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Friday, September 20, 2019

Maryland Renaissance Festival Deja Vu

The Maryland Renaissance Fest is currently underway and if you have never attended it you should try and catch it.  (click here for info.)

As great an event as the Renaissance Festival is however, it always brings up a bad memory for me.  This is the event I have discussed previously where my son Brady wandered off and was "lost" for what seemed like an eternity.  He was eventually found not far from where I realized that he wasn't with me.  He was sitting on a hill with a nice couple who shared cotton candy with him.  

In looking for Brady, I had made a long lap around the Festival amidst all the folks laughing and partying.  I remember having this awful feeling that he had been abducted.  The memory of the Lyons sisters was still fresh on my mind (click here) as I searched the crowds looking for Brady.  

In the years since I have never been back to the Festival.  Ironically, Brady has been back several times.

Here is an excellent article on the costumes you will see folks wearing at the Festival (click here.The following video is from 2017:

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Style Invitational

At one time in my reading-the-paper routine, the Washington Post's Style Invitational was one of my favorite features.   Thru the years and mostly due to when I switched over to online viewing, I stopped reading it.  But recently I began checking it out again.  

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Style Invitational is a contest where readers are asked to submit entries for a given topic.  For example, the very first Invitational in 1993 asked readers to suggest a less offensive name for the Washington Redskins.  The winner came up with the Baltimore Redskins.

A few weeks back, SI asked for song parodies (click here.) The following submission was deemed the winning entry:
Other runner up entries were just as good however imho.
Another of my favorites and not just because my wife and I have "discussed" this on occasion:

The contest even featured folks sending it actual performances of their parodies such as this excellent and very funny one from Jonathan Jensen:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Do a LITTLE Dance

Strasbourg, France is a fascinating and beautiful city with a very storied past.  Pam and I visited there last year and it is one of those places that I would go back to visit again.  (My bottom line evaluation of a place is always whether or not I would return there.)

Sometimes German, sometimes French depending on what world war was going on at the time,  Strasbourg today is home to several European Union institutions (click here.)  When I visited  there last year and learned of Strasbourg's storied past and present, it was this weird historical event that stuck with me the most. 

For all of its history, glamour and importance, Strasbourg is also famous for being the site of the Dancing Plague that occurred there in 1518.  Folks actually danced themselves to death (click here.)

I wasn't able to ascertain what music they were dancing to but this one by the Stones would have been a good choice to have kept them up and gyrating until Mr. D dropped in.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Twofer Tuesday - Memories

Here is my nominee for the best beer commercial ever when it comes to stirring up old and pleasant memories.  You never really can forget your first girl can you?

The following was written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis for Elvis  to perform on his 1968 T-V Comeback special.  It is my favorite Elvis tune even if some critics have dubbed it "Hallmark of the later (fat Elvis) period."  

Monday, September 16, 2019

Come Monday

Mention Jimmy Buffett and you automatically think Margaritaville, Boat Songs, partying, calypso music etc.. 

However, on Mondays I find myself thinking about this tune of his  that I first heard on the juke box at the Hideaway Bar.  I remember it catching my ear and immediately wondering who was singing it.  When someone at the bar told me that it was Jimmy Buffett I didn't believe them until I went over and verified it on the juke box.  

Out of all of his many tunes, this is probably my favorite of his.  Even more so than his Alan Jackson duet on Five O'clock Somewhere his other big hit.  In the video intro below he mentions Come Monday as being one of his 2.4 hits so I'm guessing that that means Wasted Away in Margaritaville is the .4 of his calculations.  Not sure about that though.)

P.S. As he states in the video Jimmy is still married to Jane.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Find Out What You Want and What You Need!

Whenever I do my fearless inventory, which may or not be Step 4 related,   I can say that I've been very fortunate to have known quite a few angels in my lifetime.  I am talking about those folks who have looked over and taken care of me at troublesome times when I truly needed a lift.   

Those past experiences have made me even more appreciative of the angels who are still in my life and still providing me lifts whenever I need them.  I am very blessed having these angels circling around and looking over me.  

Here is a great DMB tune and performance with Brenda White-King, Cindy Mizelle and Tawatha Agee as the angels supporting Dave. Don't we all need some angels in our lives?

