This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wedding and Cash Register Bells Ringing

One last wedding-related post for you and note that I have saved the $eriou$ stuff for last.  As you might assume, it has to do with money as in "Sooner or later it all comes down to money"  Bruce in The Big Muddy.

Did you know that the average wedding cost in the U.S. is up to approximately $27,000 broken down as follows?
As you can see, close to half of the overall wedding expense is in the catering category.  A fairly recent, money saving development has been the increase in destination weddings.  As it turns out, destination weddings can result in savings to the bride and groom because they can invite all of their family and friends to attend but only a few will actually make the trip.  Hence, the couple has much lower catering expenses (click here for related story.)  Also, with a destination wedding, the couple are already at their honeymoon site saving even more money.

Why then do otherwise sane people go so crazy spending so much money on what is basically a one day event?  It used to be "You only get married once" but the updated saying goes "You only get married 2, 3 or 4 times in your life so why not go all out when you do so!?" 

Regarding the $27K wedding price tag though, wouldn't a smarter, better move be to buy a new vehicle, put  down a down payment on a house,  or take a trip or two somewhere overseas?  Sure seems like a lot of money shot to hell just to say "I do. " 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weekend Wedding License

One more wedding post here for you.  If you notice on Monday I covered a family wedding (my niece Katie and her husband Ian.)  Yesterday, I discussed an Indian pre-wedding celebration that I witnessed in Indianapolis.  Today, I'm bringing it on home to a Buzzy's Country Store wedding albeit a fake one. 

A lady was in the Store awhile back and said that 15 years ago she and her then boyfriend, now husband, had stumbled into Buzzy's on their way down to camp at Pt. Lookout State Park.  She said that there was a full up party going on and Buzzy and everyone there made them feel welcome.   "Somewhere along the line your father pulled out this fake marriage license, put on this hat and outfit and married us. I still have the certificate that he gave us."
Photo's of Pastor Buzzy in his wedding garb:

? With Eyes Closed (Maybe She Was Shy About Getting Married)

Couple of weekends back a group of folks from Meetup.com's Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group were in the Store.  Since there were mostly women in the group, I joked with one of the two guys in the group that Buzzy's had weekend marriage licenses if he needed one. 

His friend Kat Johnson picked up on it although in the photo below Michael looks a little unsure about it. 

P.S.  Buzzy and those fake marriages may have had a negative side effect as it spawned rumors of him being a KKK dude. Some nights when he was in his full wedding pastor regalia, black folks would make it to the door, see Buzzy dressed as he was and immediately haul ass.  I can see where thy may have been concerned.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wedding India Style

Brady and I did our annual baseball/football trip this past weekend to Cincinnati and Indianapolis.  We saw a couple ball games and checked things out in both areas.  Strolling around downtown Indianapolis Saturday afternoon we came upon a parade of sorts with music, some loud drumming, people dancing in the street and a dude on a horse.  You can't make it out from my too-distant photo above but it was quite the scene.  I talked to the wedding photographer (foreground above) who told me that it was a Hindu wedding where the groom and his family process to the ceremony with the groom on a horse.  "Where is the bride?" I asked him and he replied "She is with her family waiting for the groom and his folks to show up."
As noted, this is known as the baraat which I always thought was an obnoxious kid.  (If the drumming gets on your nerves watching this video, just mute it.)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Katie and Ian's Wedding Photos

I've been out of the wedding photo business way too long I guess.  Back in the day I would shoot a wedding, send off the film to be processed and then give the newly weds an album with the photos I took at the wedding.  They would then order reprints, enlargements from those proofs.  
The norm now is for the wedding photographer to tweak and upload the photos digitally onto a website and then the family and friends go from there making copies of photos they like or want.  Here are a couple of copies from my niece's wedding that my sister Donna gave me.  (For more wedding photos (click here.)
Lily, Shea, Emma, Reagan, YT, Ryan, Brady and Caitie
Katie and Lily

Ian and Katie had the Beatles' In My Life as their first dance song. I always thought that this one from Bruce would be a good one too:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mom's Birthday

Happy 85th Birthday to my Mom!  I love you!
Mom and Me Looking for Governor Hogan (Feb 16)
Her Grandchildren and Great Grand Children will be on hand to help her celebrate today.  Here she is awhile back with my two Grandkids Lily and Shawn. 
I may not be able to coax her into coming down to Buzzy's Country Store later today to buy a round but she assures me she will do so at some future date.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Solvable Problem

A dude stuck his head in the Store door and asked "I don't need to be wearing no shirt to come in here do I?"  Ignoring his double negative, I smiled thinking of the Buzzyism - anytime someone phrases their question as "I don't......do I?" it means that they don't think that they do.  "No problem" I replied and the shirtless dude made his way into the place.

