable job of filling in for Holly and his band at the Moorhead engagement. Their performance there was a success, setting in motion a chain of events that led to Vee's career as a popular singer. (From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Vee)

Sadly, Bobby died of Altzheimer's in 2016 at the age of 73.

While I liked Take Good Care of My baby, I never cared for one of Bobby's first big hits Rubber Ball.  It was one of the those love-hate songs that I didn't particularly care for but couldn't get out of my head once I had heard it.  That said, I do kinda like the backup singers with their "Bouncey bouncey" lines.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Martin Luther and Three Moms

Sunday so let's talk a little religion.

Caught the PBS special on Martin Luther the other night and thought that it did a good job investigating what drove and compelled ML to act the way he did (click here.)  The documentary not only explained Luther's development of his philosophical differences with the Catholic Church but also how he inspired a world wide reformation that managed to inspire such disparate folks as Adolf Hitler, a Michael (aka Martin Luther) King and our Puritan founders of the U.S.

The documentary has not yet been made available on YouTube, but there are several other videos about ML if you want to check them out. 

Here is one by R.C. Sproul and in 30 or so minutes he does a nice and sometimes funny job in discussing Martin Luther and his teachings.

Also for you on this Sunday here are three Church Moms doing their Mommy Rhapsody.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

See the Lights

Today and tomorrow features Maryland's annual Lighthouse Challenge (click here for more info.)

Point Lookout, Piney Point and Blackistone Lighthouses are all participating in the Challenge.  Over in Calvert County Drum Point and Cove Point Lighthouses are also participating.  Get out and go see the Lights!  (Note that there is a little country store on the way to one of the lighthouses that you could visit too as you journey around.)

A lady was in Buzzy's Country Store a few weeks back after touring Pt. Lookout Lighthouse.  I asked her if she had seen or heard the ghost. She said no and that she was very disappointed because she had even downloaded an app to help her track down the ghost(s.)  I asked her which app and she showed me it on her phone.  I would download it also but am too scared to do so; I got enough ghosts already haunting me.
Some Hank trivia for you - he died at the young age of 29.  His first name was Hiram.

Friday, September 15, 2017


I was going to conclude my Women in White with something along the following lines:

Fortunately for her, Teri Hatcher has not fallen victim to what is known as the Superman Curse (click here.)  In fact, her appearance as a sexy Lois Lane (dressed here in white) did nothing but help her career.

But the curse reference reminded me of a recent example of the so called Sports Illy curse which has struck again. 

The Dodgers appeared on the SI magazine cover on 24 August billed as maybe the Best Team Ever.  However, curse or no curse, the Dodgers then proceeded to go something like 4 and 20 including an 11 game losing streak.  Their manager jokingly, we think, blamed the SI curse (click here.)
Football has its Madden Curse where a number of players who have appeared on the cover of the Madden video game ended up either hurt or in trouble with the law.  The Madden Curse has gotten so much negative publicity that some NFL players are now declining to be on its cover. 

However, Tom Brady is this year's cover boy so let's see how that works out for him and the Patriots.  Go Madden Curse!
Indians have won 22 in a row. I'll put the Buzzy Curse on them and bet that they win again  tonight.

I mentioned the Dodgers going 4 and 20 so naturally Steven Stills and this tune came to mind:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Road(s) Redux

Following my slam about the roads in France, I received an email from someone who very nicely informed me that I was wrong for a number of reasons. 

One, he noted that I needed to be careful comparing road systems in different countries around the world.  Of course, he said, the roads in the U.S. are better than say the roads in South Africa.  He suggested that I stick to an apples-to-apples comparison that would afford a better evaluation of road quality among similar countries.  He included a link to this chart:
As you see, the U.S. comes in #13 on this ranking.  My emailer pointed out that many of the countries ranked ahead of the U.S. and in particular the European countries, also have an excellent train system to complement their very good road system.

He pointed out that France is ranked at #6 on the list and agreed with my friend Philip's assessment that French roads are really pretty good.  Hence, I am incorrect in saying or implying that U.S. roads are overall better than the ones in France. 

So, what do I know, except that you can't argue with facts.  Someone was quoted as saying "You are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts."   As my emailer showed above, France's roads overall are better than ours.  C'est la vie or something like that.