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Buzzy Hosts Motorcycle Gang

Found this 1979 letter to the editor of the St. Mary's Beacon from Gerry Sword the Head of Pt. Lookout State Park:
Mr. Sword was responding to an article that ran in a previous edition of the Beacon that implied the Phantoms had stayed at the State Park. Obviously, he felt that putting the blame on Buzzy for hosting the biker dudes was worth pointing out to the general public(He does mention at the end of his letter that there had not been any confrontations between the bikers and visitors to the Park.)  Here is an excerpt from the initial Beacon article that got his attention.
I recall Buzzy telling me how he did get some push back from folks about allowing the bikers to use the property.  He said he told the Phantoms that as long as they cleaned the place up when they left he didn't mind them using it.  (That they also came into the Store and made a couple of purchases while they were camping out there also factored into his decision to allow them access to the property.)

Note that the Scotland/Scotland Beach property cited is now the Confederate Memorial.  My Mom, who got the property when she and Buzzy divorced, sold it to the Sons of the Confederacy in 2003.  Here are some photos taken the day the property was transferred from Mom to them.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Tall Timbers Tavern

Mike Hewitt purchased Tall Timbers Tavern a couple years ago and has since posted several videos of it on Facebook. I tried figuring out how to copy and upload those videos here on the Buzzyblog but had to settle for just posting the links listed below.

I can still hear Joe Drury playing the sax to this tune back when Bobby Wright, Mike Nelson, Robby Hall and I were trying to pretend we were a rock n roll band - Bobby Banana and the Bunch.  I don't want to ruin this tune for you but the original version, a radio show intro,  had lyrics "Top tunes, news and weather, so glad we can get together on the Tom Shannon show, KB radio, KB Radio."   The Rocking Rebels asked songwriter Tom Shannon if they could cover the tune  as an instrumental and the rest is history.  They managed to sell over a million copies of this bad boy.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ridge Carnival - Go and Be Happy

This weekend is your last chance to catch the Ridge Carnival:
Bobby McFerrin hit it big with his Don't Worry Be Happy tune that was Grammy's Record of the Year in 1989. However, Bobby chose not to capitalize and follow up on that success and soon became one of the biggest of one hit wonders (click here for story and video of DWBH.)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Really Fatal Day

As a followup to yesterday's Twofer about being tempted "by the fruit of another," today marks a special day in the history of adultery.   It was on this date in 1987 that the movie Fatal Attraction premiered (click here.)  Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, it remains probably the most famous movie about why dudes should never ever be unfaithful to their wives.

If you have seen the movie you know that it ends with the dude's wife shooting his would-be mistress.  (I recall one critic at the time commenting "The wife should have shot the husband.")

Here is a bit of trivia that you may not have known.  The original ending of the movie had the Glenn Close mistress character killing herself and with the husband, Michael Douglas' finger prints on the knife, it looked like he had killed her and hence would be imprisoned for her death.

However, when the movie was test run for viewing by audiences before its official release, the audiences hated that ending so much that the movie producers decided to re-film the ending.  Suicide wasn't good enough, as the audiences wanted to see the mistress kill-killed.  So the movie's ending was re filmed to have the husband's wife killing the mistress.  As discussed here in this video, Close was not too happy that the original ending was scraped (click here.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Twofer Tuesday Tempted

Recall when Jimmy Carter got raked over the coals for his admission that he had lusted in his heart many times? (Click here to refresh your memory of this so called scandal.)  Given the "just-grab-em-by-the-pussy" days that we now live in, all that hoopla over Jimmy's comment seems kinda dumb now doesn't it?

I caught Marty Stuart performing this awhile back when he opened for Steve Miller at Wolf Trap. Great song, nice video. Never did find out who the tempter in the video was however.

Squeeze still has the all time best song on this subject.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Scotland Bound

I think I can safely say that I am the only non-resident of Scotland, Maryland who goes there every single day of the week.  Even the mail delivery/UPS personnel who make their daily rounds to and thru Scotland, get a day or two off each week.

I mention all this because starting tomorrow the Scotland I will be travelling to is the other Scotland, the one "over there."    Pam has booked us a tour of Scotland UK versus Scotland, Maryland.    