Made me think of Kenney Chesney:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Country Store Trilogy - Pt. 3 Dent's

While neither Swann's nor Raley's are around today, Dent's Store in Tall Timbers is still very much alive and doing quite well.  Thanks to Andy and David Dent's efforts, theirs is a thriving business in spite of all the recent franchisation of the County.  Just as Ray and Danny Raley found a way to successfully compete against the big boy competition, the Dent brothers have built and managed their Store to continue servicing the community as a neighborhood bar, store and restaurant.  

The following background info is from their excellent website (click here.)
  I found this nice article from 1994 discussing Dent's previous incarnation as Sheaffer's Food Mart (click here.)  (The article also mentions Rick Meatyard and his Tall Timbers Marina located just around the corner from Dent's Store.)
Andy and David

As stated, Chief Dent purchased Sheaffers' in 1978 after he had worked there a number of years for John Sheaffer.  Chief ran a tight ship selling groceries and goods complete with a full up deli that his son Andy managed for him. Chief also operated a small bar in the back of the Store named - what else - Chief's.

After taking over the Store from their Dad, Andy and David (left) then did a major renovation that allowed them to expand their bar and restaurant business.  The results have been such that some nights you have trouble finding a parking space in their lot.  (Not having enough parking for your customers is a business complaint that store owners don't mind grappling with.)

Andy and David continue to run a successful neighborhood business built on good customer service and competitive pricing.  With Swann's and Raley's now in the you-don't-know-what-you-got-until-it's-gone memory bank, Dent's on the other hand is alive and well and worthy of your support.  Drop by and support them whenever you can.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Look Up in the Sky - It's a Sturgeon

OK, so today was supposed to be Part 3 of my Country Store Trilogy series.  What's the old saying - I didn't lie, the truth changed?   

Consider today's post then as one of those pesky little pop up blurbs that mysteriously appear as you are in the midst of something else.  Call it Augustus Interruptus if you will because it has to do with tonight's August full moon. (Do you think that Ralph Kramden could get away with saying "To the moon Alice" were he to say that today?)
If like me you're up in the middle of night putzing around, take a peek out your window and check out the full August moon known as a Sturgeon Moon. 

Of course you know Here Comes the Sun, but how about this one by George talking bout the moon.

Tomorrow - Dent's Store.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Country Store Trilogy - Pt. 2 Raley's

Raley's Store Circa 1960 Photo Courtesy JoAnne Woodburn
Continuing with my Country Store Trilogy, today let's look at Raley's Store/Town and Country Market.    Harry Raley operated a small country store in Ridge until 1948 when he sold it to Ross Raley.  Ross and his brother Francis then ran the store and the bar a number of years before their sons Ray and Danny joined forces with them to turn it into a modern day supermarket.  The following account of the store's evolution is excerpted from Dan's 2005 Slackwater interview (For the complete interview click here.)
"Okay, approximately 65 years ago I had, my aunt and her husband ran a small, very small, about 2,000 square foot grocery store down in Ridge. Okay, it was named Raley's store, because his name was Raley. A Raley married a Raley, it's hard to believe, but that's the way it was. Uh, approximately, I think it was about forty years ago my uncle purchased the store from them. Okay, and my father went to work with my uncle. And they have a unique relationship in that the two brothers were married to two sisters. Okay, and they ran Raley's store at the same location which is about six miles north of the entrance to Point Lookout State Park there in Ridge. And the two of them ran the store and attached to the store was a bar. Okay. And they did, they sold everything. They sold everything from Amoco gas to MediGold ice cream to hardware to pants to uh groceries, uh, they had a bar business, uh, they sold well, just about, paint, everything you could just about imagine. They did not have shopping carts in the store. People came in and gave them a list. They had the long stick with the pinchers on it that they got the stuff off the top shelf with. They had handdipped ice cream. Um, the whole thing. And that is where my cousin and I were raised."

