This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump Was Right?

Below is a video that provides another look at Hawaii and how it came to be our 50th state. 

In an early morning moment of semi-consciousness, I started trying to draw a similar comparison between St. Mary's County and how the Navy impacted us and our lifestyles.  However, somewhere into my second cup of coffee, I ran out of steam and had to give it up.  Randy Newman sums it up better than I could.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wendi/Windy - It's All Up in the Air

And Money
I am not sure where I land on the whole Russia-Trump thing as suddenly it has become a partisan issue.  (I know, isn't everything nowadays?) 

Libs want a full bore investigation and ask why 10 days before the election FBI boss Comey felt compelled to note that they were re- investigating Hillary's email stuff but he never mentioned that they were also looking into Trump's Russia connections.  Conversely, folks on the Right think it's all much ado about nothing and want to move on. 

Like most things political, I'm somewhere in the middle on this one.  However, there is one factor in the whole Trump/Russia thing that does make me stop and ask "Now what's up with that?"

Something I have not seen too much mention made of involves Ivanka and her BFF Wendi Deng.  Supposedly it was Wendi who introduced Ivanka to her future husband Jared.  Also, Ivanka and Wendi are such close friends that they vacationed together last year.  So what you say?  Who is Wendi Deng?  Well, read the inscription on the last photo here.
That she went from Fox News owner Murdoch to Russia's Prime Minister Putin, it can be safely said that Wendi sure does get around (click here. Of course in those circles, women, like money, go round and round.

I am not implying that there is anything untoward nor criminal going on here, but as Bruce said "Sooner or later it all comes down to money."  Too, as they say in the mystery novels "Politics sure makes for some strange bedfellows" (or gals) doesn't it?

Good excuse to play this from the Association.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Country Clubs

Here is a look at an old country store/bar that used to be around - The Country Club in Valley Lee (below.)
I'm betting that most of you do not recognize it as The Country Club, run by Gough Tippett, but when I say the following you will - The Pink Elephant operated by Hilda Mowery.  It was located in Valley Lee right on the corner adjacent to the Valley Lee Firehouse.

Regarding The Country Club, Frankie Tippett had a couple of posts on You Know You Are From St. Mary's as follows:
Frankie then talks about Gough running the Country Club.

Several folks commented with memories and stories of The Country Club.
Here is a little bit of trivia for you - how was the country club in the movie Caddyshack related to St. Mary's County?  Watch the following video closely and you will see (00:36 mark:)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Scotland General Store - Connecticut

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland,_Connecticut

A visitor to Buzzy's Country Store the other day from Rhode Island informed me that there is a place in Connecticut named Scotland and that it too has a small general store similar to Buzzy's. I did the Google thing and found the following:
 I also found the following note on a Facebook page

Hope my visitor wasn't casing Buzzy's just to come back and rob us later. 

Just joking, my visitor was the Coach of a sailing team that is currently staying at St. Mary's College.  Gives me the excuse to play this multi-Grammy winning tune from 1980.  (To learn what Christopher Cross has been up to click here.  He has a new Grandson named Sailor.  Who would ever have thought?)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump Two Months In

Today marks two months into the Trump era and I got to say that I don't think he's done all that bad a job.  Seriously.  (With a tip of the hat to Swoop.)

 I do not feel this way because of what Trump has done, which is very little other than run his mouth and stir up a pile  of stupid crap, but because of what he has not done.
First off, any Cabinet of his that did not include the likes of Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich nor Sarah Palin in it, I think is a pretty good cabinet.   Early on, after the election, it looked like all of those has beens and never was'es were in line to play some sort of role on the DT team and that truly scared me.  (Although Sarah as Department of Ed Secretary would have been fun.)  By ignoring all of them, in effect the Don fired them before he hired them. So give him credit for that even if he's still got nitwit Kellyanne hanging around.  (Wonder what the over/under is on her being put out to pasture?  Six months maybe?)

A second thing that Trump has not done that I give him credit for is not propose any legislation.  Granted he has signed some Executive Orders and has produced a half baked budget, but other than that - nada.  No jobs bill, no tax cut bill, no infrastructure bill.  Maybe a little less tweeting and little more attention to what he promised to do would result in some results.  As is, Trump's been all talk.  But that's ok.

Bottom line, I think he does know what he's doing.  The Donald is a business-minded dude.  (And I say this even if he did declare bankruptcy 6 times (click here.) 

But being at least semi-business smart, the Don knows full well that the economy is improving and doing fairly well on its own, that crime and unemployment are way down and in general things are not as bad as his Make America Great Again spiel made it appear to be.   So him doing nothing is a good thing.  Just keep him golfing, tweeting and going to Mar-a-Wherever and we'll all be fine.  