Having grown up in Scotland, Maryland and now owning Buzzy's Country Store in its downtown, guess that I should go over there and check our namesake out.   How Scotland, Md. got its name is explained as follows:

While I'm off on my roots tour, t
hanks to the wonders of Blogger I have some posts for you queued up in the Buzzy pipeline so keep coming back.  Lord willing, I will too in a couple weeks providing that Loch Ness bubba doesn't get me first.

Big Country was one of the bigger Scottish bands back in the day.  Sadly, their lead singer Steuart  Adamson committed suicide in 2001.  (Sure makes the lyrics in the following video (1:03) sound ominously prophetic -  "You can't stay here when your every single hope you had shattered.")  Aside from that bleak assessment though it's still a rather upbeat kinda tune.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Football Sunday and Grown Up Jesus, Teenage Jesus, Bearded Jesus, or Whoever You Want

A prayer for today the first football Sunday of the new season:
Still, nothing could ever top the original scene featuring the best mealtime blessing ever said :

Saturday, September 7, 2019

First Five Photos

Strolling back thru my photo files here on this laptop that I purchased in 2007, I landed upon the first five photos/items stored chronologically.

Appropriately enough, the very first one shown was the following of me and my brown eyed girl getting married by my Cousin Joe White in January 2007.

Jan 2007
Next in the hopper was this logo that I was thinking about using as my Buzzy's Country Store decal.  It was designed by Molly Hewitt:
Jan 2008
(Note:  I decided not to go with this one as my Buzzy logo and opted instead for the more colorful one (see Blog header above) that Molly came up with.)

The third photo in the file was this 2009 one of my daughter Ryan and Barbara Demko on a beach in Hawaii.
 Feb 2009
The photo file then jumped to 2010 and these two photos from that year's car show:
Brian and Sharon

Linda and Bart's Cobra 
It got me wondering whatever happened to all of the 2008 and 2009 photos that I took.  Turns out that in some kind of today-I'll-get-organized-frame-of-mind I began creating folders and storing my photos alphabetically e.g. Car Show 2009.    By trying to get more organized, I only made things less so. 

For no good reason, other than I am preparing to visit Scotland (over there) next week, here is a great 80's tune from the Scottish group Simple Minds:

Friday, September 6, 2019

From Brooklyn to Ridge

My buddy Joe Norris recently traveled to Brooklyn, New York to participate in an annual commemoration of Maryland troops holding off the British forces during a Revolutionary battle.  Thanks to the Maryland boys, it enabled General Washington and his troops to escape.  

Due to the Maryland troops fighting as hard as they did, they earned the nickname the Old Line.  Roberta Reeves (whom some of us of a certain age know as Bobbi Nelson) was one of the organizers of the annual event and talked Joe into performing at the ceremony.

The link to the Bayweekly story is here (click here.)  It not only details Joe's trip to New York but also how Roberta was with Tom as he was in Hospice care and finished composing the Old Line song.  To hear Tom performing the song (click here.)

Joe will be playing some tunes this Saturday night at Sunset Cove starting at 7 pm.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Chuck's Duck Walk

On 8 September 1955 Chuck Berry performed his famous Duck Walk for the very first time.  Did you ever hear how and why he did it?  Proving once again that necessity really is the mother of invention, Chuck did the walk because his suit was wrinkled and he was trying to hide it!
He duck walks at the 1:34 mark here and check out the crowd's reaction when he does so.

Buzzy Note: I had stumbled upon this wrinkly little bit of trivia some time ago and had it stashed away in the Buzzyblog cooler to pass along to you on the 8th of September.  However, I found myself looking around for something to say today and was too lazy to do much else.  Thus, I'm a couple days early with this.  Catch you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Black Man on a Bike

Morgan Driving a Bike and Not Miss Daisy
Last week in Minneapolis Brady and I took the tram from the airport to downtown where we were staying.  The tram was crowded with Vikings fans on their way to the afternoon game at the US Bank Stadium.  They all got off the tram at the stadium stop leaving just Brady, me and a black guy with a bike left on the tram.  (And no the black guy was not Morgan Freeman as shown above.)

As we pulled out of the station, the black guy looked back at us and asked sorta accusatorily "What's the matter, you never seen a black guy with a bike before?"  It caught me by surprise and I started to  reply "Of course I have, and it always makes me feel sorry for the person you stole it from."