In the 70's Ray and Danny bought property nearby and built a modern store complex which Danny described as follows:

"So then we proceeded on and we built a, I guess you would call it a little strip center. It's a fifteen thousand square foot grocery store with a post office attached to it, and another small rental shop. Which presently is selling video and ice cream. Going over to the new store was a completely different experience for us because we left from a mom and pop, where we got all the groceries for you, to a fifteen thousand square foot grocery store that had all the automation that you wanted. We scanned, we took debit cards, credit cards, whatever. We had gas pumps out front where you swipe at the pump. We've got an ATM machine, salad bar, full-fledged meat department, we went from a small store that it was Ray and I, Ray being my partner, and our, and our two wives, and maybe about two or three employees over to the facility we have now which is, I guess you had about 15 employees. So it's a different way, but we transformed over. All that took place when my uncle bought it from Harry Raley to where we are now took 70 years of continuous operation of running a grocery store of some magnitude in the Ridge area."

Ross Raley continued to work in the Store into his 90's.
I have mentioned previously how Ross served as a role model and an inspiration for Buzzy (click here.)  But it was Ross' brother Francis whom Buzzy knew best from the two of them having attended and graduated from St. Michael's together in 1943.  Francis visited Buzzy during Buzzy's 50th Anniversary Party in 2003.  I remember a day or two after the party discussing it with Buzzy and him saying "I sure was glad to see Francis.  That was nice of him to come by."
Whereas Swann's Store/Hotel is long gone and townhouses now stand in its place, Raley's original Store and the Town and Country Market are still around albeit having experienced some significant changes too.  The original Raley's Store is now the Ridge Hardware Store. 

Raley's Town and Country Market has recently been split into a Dollar General Store and the Ridge Market which is primarily a liquor store.     
But what the Raleys did was pretty remarkable.  They took a very small country store operation located at the far end of the County and ultimately turned it into a big time, modern day supermarket operation.  They did so at a time when the entire Southern Maryland area was being populated with big box grocery stores.  However, based upon all of their hard work, good marketing and sharp business skills, they managed to succeed exceptionally well in not only competing with but also beating the big boys at their own game.  That they did so while remaining true to their roots as a community-based store makes their story all the more remarkable.  As the Slackwater article noted, they were a true Community Store in every way, the likes of which we will never see again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Country Store Trilogy - Pt. 1 Swann's

Back in 2007, as I was in the process of assuming ownership of Buzzy's Country Store, I did my homework by visiting and talking with three individuals - Rick Swann, Ray Raley and David Dent.  Knowing that they too had each taken over an old time, Country Store from family members, I wanted their inputs and insights to try and gauge what I was getting into. 

All three of these stores were what used to be termed Gro-bars in that they started out as grocery stores with a bar.   Raley's would eventually drop the bar when they built their new store complex that also provided space for the Ridge Post Office.  Swann's and Dent's also housed the Post Offices in their businesses.  

All three of these Stores were similar in that they served their local communities and managed to succeed very well doing so.  Interestingly enough, like great empires that come and go, all three of these local stores were most successful at different periods in time.  

Back in the day, Swann's Store with it's hotel, cottages, bar, store and pier business was a very happening place.  By the time that Swann's disappeared from the scene, Ray and Dan Raley had moved and expanded their Dads' small Country Store into the much bigger Town and Country Supermarket.  They had a very successful business until they sold it in 2006.  Today, it is David and Andy who have their Dad's Store doing very well with a grocery business along with a bar and a restaurant.   

So for the next couple days, I'd like to take a look at each of these businesses starting today with Swann's Store.  As I mentioned above, in it's glory years, Swann's was quite the place.  Here is a good photo showing the hotel, some of the cottages, the Store and the pier.

Swann's Store and Hotel 1960's Photo Courtesy Ronnie Pegg

I found this from something in the Maryland Historical Trust:

Note:  The Torpedo Test Range mentioned is currently the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship.  For a good article on the Torpedo Base by Viki Volk (click here.)
From FB https://www.facebook.com/pineypointmd/
Ask anyone of a certain age if they remember Swann's Store and not far into the conversation the subject of boat races will come up. Here is an older (1936) ad followed by a more recent (1960's) photo of spectators watching the races.