                                                                    (click here.)
As for his healthcare efforts, at least the issue is being examined and discussed on how to improve it.   (Trump himself acknowledged the other day that it's a complicated issue.  Gee,  never knew that.)  Like most things Trumpian though, I doubt that anything comes of it, but at least we're looking at and discussing it.  At some point in the process, I'm hoping that the Art of the Deal side of him kicks in and he can herd his kittens into making healthcare reform what he said it would be - bigger and better than before.  You go Donnie.   As he said about the black folks - we got nothing to lose.

So I am cautiously hopeful that the Trumpster will not be the bull in a china closet disaster some said he would be.   Then again, Myth Busters disproved that saying as follows:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hey Joe, Who Wrote You?

Today the Church recognizes and honors St. Joseph.  You probably won't hear squat about it because Joe is the Rodney Dangerfield of saints in that he doesn't get any respect.  For example, just read about the history of his feast day and you will see how the Church's recognition of poor Joe has gone from top to bottom in its classification of holy days  (click here.) 

When Joe Salvo comes into Buzzy's Country Store I always greet him with "Hey Joe."    Whenever I do so, someone else will automatically chime in "Where you going with that gun in your hand?")  

As to the authorship of the original song though,  there is a lot of confusion about how it came to be (click here.)  I had always assumed that Jimi just covered some old blues version of the tune. 

However, turns out that there is a lot of confusion as to who really did write the song with theories ranging from an ex girl friend (click here) to a friend in jail who coincidently lived with the girlfriend.  (No, he wasn't in jail for shooting her.) 

You know Jimi's version but here for you is Tim Rose doing it.  Supposedly this was Jimi's inspiration for covering the song (click here.)   As you will hear, Jimi skipped the first verse where Joe is asked "where you going with that money in your hand."  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ars Artis (Or Something Like That)

Today in 1990 saw the theft of over $500 million in art paintings from a Boston museum:
Conclusion - up that reward offer some and they may get some nibbles.

While Mom was in St. Mary's Hospital and later on the Chesapeake Nursing Home, I would have to leave the room whenever the nurses and staff came in to change her or help her go the bathroom.  Thus, I spent a lot of time in the hall studying the paintings on the wall outside her room.  Fortunately for me they were nice paintings.  This first one was in St. Mary's Hospital:
Swings by Maurice Pendergast
This Monet was outside her nursing home room:

When I get a chance I am going to write the Hospital and Nursing Home and suggest that they get some Mary Lou Troutman's on their walls such as this one:
Nice little video here featuring the song Return by Jennifer Goodenberger.  Warning - it will relax and may even put you to sleep:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Moving on St. Patrick's Day

March 79 and Yes I Had a Pea Green VW Van
I moved to Piney Point on a Saturday 17 March 1979 and for some crazy reason decided to get the new place off to a good start by having have a St. Paddy's Day party later that evening.  Not good planning even for a Ridge boy, but any excuse for a party right?
Some of My Move Crew - Jerry Taylor, John Garner, Larry Crum, Pat Browne
The going in theory was that we would move everything during the day, get semi-settled and then party thru the evening.  Somewhere along the line day turned into evening, we never got settled and next thing you know there is a house full of folks and the party is on. 

But it was all good because my family and friends, most of whom had helped me move during the day, were all there and we had a good time until I went to turn on the furnace.
Bill Raftery, Pat Browne, Larry Crum, Me (Pissed)
This photo above says it all as to how I felt at the time.  Moments before I had turned on the furnace and I remember Buzzy coming up to me and saying "You better turn that furnace off because I smell fuel oil."  Everyone else smelt it too.  (Turns out that the furnace had a crack in the firewall and couldn't be used.  I wasn't aware of this problem because the house electricity had only been turned on the day before and I wasnt able to check everything out before settlement.  It was the first time I heard the term Caveat Emptor.)  

But, as stated, it was all good.  There were so many people in the place that body heat alone along with some booze kept everyone comfortable.  It was a great party and first night in the Point.

Eventually we got settled and the realtor made good on the furnace repair/replacement and thirty eight years later I'm still here.  Some year in the future I may just have to have another St. Patrick's Day party only this time one that does not involve a move.  And speaking of moving.....

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rock n Roll Girls

I smile a little every time I hear the song Wild Weekend.  When Bobby Wright, Robby Hall, Joe Drury, Mike Nelson and I were in a band back in high school we used to play the hell out of Wild Weekend.  There weren't too many songs back then that we nailed but, thanks mostly to Joe's saxophone playing, we played a pretty decent version of Wild Weekend and accordingly, we played it alot.
Here is the original by the Rebels.

I was reminded of all this when reading John Fogerty's Fortunate Son memoir where he talks about Wild Weekend as the inspiration for his Rock and Roll Girls:

Rock and Roll Girls is a song off of Fogerty's Centerfield album on which he played all of the instruments by overdubbing all of the parts.  Also on that album is Old Man Down the Road the one that got him sued by his former record producer who owned the rights to Run Thru the Jungle and claimed that Fogerty plagiarized it.  The case was eventually decided by the Supreme Court (click here.) 

