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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spring Cleaning

I started doing some spring cleaning by going through my old books.  I made three piles - a "Get Rid Of" pile; a "Think About Getting Rid of Pile" and a "Keep File."  The following  is an 820 page textbook from my Ryken High School days that I kept just because it seemed like a good idea to hang onto it.
Given that I have lugged this bad boy around for close to 50 years now and have rarely consulted it, I finally decided "See ya" and placed it in the GRO pile.

However, just yesterday when I went looking for info on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the above book provided all the info that I needed and wanted.  Thus, I second guessed my actions and moved it from the GRO pile to the Think About Pile.  I may eventually change my mind but for now England in Literature will stay in Chateau J'ville.

And speaking of how the deal does or doesn't go down, here's Jerry and Company rocking it with this great performance from 1989.  If the Dead weren't your cup of tea or you are in a hurry, just drop in at the 3:52 mark and listen for a minute or two.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April Showers Pt. 2

My previous post about April Showers led me to learn that the quote "April showers bring May flowers" originated with Chaucer (click here.  The following is excerpted from that reference.)
Chaucer began his Canterbury Tales with a  Prologue that describes the return of spring and sets the stage for his descriptions of the various folks about to make the pilgrimage to Canterbury.

Speaking of pilgrims, how abut this tune from EC  aka God?  Joke I once heard is that reporters tracked down the graffiti artist who spray painted "Clapton is God" on the subway wall.  He admitted that he had made a mistake.  He said that he was drunk when he painted it, and that he was actually trying to write "Clapton is Good."

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

April Showers - Myth?

Trick question for you - name our wettest month.  (Key word is wet.)  If you think like me, your first answer was probably April.  The chart below shows average temps and precipitation in Patuxent River, Md. for 30 years and shows that March is the wettest month.  Surprisingly, April is actually one of our drier months.  Because the definition of precipitation includes snow, that may account for why March wins out as our wettest month.

However, the months May thru Sept show more precip than does April. There ain't no snow in those months so it's all rain falling down.
Re: why April is so noted for showers, there was this differentiation between rain and a shower that I'm not quite sure I get.  Rain is rain - right?
I managed to talk Pam into watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers the other night.  I say managed to talk her into watching it because it was right on the borderline of her criteria that she will only watch old movies that are not older than she is. Seven Brides was made in 1954 so you can do the math as to how old she is. 

Following Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, next up on TCM was a showing of  Singing in the Rain.  I suggested we continue watching it.  

However, as soon as the TCM host introducing the movie noted that it was made in 1952 that was that.  We moved onto Love It or List It which I never mind watching just because Hilary is up there on my Woman I Like list. 
Little trivia for you - Kelly was sick when he did this scene and did it all in one take. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tax Day

Your tax returns are due today.  It got me wondering how and why 15 April became the day to do  so.  I found this explanation:
Here is a nice little reggae tax tune for you.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


At Buzzy's Country Store this past Friday, Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone came on the radio and Bobbi (previous post) asked me to turn it up saying it was her favorite Dylan song.   She then asked me what my favorite Dylan song was and I told her I was not sure.  My short answer is "The one I'm listening to" because I like pretty much anything he does.  (Knocking on Heaven's Door is the lone exception because I don't particularly care for that one at all.)

Jokerman however is a Dylan tune that I never get tired of hearing.  I can also watch the video (below) repeatedly and still get something out of it.      
Dylan recorded the tune on April 14, 1983.  Happy Anniversary, Jokerman whomever you are.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Funeral Thoughts

Death is like the rumble of distant thunder at a picnic.  W.H. Auden

Attending a funeral always tends to blues me out.    And when the funeral is at St. Michael's Church, it really does take me to a "weird" state of mind.  I say weird because I'm not sure how to accurately describe the feelings and thoughts that run through me as I sit quietly with the other funeral goers and let myself sink into a quiet depression.  I would call it an in-between-state-of-mind but then I am not sure what it is that I am in between.

At John Wayne's service yesterday I was sad that another good friend and relative has left us.  Here is an excerpt from his obit.
Speaking of John's cousin Bart, it is fitting that John's gravesite is not far from Bart's.  My Mom often says that at this point in her life of 87 years, she now knows more people buried in the graveyard than she does who are alive.  I haven't actually run the numbers to see if I can say the same.  However, whenever I am in St. Michael's Cemetery it sure does seem like a lot of the folks I once knew are now there.

After John's services, Bobbi Nelson (Roberta Reeves) organized a Russian toast in memory of him at Buzzy's Country Store.  The toast involves knocking back a shot of vodka while saying "Nostrovia."  Thank you Bobbi and Cathy Wright for organizing all this.  (Still some vodka left if anybody wants to say Nostrovia to John Wayne.)