However I kept quiet and let Brady respond by asking him what kind of bike it was.  That led to a conversation that continued to the next stop.  The guy then took his bike and got off.  Brady and I just looked at each other and asked "What was that all about?"

It reminded me of an old joke about some guy with a new bike and his friend asking him where he got it from.  The bike guy said "I was walking home yesterday when this beautiful woman rode up to me on this bike.  She threw the bike to the ground, took off all of her clothes and told me "Take what you want!"

His friend nodded approvingly and said "Good choice.  The clothes probably wouldn't have fit you."  

Mind you, I didn't say it was a good joke only that it was an old one.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Joe for President!

Hey, it's about time someone from the rock and roll walk of life entered the political arena right?  (Sonny Bono doesn't count!)  

Of course I'm not talking about some dude from Illinois by the same name.  I'm talking the REAL Joe Walsh, the rock and roll wild man who first hit the big time with the James Gang and then took the Eagles from being very good to very great when he joined up with them in 1975.  Joe definitely lived the rock and roll life of sex and drugs as documented here (click here .)  There is also this good interview with him (click here.)

As for rock stars turned politicos, it's a short list of folks who have tried it.  Only a few have ever managed to successfully make the transition (click here.)

Since it's Twofer Tuesday, thought I'd serve up an early Joe tune for you and then throw in one from his later Eagles tunes.

Rocky Mountain Way is one of a handful of tunes that when I turn up the volume for it in Buzzy's Country Store heads immediately begin to nod along with the beat.  (Cocaine, Smoke on the Water, Sweet Home Alabama are couple others that also make folks react.)  I always love hearing the "Bases are loaded and Casey's at bat" line.

On the other end of the rock spectrum, Joe's Eagles' tune In the City is a softer, gentler tune. The harmonies in this song make my case that the Eagles were the best rock band of harmonizers including the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  (This is subjective of course as the following "Best of" list ranks the Eagles at #7 below the two B's that I just cited (click here.)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Peggy's Pier

Peggy Binzel (Scotland Yards) recently purchased Scheible's Fishing Center and is currently renovating it to become Pier 450.  (Any guesses as to how the name originated?  There is a clue in the above logo.  Answer below.)  As with all her projects, Peggy will do a great job restoring Scheible's as a fun and enjoyable destination place to be.

Here are some recent FB posts on the effort:

Here is the website link (click here.)  Facebook link is here.
(OK, does that mean Pier 1 has a very short one?!)

Sunday, September 1, 2019

St, Peter Claver Labor Day Fest

Today South County, St Peter Claver holds their annual Pre-Labor Day Fest.  Dinner, car show and music make for  a fun time.  Drop in if you can.
For your Sunday-skip-Church-watch-a-video religious fix, here is a brief description of St. Peter Claver and how his ministry impacted so many people. I confess though, I feel a little clueless about St. PC because I had just assumed that he was black.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

September Birthdays

Goodbye August, hello September.  Based on the Latin word "septem," seven, September in the old Roman calendar was the seventh month.  The zodiac signs for September include Virgo and Libra.  They end and start somewhere around the autumnal equinox which can fall anywhere from the 21st to the 24th.  
 (For an explanation of why this date moves around like it does click here.) 

Birthday-wise in the Buzzy family we've got Duncan Lepper celebrating his on 5 September.  On the 6th  El-Chucko Mettam and Pat Woodburn celebrate theirs;  Jim Gray on the 8th.  David "Clutch" Raley on 9/11;  my niece Amy Hofmeister Mathews on the 14th; Paul White the 15th; Joe Cullison celebrates on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley celebrate  theirs' on the 25th.  And to conclude a  very busy birthday month, Joan Bean celebrates her day on the 27th.

September Song was written in 1938 for the Broadway show Knickerbocker Holiday.  Frank's version of it  (below) is probably the most famous.  However, did you know that a verse was dropped from the original tune?  The character in the play had a peg leg which explains him singing: "I have lost one tooth and I walk a little lame, I haven't got time for the waiting game."  Given my post-new-hip doo dahs, I can relate to that as I limp my way thru my September years.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Get Out!