From https://www.facebook.com/pineypointmd/
Courtesy Mike Russell on Massey's You Know You're From St Marys County FB
I included the snow photo above to give you an idea of how Swann's looked.  Note the Post Office to the left of the building.  Also, note how they had both a Pepsi sign as well as a Coke sign.

Rick Swann ran the store thru the 80's before selling it.  The hotel burned down in 2001 and subsequent owners eventually tore down the Store and built townhouses on the property.

When I first moved to Piney Point in 1979, going into Swann's Store always made me feel like I was walking into Buzzy's Country Store.  That feeling helped me come to regard Piney Point as my home.  However,  today I still feel a twinge of sadness every time I drive past and look over to see the following:

Trees and Townhouses Now Stand Where Swann's Used To Be
Like John Lee says here "It just ain't, it just ain't no good."

Monday, August 15, 2016

Margaret Mitchell

I was saving this for tomorrow but jumped started it to today because I've got something else in the rotation for tomorrow. 

Margaret Mitchell died on 16 August 1939.  Who, you say?  Well, she was an author who only wrote one book but it won a Pulitzer Prize and ultimately was made into an Academy Award winning movie - Gone With the Wind.  She died as a result of being hit by a drunken cab driver as she was crossing the street.

GWTW is rated as Americans' second favorite book with the Bible being reported as Number One (click here.) (I got to believe that GWTW is really Number One because most people just said that the Bible was their favorite because they felt like that's what they should say!)
From 20-things-you-might-not-have-known-about-gwtw

In GWTW, Mitchell wrote what eventually would become filmdom's most famous line with Rhett informing Scarlett exactly how he felt about her and her problems (click here.)  For its time, this was the biggest FU ever said on screen.

Although the movie took 4 hours to tell the story, here's a condensed 60 second version of it:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bricklayers and the House of God

(Note:  Sundays I usually try to post something semi-religious or spiritual I guess as a way of placating my Catholic guilt about not doing anything else of that nature on any given Sunday.  This week though the best that I could come up with is this bricklayer story.  Maybe I should go to church after all.)

Few weeks back I did a post about job satisfaction and how folks do or do not like what they are doing for a living (click here.)  Along those lines, just the other day I heard Michael Smerconish on XM's POTUS channel tell this story about three bricklayers. 

Three men were laying bricks.  A passerby asked each of them what he was doing.  The first man replied "I am laying bricks."  The second man said "I am building a Church."  The third man said "I am building the house of God for all to see." 

Smerconish noted that for the first man, the bricklaying was a job, whereas for the second fellow it was a career.  However, for the third bricklayer, it was his calling.  (I found an online variation of this that makes the same points (click here.))

Having Grandson Shawn in the vehicle with me at the time, I used this as the starting point for my "Life is what you make it" lesson.  I then explained the "Three kinds of people" to him: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who say "What happened?"  I think he got it.

Goofy song here from Mick, but in a way it kind of "works."  It was the first single released from Mick's solo album Primitive Cool.  This was back when he and Keith were feuding over their work habits (click here.)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Irish Pub

Watched a good documentary titled The Irish Pub that is worth checking out.   I came to the conclusion that I need a sign like the above pub owner has hanging up behind his counter. 

Also, I found the following video featuring this guy.  Replay it a time or two if the accent throws you some.  Don't know why, but his punch line "No one's ever stole the shit out of it yet" line cracks me up, probably because it sounds like something Buzzy would have said to the lady.

Then check out the trailer for the documentary:
The Rumjacks are an Australian group.  This tune of theirs is actually a put down of Irish pubs, and therefore probably not the most appropriate video to accompany the above.  However, I couldn't resist showing it if for no other reason than to lay the word "kara-farkin-oke" (1:46 mark) on you.

Friday, August 12, 2016

State Populations

So Duh Donald wants to deport the estimated 11 million immigrants who are here in the U.S. illegally.  That number equals the entire population of Ohio which ranks Number 7 in States' population.  Here is a listing of our top ten most populated States:

Maryland lands at 19:
Virginia is 12th:

As for the least populated States, here are the bottom five.  (Regarding Trump's deportation plan, why not just make the 11 million legal but tell them they have to move to one of these 5 States if they want to stay?)
Note that the D.C. statehood folks are quick to point out that their population of 643,000 outranks that of the two lowest populated States Vermont and Wyoming.)