Enya begins this song asking "Who can say where the road goes?"  However, I included this video to keep to my theme of the week "Women in White."  Enya does a seasonal survey here and eventually switches to winter white at the 2:43 mark.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Women in White Pt. 2

Speaking of women in white (previous post) it sent me looking for the classic Whitesnake video featuring Tawny Kitaen (click here.) 

However, I also found this one featuring Tawny and liked it enough to pass it along.  Enjoy.  (Hey, Ted Cruz if you too are watching, just click Like.)

In checking up on what Tawny has been up to, here is a "full circle" story for you - she is now having her breast implants removed (click here.)  Guess Bob may have to update his song to "The Breasts They are A'Changing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

From Drugs to a White Dress the Song Remains the Same

Two for Tuesday.

I have discussed previously my thing for women in white (click here.)  In the video here, Sheryl does nothing to disavow me of that attraction.  Plus, I always thought Walk on By was a great song. 

Dionne Warwick's original 1964 version caught my ear and I sort of liked it then.  But this was during my rock and roll years and I couldn't really bring myself to admit I liked a "big band" tune regardless how catchy it was to my ear.

However, a couple years later I heard Isaac Hayes do a 12 minute soul version of it and I lost any reservations about liking the song.  (Please note though, that when I heard Isaac's version I was sitting in an Army barracks in Germany high as a kite and that may have had some influence on my favorable reaction to it.) 

Regardless the age or the drug, Walk on By is still a great song.  Sheryl does it justice but the  white dress just makes it all the better.  Isaac's version is just as good with no drugs as it was when I first listened to it all those hazy years ago.  Isaac used the Bar Kays (Soul Finger) as his back up band and they nailed it.  Catch the lead guitar here played by Michael Toles.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Man's Inhumanity

Of the 365 days in each year, only one has its own symbolism and significance when said numerically and that is 9/11.  January 1st, July 4th, December 25  are also highly recognizable when you say them that way but should you say "1/1" "7/4" or 12/25 to any group of folks most of them would not make the connection or association with the holiday. 

Thus, 9/11 has become its own catchphrase as well it should. 
From https://www.911memorial.org/
Pam and I visited the 911 memorial in New York last year.  Very moving experience similar to what I felt when visiting Normandy and the Viet Nam Memorials.  All those deaths and all because of what?  Ideological differences?  Hatred?  Politics? I can't say exactly but Robert Burns had a theory that it was just man being man.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

NFL Sunday Night - Still No Faith

Forget all the Hurricane Irma attention, it's the NFL's opening Sunday.  Never mind how much Irma is going to destroy along Florida's west coast, we got more important matters to focus on such as Carrie Underwood's new intro to Sunday Night Football. 

It's now been 5 years since Carrie replaced Faith and I still haven't quite gotten over NBC's lack of faith in Faith (click here for previous post on this.)

All I can say is that the new intro has a long ways to go to top this one from 2012 when the Cowboys played the Giants, same as tonite's game:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Riddle Me This

Couple of riddles and a joke for you.  Answers for the riddles are below after the joke.

The total cost for a bat and a ball is $1.10.  The bat costs $1.00 more than the ball.  How much does the ball cost?  (Answer - it's not your first guess so do the math carefully before you answer.)

Solve:  What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9 letters and never has 5 letters.  (Hint this is a statement not a question.)

Now the joke.  You have heard a lot about DACA the past couple of days but do you know what DACA stands for?  Answer - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  Same thing that is on my condoms.

Riddle answers.  Most folks initially say that the ball costs 10 cents.  But if that were the case then the bat would cost $1.10 putting the total cost of the two items @ $1.20.  Correct answer then is that the ball costs 5 cents.

The answer to the word riddle is just that - it's the words themselves.  W-H-A-T has 4 letters etc.

Heard a song playing in a restaurant somewhere in France that caught my ear and learned that it was by this young lady.  Great voice and a red head too!

Friday, September 8, 2017

When in Doubt - Do Nothing

Fridays I usually try and note some events going on in South County for the weekend.  In looking for what's happening, I came upon the churn over the Confederate Monument/Park at Pt. Lookout.  

The County's website  (click here)continues to show the Confederate Park as a place to visit.  However, it was temporarily removed from the website as Jason Babcock discusses below.

Good Enterprise article here by Jason.  Click on link below photo for full article.
Ever Think You Would See a Security Guard in Scotland?