Labor Day weekend and with it the unofficial end of summer. But there are still lots of summery things to do this weekend such as the following:

South County at Sunset Cove you can dine and listen to tunes from Paradox:
Then again if all you want to do is kick back and relax on a front porch with your family and some friends, you know where you can do that too. 
Robbie Boothe's latest is a nice little tune with this nice video accompanying it. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Art of Making Moments Matter

Ran across this very nice article in the Southern Maryland This Is Living Magazine written by Ruddy Duck's Lisa Kelly.  
Lisa's St. George's Island restaurant continues to be one of my favorites to recommend to tourists and visitors to Buzzy's Country Store when they ask for recommendations where to eat.  Folks who are staying in one of Peggy's rentals for a couple of days or more often go to Courtney's or Sunset Cove and then are looking for other recommendations in the area.  I always tell them that the Ruddy Duck on St. George's Island is a great experience not only food wise but also for the fantastic views of the water.

As for Lisa's article, she tells a great story about a graduation party she once hosted.  Here's an excerpt:

Lots of songs about mirrors but this one from Elvis Costello is one of the more thought provoking ones ever recorded.  It starts out as a love song of sorts but then soon devolves into I don't know what with lyrics such as "a butterfly feeding on a dead monkey's hand."  Who knows what the hell he's talking/singing about?  That said, I confess however, that I've know a lady or two who have had similar "mirror issues."  Video contains some cool images of folks looking into a mirror.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mascots Are a Wonderful Thing



While attending the 2 ball games in Minnesota this past Saturday I viewed the team mascots Viktor and TC Bear in a different light based on a discussion I had heard earlier in the week on the Michael Smerconish show.  

Smerconish interviewed a guest about the Philly Phanatic possibly becoming a free agent due to some copyright/trademark issues over who actually "owns" the mascot.  It's too convoluted for me to try and explain here but suffice it to say that it boils down to what else - money.   The case also involves some legalese differentiations between copyright and trademark material.  (If you want to try and understand the whole background and issues surrounding this  click here.)

But s
ay that the Phanatic does indeed become a free agent, perhaps I will make a bid to secure him as the Buzzy Phanatic.  Can't you just see him entertaining everyone by cutting donuts and burning tires out in the Store parking lot?   
The Future Buzzy Phanatic?
In musical circles, one of the bigger plagiarism lawsuit settlements ever involved Michael Bolton and the Isley Brothers.  The dispute was over Love is a Wonderful Thing (click here and be sure to scroll down and read the listeners comments about the case to get some idea as to whether or not Bolton did rip the Isleys off.)  If you want to compare the two songs, here is Bolton's tune.  I wonder if he had just shortened his song's title to "Wonderful Thing" would he have still been found guilty of nicking the tune from the Isleys? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

"Two" For Tuesday

This past Saturday, Brady and I made a whirlwind visit to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to catch two ball games.  I say whirlwind because we left out of BWI Saturday morning, arrived just in time in MSP to catch the Vikings play the Cardinals in an afternoon football game.  Then later that evening we saw the Twins play the Tigers.  

Sunday morning, after a couple hours sleep, we caught a 6 a.m. flight to return to BWI.  Sunday afternoon I was back at Buzzy's Country Store stocking the beer case and cleaning the bathroom.  

While we stayed less than 24 hours in MSP, we managed to see two ball games at two different stadiums.  Hey, it's only rock and roll but I like it right?
Brady at the Bank
Target Field
The ball parks were two very different parks.  US Bank is a ultra-modern, state of the art stadium with all the bells and whistles.  Target Field on the other hand is what is termed a retro ball park that tries to maintain an intimate environment while incorporating part of its surroundings into its design (click here.)  (Think Camden Yards and the warehouse.)

While at the Twins game we enjoyed talking with an usher named Dave about different stadiums that we had been to.  Dave informed us that he had done his Master's Thesis on stadium architectural design, and discussed how Camden Yards impacted all ball parks built after it.  

He noted that the architectural firm HOK (now Populous who also designed Target) received all the credit and notoriety for coming up with the Camden Yards retro ball park design.  However, it was a young lady who was responsible for first suggesting it to the HOK folks.  I found this article documenting what Dave said and learned that Janet Marie Smith introduced HOK to the idea of making Camden a retro ball park  ((click here.)  Proves again I guess, that behind every great idea there is usually a woman who doesn't get the credit for it!

Little trivia for you - in 2012 Tim McGraw and Kenney Chesney played the first concert to be held at Target Field (click here.)