Proving that size doesn't matter, at least population-wise, our two smallest States land-wise, Delaware and Rhode Island are ranked 45th (935,000 people) and 43rd (1.0 million) respectively.

Total U.S. population is approximately 320 million.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drinko and War (the Ultimate Game)

One last game-related post and then the Buzzyblog will move on to something else.  Here is a video from Jimmy Fallon playing a drinking game with Kevin Hart.  Kevin wonders if the game was rigged because he questions why the black guy got Hennessy.  "What's next, Colt 45?" he asks (1:50 mark.)

Actually, I had a white guy in Buzzy's Country Store the other day and he requested Colt 45. In my tenure behind the counter that marked the first Colt 45 request from either a black or a white dude, that I've had. 

Here is a Colt 45 story that will surprise you when you learn of its background and where the can was found (click on link below this photo:)
Video from the best war movie ever made and some would say best movie period (click here for review that contains the quote "War reveals truths that we would be happy never to know.")

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It Adds Up

Continuing with my game theme week here, this one involved my Grandson Shawn. 

I played this little math game with him the other day on the way down the road to Buzzy's Country Store.  I gave him a pen and a piece of paper and instructed him to add up the numbers 1 thru 100.  My plan was to let him muck away at the task for a minute or two and then tell him a simple way to solve it. 

However, he surprised me when he immediately came up with an answer of 550.  I asked him how he got that and he said that he added up the numbers 1 thru 10 to get 55 and then multiplied by 10 to get to 550. 

Although 550 is not the correct answer, 5050 is, nevertheless I was impressed that Shawn had tackled the problem by thinking his way thru it versus doing the hand writing, time consuming drill of 1+2, 3+3, 6+4 etc. method.    Also, that he got the 550 figure instead of 5050 kind of blew my mind too that he had at least come up with the correct numbers to the answer.

I first heard of this math game as an Einstein-related story about a lazy math teacher who wanted a break so he gave his kids this busy work assignment.  Figuring that it would keep the kids busy for awhile, the teacher cracked opened his magazine to relax a bit only to look up and see a kid with his hand raised.  "Yes Albert" the teacher said.  "The answer is 5050" replied Albert.   (I've since learned from some internet travels here that most folks attribute this boy- math-prodigy-story to the German math genius Johann Gauss.)

Gauss/Einstein/whomever deduced the answer so quickly because they thought of the numbers along a continuum as follows:
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + … + 98 + 99 + 100
They then noted that a pattern of 50 pairs or sets of numbers (one from each end of the continuum) when added together, equaled 101.
1 + 100 = 101
2 + 99 = 101
3 + 98 = 101
48 + 53 = 101
49 + 52 = 101
50 + 51 = 101
The final total then would be 50 sets x 101 = 5050 (click here.)

Found this rare video of Paul doing a demo of a tune that he and John wrote but never released.  Even their throwaway demos were good!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Geocaching South as in Joe

The whole Pokémon phenomena reminded me of the Geocache folks several of whom have been in Buzzy's Country Store on different occasions.  There used to be a Geocache site attached to the guard rail just below the Store on Gaslewbrook Drive.

Geocaching is a sort of scavenger hunt with small items (caches) hidden for people to find.  Sometimes, in lieu of a physical item, the caches, such as the ones at Pt. Lookout State Park, are virtual.  There are several Geocaches within the Ridge/Scotland area.

The first one listed "80's Revisited" is at Cardinal Gibbons park with the following write up:

Cardinal Gibbons is a County Park located on St. Peter Claver Road.  Believe it or not but our County website has written policies on Geocaches (click here.)  (Wonder when the Pokémon policies will be issued.)