Keeping with the Russian theme and because John looks a little like Omar here, check this out:

Friday, April 12, 2019

You Can Check Out Anytime You Like......

While loading the beer case in Buzzy's Country Store, I heard Hotel California playing on the radio and cranked up the volume.  As happens with many of those old classics that you've heard over and over, you take them for granted and forget what great songs they really are.  

It reminded me of a Glenn Frey interview I saw many years ago with Bob Costas.  I managed to track it down on good old YouTube.  Here it is.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Happy $omething or Other

What's the old saying about those who most pound the rules are those who most break them?  Well, I am guilty of that because the other day I  broke one of what I refer to as my Buzzy Rules.  (Most of what I refer to as Buzzy Rules are those involving money as in "No way am I paying that much for that!")

The Buzzy Rule I broke involved the cost of greeting cards which goes "I'm not paying $7 for a card that gets tossed in the trash can as soon as it's opened."  On some very special occasions I may consider going as much as $5.99 for a card if it says what I want it to say but that's a very rare thing.  My usual ceiling on cards is $6.

So there I was in the card section of Weis looking for just the right one for my son Shea in recognition of his birthday.  Shea has been working hard on getting his new house straightened up along with performing all the doo dahs of chauffeuring 3 pre-teens here and there.  I'm proud of how well he has been managing all of this while working full time for a defense contractor and doing part time work either on the water or working with Brady on the weekends.  Thus, for his birthday I wanted to find a nice card for him that said something along those lines.

After perusing the many card selections, I finally found one that said just what I wanted it to say.  However, when I flipped it over to check out the cost I immediately ran afoul of the Buzzy Card Rule because it showed $6.99.  I put the card back and then spent another 5 minutes looking for alternatives.  However, I kept coming back to the expensive one.  Finally, my impatience kicked in and I thought to myself "Sorry Buzzy.  Sometimes you just got to say …...."  (Tom Cruise - Risky Business (below.)

As to just why cards cost as much as they do, here is a good article that discusses various reasons (click here.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Gone to the Dogs

Bruno's been gone 3 years now.  Seems just yesterday that little rascal was roaming around the counter at Buzzy's Country Store.  Seems like just yesterday Buzzy was sitting behind that counter.

Heard a radio commentator mention Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes in explaining the concept of mens rea.  The commentator noted that Holmes explained intentionality as "even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked."  The context of this exchange had something to do with Joe Biden and his roaming hands.  After the commentator finished offering up his Holmes example, the radio host said "You do know that you just compared women to dogs."

I have been searching some old Enterprise newspapers where I found this dog of a story:

And finally, as a rule I don't usually pass along anything I find on FB having to do with pets.  However, this April Fools video that made the rounds last week caught my eye.  It's sorta mean but nevertheless is very funny.  You can almost read the dog's mind as his tail stops wagging and he looks up as if to say "Are you shittin me?"

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Man Who (May Have) Shot Liberty Valance

Those of you of a certain age know the classic Gene Pitney tune (The Man Who) Shot Liberty Valance.  Movie fans will also know that the 1962 John Ford movie by that name featured John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Lee Marvin, Vera Miles and Lee Van Cleef.   
However, what you may not know about Liberty is that the song was never in the movie.  Written  by Burt Bachrach and Hal David, the song follows the basic plotline of the story - bully gets his due.    However, due to some churn, the movie was released before the song was recorded.

I saw the movie many years ago and had forgotten the supposed mystery of  who really did shoot Liberty Valance.  Listen here and key on the lyrics at 2:20 mark where Pitney sings "Everyone heard two shots ring out."

Some group dubbed the Western Writers of America ranked the song Man Who Shot Liberty Valance at Number 36 on their all time best western songs.  That seems a little low to me.  Then again, perhaps that weird Chinese sounding violin intro to Liberty turned off some of its listeners.  Ghost Riders in the Sky was voted Number 1.  Since it is Two for Tuesday here is that one too:

Monday, April 8, 2019

That Time of Year

Why truck to D.C.'s Tidal Basin and fight the crowds just to look at some cherry blossoms?
Dave Coleman Photography
All you have to do is just drive around the County and check out what's right here in our backyard(s.)  (Actually these first two are photos of cheery trees here in my front yard:)
This cluster is located somewhere heading south on Rt. 5.
But if you still have an interest in D.C.'s cherry blossoms check out this video:

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Meditation

Nice tune and video here from Simply Red.  I'm not sure if it's an upper or a downer but it always takes me to a contemplative state of mind and that's not a bad place to be on a sunny Sunday morning.