The 30 August edition of the Enterprise also featured an excellent editorial on the subject (click here.) Excerpt from that editorial follows:
Back to things to do this weekend - go check out the Pt. Lookout Confederate Memorials, then drop in Buzzy's Country Store and tell me what you think.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pool Shot

Have you seen this video/story making the rounds?

If you are like me, you will have to watch it a couple of times just to appreciate how long they must have practiced and worked on perfecting this.  Conclusion - some folks just have way too much time on their hands.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Villa Nellcôte - Come On Up

While staying at a villa in the South of France, I became curious about exactly where the Villa Nellcôte was located.   This is the famous place where the Rolling Stones lived and recorded their classic album Exile on Main Street. 

Our friend Serge, who had booked the villa we were staying in, noted that Villa Nellcôte was also available when he did his research but that it cost too much for us to rent it.  (The villa we were staying in ran $10K a week so you can only imagine what Serge regarded as too much money for Nellcôte.) 

Villa Nellcôte is located just east of Nice.
We were staying down the coast in Cavalaire sur Mer a couple hours south of Nice.
During our week's stay in Cavalaire, we made several day trips to different places in the area but never did make it to Villa Nellcôte.   But I haven't given up on doing so.  Someday, when the good Lord shines a light on me by letting me win the lotto, I will rent Villa Nellcôte and fly all my Buzzy family friends over there for a visit and to party like the Stones did.  Rest assured though, we won't be trying to record any music.

For a good article on the Stones staying at Villa Nellcôte (click here.)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Small Road Blues

Travel is good for a number of reasons one of which is that it makes you appreciate what you have right here at home.  For instance, something as simple as roads makes you glad that you live in the U.S. where our roads are fantastic compared to what you find elsewhere in the world. 

Granted, we have some infrastructure work to do as our Interstate system is old and in need of upgrading.  (Excellent article here discusses the increase in Public-Private-Partnerships or P3s.  These are roads built by private contractors who then maintain them while they charge tolls to use them.) 

However, bottom line is that our overall road system tops anything anyone else has.  Remember too, that in continental US we have 3.8 million square miles to negotiate compared to say France with only 250,000 square miles.  By comparison, Texas alone has 270,000 square miles. 

I recall once being on a bus in South Africa heading south and our tour guide bragged about the fact that we were travelling over their first modern highway and how nice it was.  Buzzy leaned over my bus seat and said "That tells you something when they're talking about the first good road that they have here."  

All of this crossed my mind a couple times last week as I spent several hours bouncing around in the back seat of the car we rented.  Thankfully, the couple we were traveling with, Philip and Meryl, were used to negotiating European windy roads and didn't mind driving everywhere we went.  This freed Pam and me up to relax in the back seat and enjoy the scenery while Philip fought the twisty turns and confusing round-abouts. 

We paid extra for a GPS and it was worth every penny even if our gal did mess up a couple of times and send us down the wrong exit.  In her defense though it is confusing as hell when she tells you take the second exit in the roundabout and you're not really sure which is the second exit because there are little roads and driveways streaming out of the roundabout before you get to one that she wanted you to take.  We heard "Recalculating route" several times during our day trips around the area.

The southeast coast of France is known as their French Riveria/Cote D'azur.  While it has a nice modern highway dubbed the A8 that stretches from Nice over to Toulon, to get to the Riveria you have to exit the A8 at St. Raphael and undertake a twisty, spaghetti mess of a road along the coast and up in the hills.  Think Flat Iron Road only much more scenic.  (Come on, admit it, Bubby Knott's farm is about the only thing or place worth looking at on Flat Iron Road.  Flat Iron should be re-named Boring-As-Shit-Iron Road.)

When I made a comment to Philip about the road's condition, he informed me that the road was actually not too bad when compared to others in Europe that he has encountered.  To me it was like an amusement park ride that went very slow.

I never much cared for Canned Heat's On The Road Again.  Usually I like falsetto sung songs but not this one because the singer sounded like he was either sick or about to croak.  Canned Heat adapted their version from a 1928 Tommy Johnson tune as follows:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Eddie Made It Home

It was touch and go for awhile but Eddie managed to make it back to Piney Point after our visit to France.  However, he was very close to taking up a new life in the South of France where I had planned to leave him. 

Whenever I travel, I always leave behind clothing items that have seen their better days.  I pack these items, tote them around the world, wear them a last time or two and then leave them in some closet somewhere for the cleaning crew to dispose of as they will.  If we are travelling with friends, Pam is quick to point this out to them in case they are wondering why I am bopping around sporting such raggedy looking apparel.