Re Games People Play (song below,) I always thought that it was Joe South's one claim to fame.  However, turns out that he also wrote Deep Purple's Hush, Down in the Boondocks and I Knew You When by Billy Joe Royal, Lynn Anderson's Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home, Walk a Mile in My Shoes and many more (click here.)  That said however, think it is a fairly safe bet that the Games Joe is singing about in his tune here had nothing to do with Pokémon or Geocaching.  La, da-da, da, da, da.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pokémon Balls at Buzzy's

Buzzy's Country Store parking lot has always functioned as turn around place for any number of drivers ranging from school buses to day trippers who just drive thru and head back up the road.  Sometimes I recognize a car and wonder if the person driving it drove away because he/she saw someone else's vehicle here (mine?) and didn't want to come in. 

So whenever someone does  drive thru like that I always think of the old sign posted at the Maryland Bank and Trust in Waldorf.  Folks used to cut thru the Bank's parking lot to avoid the traffic light at the nearby intersection:
Of late however, I have been noticing another type of parking lot visitor whereby folks drive into the parking lot, stop a minute or so and then move on thru and head back up the road.  Initially, it made me wonder if my Open sign in the front store window was on and my would-be-visitors weren't sure if Buzzy's was open or not.  I verified that the sign was working, but still noticed that folks would pop in, pause abit and then continue on.  I didn't think too much more about it until I discovered what was up - Pokémon.

LP Mercure told me that he was out on the porch one evening last week and after seeing 2 or 3 folks drive in the lot, pause and then drive on, he asked the next visitor doing so what they were doing.   

Turns out that Buzzy's is a Pokémon Ball Collection spot.  Poke Balls are used to capture the Pokémons.  How Buzzy's got to be designated such a valuable Pokémon site, I don't exactly know.  That folks are now dropping into Buzzy's parking lot to take my balls is a whole nother issue!  If I had my druthers though, I'd rather that they have to at least come into the Store to capture their Poke Balls and that way maybe they'd spend some money.  (I know sound like Buzzy now don't I?!)  Something tells me that that would not be the case,  i.e. them buying something, but the odds of them doing so increase significantly if they at least get out of their vehicles and come in!)
Not too sure how I feel about Buzzy's being designated a Pokémon Ball place.  But then again, guess I should be glad that Buzzy's falls into one of the above descriptions "areas where people gather, near distinct architecture, landmarks or public art."

Then there's this "Revenge of the Pokémon Balls" video making the internet rounds (below.)  More evidence that as a society we are all doomed.  (Even more evidence of "doomedness," when I type in Pokémon here, it automatically corrects the plain Jane e to the appropriately accented
é.  How's it know how to do that?)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cal, Buzzy and Me

I picked today to do this Cal Ripken-related post because he was first called up on 7 August 1981.  During his career, Cal wore #8 and because of that, at this time of year I always think of him and Buzzy in a synchronicity-kind-of-way.  I'm reaching here a little connection-wise, but hang with me for a sec while I explain.

First check this out:
Thus, Cal came up to the bigs on the 7th and three days later would make his debut.  (It wasn't until May 30th 1982 that he would begin his record setting consecutive game streak.) 

Now for the little stretch of a Buzzy connection.  August 9th is the day that I bought the Store from my Dad in 2007.  That transfer ended Buzzy's 54 year streak of owning the Store.  Like Cal, Buzzy's record will not be broken anytime soon.  That I've now logged 9 years running Buzzy's amazes me that the time has gone by so fast.  Moreover it amazes and makes me appreciate that he did it for over half a century.

In 1988 Cal played for his dad Cal Sr. during that awful stretch where the O's lost 21 straight games to start the season (click here.)  Cal Sr. was fired only six games in and I thought unfairly so given what he was dealing with.  Sr. had been with the Orioles 30 some years having played and worked for them for his entire career.  Those great Orioles' teams of the 70's and 80's were a direct result of Cal Sr.'s tutelage of the young players as they made their way thru the O's farm system and ultimately won 3 world championships.  

Following his firing, Cal Sr. continued to work for the Orioles as coach.  He died in 1999 at the age of 63.  Just to complete why I chose today, Cal Sr.'s number was 7.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


I have mentioned the Cheers and Buzzy connection several times (click here for one.)  Someone told me that Peggy's list of things to do for her renters describes Buzzy's as a Cheers-kind-of-place where everyone knows everyone. 

Just goes to prove that the line from the Cheers' theme song is true - you do want to go where everybody knows your name.  Interesting backstory as to how the Cheers theme song came to be (click here.)
Sure am glad they got rid of all the Red Sox losing blues crap.