People, places 
Pursuing the chases 
Our moments were chosen 
Her senses explosion

Take your pulse and read it well 
She never said you'd only get one chance 
Pay your debt and bleed as well 
You're living in the same circumstances 

The end of an era 
Our future no clearer 
My people no stronger 
The blame I lay on her 

Wonderland, wonderland It's beautiful Wonderland, wonderland It's beautiful 

Take your pulse and read it well 
She never said you'd only get one chance 
Pay your debt and bleed as well 
You're living in the same circumstances 

The end of an era 
Our future no clearer 
My people no stronger 
The blame I lay on her

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Gin Soaked Raisins

Waiting to talk to his daughter Susan, I surveyed George Tennyson in his casket and noticed a mason jar stashed by his side. The jar contained what looked like cashews or boiled peanuts.  Susan then explained that they were gin soaked raisins and that her father ate 9 of them daily to curb his arthritis.  She noted that their Aunt Alice Jarboe, who is 102, also swears by them.  

So I did some googling to find that this home remedy has been around awhile:

After Paul Harvey mentioned this in one of his radio shows, it sparked a lot of interest in the remedy.  Harvey then received all sorts of feedback including the following note:
And just because he coined the phrase "gin soaked bar room queen" maybe Mick, with his current health issues, should be munching on some gin soaked raisins:
Whenever I hear this song, I always find myself waiting for the end to hear the "Woo!"

Friday, April 5, 2019

Things to Do

Weather turns nice, plants start to bloom and things happen.  Welcome to spring!  Why not skip doing all that yard work drudgery and go out and do something fun?!  Here are some events for you to check out in South County this weekend:
Hermanville's Home Grown Farmers Market Re-Opens Saturday.

Trossbach's Family Meats will be vendors at the Home Grown Market.  Here is a message I received from them about their Saturday operations:

However, you can always make purchases at their St. Jerome's location as follows:

And as always, no matter what you do or where you go, just south of the American Legion there is a small Country Store  that will always be serving up its usual fare of booze, b.s. and good times.  Not much to eat mind you, but Lord knows there is plenty to drink!  Stop by and celebrate springtime!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Make the Time Before You Run Out of Time

Bobby Wright and I visited John Wayne Raley in St. Mary's Hospital a couple weeks ago and I'm glad we did so.  It was a good visit as we sat with him for about an hour.  John, despite being very weak and very tired, was able to reminisce, talk and even laugh about things both past and present.  He finally told us "I'm gonna have to ask to fellas to give me a break here so I can get some rest but I appreciate you coming by to see me."  With that, we said goodbye and slipped out.

A week later, I went to see John at his home but his daughter Colby said he was sleeping.  Then, yesterday I went by the Hospice House to see him but he was asleep.  Colby and John's sister-in-law Mary Ruth were there and it was good to talk with them even if John was not awake during the time I was there.  

As I left the Hospice House, I thought "Sure am glad I got to see and talk to John when I did."

Iris Roberts discussed on her FB page also visiting John a couple days ago.

It sent me to my photo files to find these pics of John at Buzzy's Country Store in his dune buggy:

Last time John was in Buzzy's, he presented me with this replica of Bart's Cobra.  I offered to pay him for it but he wouldn't take anything and said  "No, this belongs here in memory of Bart."

I have several other photos of John in Buzzy's, but here is one of my favorites of him with Grace Pratt and Joe Cullison taken by Barbara Demko:
Bruce wrote this song in memory of his bandmate Danny Federici who died on 17 April 2008:

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

When Getting Cut, Have a Plan B (As In Basketball)

The Doctor told me on Tuesday of last week that he could do my hernia "procedure" (I guess operation is too scary a word nowadays) on Friday.  My first thought was "Gee, that's awfully soon."  But my second thought was "OK, it's NCAA's Sweet 16 weekend so I can get cut on Friday and then convalesce on the couch for the next couple of days watching basketball."

On the way home from the Doctor's office, I told Pam that many years ago I had arranged to have my vasectomy done around the NCAA Tournament for the very same reason - get cut, lay back and watch ball games for a couple of days.   Pam  just shook her head and said something about how pathetic I am.

I had the procedure done Friday and all went well.  Later that evening we were watching Bill Maher when he started in with his New Rules.  Pam couldn't believe it when Maher mentioned the following:

Turns out then that I am not the only idiot who ever planned his vasectomy around the tournament.  Google "Vasectomy + March Madness" and you'll see over 800K entries.  Samples follow:

As to explanations why do men do this, check this out.  Makes perfect sense to me.
And speaking of getting cut, just ask Big Jim how it feels to get cut and not have any basketball to watch:

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

Marvin Gaye would have turned 80 today had he not pissed off his Dad like he did.
His first big hit remains my favorite of his recordings:
And his rendition of the National Anthem at the 83 NBA All Star game is still the best ever.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Happy April Fools Day!