My Eddie T-shirt was frayed and faded and had descended the clothing chain to pajama status.  I have a surplus of t-shirts to begin with and an even bigger stash of what I call pajama status t-shirts.   

Thus,  Eddie was earmarked to be left in Cavalaire-sur-Mer which I thought was an appropriate place to leave him.  While Cavalaire does not have any surfing, it is a beach town where I figured Eddie would fit right in.  (Pun intended.  What's the saying, the louder the groan, the better the pun.)

However, as I folded and readied Eddie for his desertion spot on the Cavalaire closet shelf, I happened to notice something on the sleeve as follows:
Quicksilver sponsors what they now call  the Big Wave Invitational and what everybody else calls  The Eddie.   The 2006-2007 inscription caught my eye and reminded me of being in Hawaii around that time.  I knew then, that Eddie had to stay with me for sentimental purposes. 

As I shoved him into my suitcase Pam asked me "I thought you were leaving that one.  Why are packing it?"  All I said was "Eddie would go."  Not getting my reference, Pam just shook her head and said, "You're too much."
Reminded me of the line "She thinks I'm crazy, but I'm just growing old."  (In memory of Walter Becker who died yesterday at the age of 67 the year mentioned in the first line of their following song.  Ever think you'd be saying "Man, that's young?")

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Travel Worries - Big and Small

I once knew a guy who took a job in Israel.  At his going away party, I asked him if he had any second thoughts or worries about going to Israel amidst all the churn and turmoil going on over there.  My friend responded with something that I have often thought about through the years that I have been traveling: "If you worry about stuff like that,  you will never go anywhere."

Thus, I never thought about bad things happening when I was travelling.  And by bad I mean the ugly, terrorist-related kinds of things.  Buzzy had taught me well through the course of our travels that when you travel, things are going to go wrong at some time or another.  "Shit's going to happen" he said long before Forrest Gump claimed it.  Thus, he taught me that the experienced traveler goes with the flow.  Buzzy of course was talking mostly about mishap kind of things like lost luggage, missed flights, schedule delays, hotel snafus etc..  His attitude was - hope for the best, expect the worst and take what you get. 

On previous trips then, I never allowed those kind of worries to get to me.  However, last year when Pam and I were in a French train station and I saw four armed French soldiers walking about the place, it gave me pause.  I suggested to Pam that we move to a less open area.  I was a little worried that our armed guards were there in the sense that "Hey, they're here for a reason." 

And yet I may be getting over that anxiety.  Just the other day as we traipsed around the city of Aix en Provence, I saw 3 French soldiers armed with automatic weapons and didn't think anything of it.  Perhaps I have gotten used to seeing it. 

Nooooo!  It's just that having seen it once before, this second time around I wasn't as taken aback by it as I was the first time that I saw it.  It's still a little scary when you stop and think just why they have to be there.

Aix en Provence was an amazing place with a huge pedestrian area as shown in this video.  I have some photo's that I will upload later.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Christmas Present - 9 Months Later

After noting how many Buzzy birthdays there are in September, it got me wondering which month features the most births.  Thanks to that there Google machine, I learned that it is actually August (click here.) 

If you count back 9 months from August, that puts you in November-December holiday timeframe conception-wise.  My supposition is that by attending all those Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and drinking all that egg nog it may have something to do with this phenomena of August births.  I have no actual proof of this mind you, other than the fact that my son Brady was born on August 25th.

The following song has nothing to do with the above.  I just think it's a nice cover of the classic Route 66.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Buzzy September Birthdays

Birthday-wise in the Buzzy family we've got my Godmother Peggy McMurray (above with Brother-in-law Jerry Taylor) celebrating on 4 September.  Duncan Lepper has his on 5 September.  On the 6th  El-Chucko Mettam and Pat Woodburn celebrate theirs;  Jim Gray on the 8th.  David "Clutch" Raley on 9/11;  Gary "Chop Chop" Norris' birthday on the 15th;  Lou Gentry's on the 17th;  Joe Cullison celebrates on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley celebrate  theirs' on the 25th.  And to conclude a very busy birthday month, Joan Bean celebrates her day on the 27th. 

Even if all of this between Johnny and Steve was staged, it's still funny as hell.