How about we just call it Happy Donald Day? I've refrained from saying anything about the boy in some time now but here are a couple items in commemoration of today. 
If the Shit Fits

To all you Trumpsters out there who think that I am being too hard on him here, give it up because  this asshole is no longer defendable.  

All of which leads me to this final thought, which is probably the saddest one for me to deal with:
I have played Bob's 2000 Academy Award winning Best Song previously, but it feels like a good choice again today considering the above.  Lines like "A worried man with a worried mind", "People are crazy and times are strange" and "All of the truth in the world adds up to one big lie" seem even more relevant today don't they?

Thank you Larry Yeatman for providing most of the above memes/posters.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Happy April!

March can move along now whether like a lamb or whatever - just go.

 Enter April which is from the Latin word "aperio" meaning to open or bud because plants begin to grow this month.

Buzzy's Country Store April birthdays include Bertie Taylor and  Kevin McKay on the 3rd, Butch Wood 16th, Pat Adams 17th,  Jack Flatly 23rd, Jack Wise 25th and Jay Ripson 27th.

My immediate family April birthdays include - son Shea on the 7th, niece Rilynn Taylor 18th, stepson Shaun ODell the 21st, daughter-in-law Caitie 24th, and my nephew Emerson Taylor on the 28th.  

Also in April, my daughter-in-law Stephanie and son Shea celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 8th.  My Grandson Blaise turns two on 20 April and later in the month his parents Caitie and Brady celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 27th. 

And last, but certainly not least, my wife Pam celebrates her birthday on the 29th.  

Busy April for lots of Aries and Taurus folks!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Aladdin's/Mae's/Duffy's/Buzzy's Stove

My previous post mentioned the Aladdin General Store.  As I looked over photos, on their FB page this one caught my eye:
Their stove bears a resemblance to the one recently taking up residence in Buzzy's Country Store.
I have not yet discussed how the above stove ended up in Buzzy's because I wanted to talk to Dee Duffy about it before doing so.  I wanted some info from Dee because the stove used to be in Duffy's Tavern and before them Mae Morgan's at Scotland Beach.  I have yet to catch up with Dee.  

So today I'll do a bit of Pulp Fiction on you by starting with the end of the stove story as to how it wound up in Buzzy's Country Store.  I will then jump back to the beginning where the stove was made.  Once I do talk with Dee,  I will discuss the stove's Scotland Beach tenure all those years ago.  (If you have no clue what I was talking about here with the Pulp Fiction reference go watch it.)

How the stove ended up in Buzzy's.

A couple months ago, John Carbone called me and said that Marty Redman's daughter was clearing things out of her Mom's house and asked if I was interested in their old wood stove.  Marty's husband Red had installed the wood stove in their Scotland Beach home years ago after he had obtained it from the Duffy's Tavern.  Here is John's photo of the stove in the Redman's home.
At first, I was reluctant to say yes and not just because the stove cost a couple bills ($500 to be exact.)  My bigger concern was the stove taking up room that I don't really have in Buzzy's.  The Buzzy rule for putting items in the store that took up a chunk of space was that they better be generating some money.  I am fairly certain that Buzzy would not have shelled out $500 for what essentially is a conversation piece.  (For insurance and other reasons, I really couldn't install the stove for use in the Store and save some energy costs by firing it up again.)  Thus, I was somewhat reluctant to the idea of the stove moving up to Downtown Scotland aka Buzzy's.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea that the old stove's history did include having been in Mae Morgan's/Duffy's.  I saw it as a relic from bygone years and one that should remain in Scotland.  It also made a good story you know.  Thus, I told John I'd take it.  A few days later he had Ethan Davis and Kevin Adkins bring it into Buzzy's.
We positioned the stove in front of the chimney where it now sits and looks like it's been there for years.

As for the beginnings of the stove, we found an inscription on it saying that it was made by the Bibb Stove Company of Baltimore.  I did a little internetting and found the following:
I was even able to locate the original Bibb Building at the Light Street address and was only semi-disappointed to see that it now houses a CVS.  From stoves to drugs I guess is how it goes.  Good news though, is that the Bibb Stove and Heating Equipment Company is still operating in Pikesville, Maryland (click here.)
Another little tidbit I learned is that the "wood" stove is/was actually a coal burning stove.  Hence, that explains the small door opening on the stove. 

As for how the stove got to Mae Morgan's and in turn to the Duffy's I will learn more once I talk with Dee.  So, stay tuned.

Speaking of old buildings, Sotterly is having an event today that you may want to check out if for no other reason than their ad:
It reminded me of the old movie by that title.  How did Gary roll those trays all the way across the room with none of the booze ever spilling nor tipping over?