Another song off Centerfield that also sparked a lawsuit was Fogerty's Zantz Kant Danz (but he'll steal your money.)  Found this video and can't understand why Zaentz thought it was about him. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Recall my post about Dylan referencing Alicia Keys and some folks saying that he came across as a dirty old man (click here?) Well, not that I am trying emulate or keep up with Bob, but here is my testimony as a dirty-old-man-fixating-on-a-PYT.

The other night I watched an old episode of Elementary that featured a hot femme fatale whom I vaguely recognized. Here is a quick excerpt from that episode:
I couldn't place where I'd seen her until IMDB solved it for me.  She played Anne Boleyn in The Tudors which I recently caught on Netflix.

She is Natalie Dormer and while I didn't see it, she was also in the HBO series Game of Thrones and the Hunger Games.  She will be in an upcoming movie The Professor and the Madman starring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. 
Blond, British actresses don't usually move me but there's something about this lady that I like.  I may just have to invite her to visit Buzzy's Country Store sometime. Now I am sounding like a dirty old man.
Here too is another Natalie, easy on the eyes and the ears.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two for Tuesday Featuring Robbie Boothe and Frank

Local boy.  Pretty good too.  Some of the landscape scenes look familiar.
For some reason (the beat up Chevy truck reference maybe) it reminded me a little of this old C.W. McCall song/video:

Monday, March 13, 2017

Buzzycare - Pt. 1

OK, it took my Republican friends several years to come up with a half-assed healthcare plan (the Affordable Hair Act?) so I figured why not take several minutes here and propose the Buzzy Health Care plan. 

First off, the Buzzycare Plan is a lesson in keeping things simple.  However, Buzzycare doesn't have anything simplicity-wise when it comes to the plan that was rolled out last week by the Republicans.  Paul Ryan sums it up here it in a nutshell - with key emphasis on the words NUTS and HELL:

Jokes aside, I submit then the Buzzycare plan for your consideration:  

Number one, implement universal, single-payer health care.  This is the simplest, easiest solution there is but one that surprisingly only President Trump on the right has been unafraid to endorse.  It's time has come.

Trump says a lot and it's tough to tell what he does and doesn't believe in, but it is a given that the primary way to affect healthcare costs is to get the insurance boys out of the middle of the process.  As long as insurance interests are steering the ship, health care will always be about the Benjamin's and not about the quality of healthcare. 

Single payer means that the insurance boys will go away except for your secondary coverage as they do now for those on Medicare.  Get the insurance parasites out of the system, and costs will immediately go down and go down substantially.  (For more info on single payer click here.) 

Secondly, as Trump has also suggested, have the Government hold the pharmaceutical industry more responsible for their costs.  Single payer will give the Government even more leverage in negotiating those deals with the drug industry folks.  That alone would help reduce costs considerably.  Re:  all those costly T-V ads that the industry currently throws at you to "ask your doctor about...." who do you think is paying for them?  You are every time you buy a product or a prescription of theirs.

Third in the Buzzycare plan, either scale back or get rid of completely all of the duplicative VA hospitals.  Allow all Veterans free healthcare and let them go to any hospital or health care provider of their choice.  (A move in this direction has begun recently with the 2014 Veterans Choice Program  allowing veterans to seek treatment within their community (click here.)  Ironically however, some Veterans groups oppose this trend because they think it is weakening the VA healthcare system currently in place (click here.)  I know it sounds counter intuitive to say "Improve VA care by getting rid of the VA hospitals" but why have duplicate and very costly healthcare systems if one would suffice?)

So there you have it - the simplified Buzzy Healthcare Plan.  Of course you could always go back to Buzzy's solution for any problem which was "Drink, drink, drink."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Softball Team Sponsors

Someone on Facebook posted the following photo of a shirt depicting Bars of St. Mary's that sponsored softball teams:
It is a pretty good collection of bars and I'm happy to note that most of them are still around.  From South County, we have Seaside View and the American Legion represented. 

While Buzzy's Country Store was not listed in this compilation, a little known fact is that at one time Buzzy sponsored the Ridge American Legion ball team.  Here are a couple photos John Carbone took last summer of Jimmy Yeatman wearing one of the old uniforms from back when Buzzy was the American Legion sponsor.  Jimmy's explanation was that the Legion at the time could not afford the uniforms and Buzzy being a Legionnaire became the ball team's sponsor.

In the 70's Buzzy was also the first sponsor of the Strugglers.  Later, the Struggler sponsorship expanded to include Triangle Motors and Jack's Shack.  Somewhere along the line Jack's Shack became the sole sponsor and Buzzy retired from the softball sponsorship business.

Speaking of bars, here's a video from Jason Aldean:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wanna Go Home

Mom and Reagan Christmas 2016
My Mom is home and for the moment the world is right.  For the past 2 weeks since she went into the hospital and then the nursing home, her mantra has been "I just want to go home."  Well, home it is as yesterday she was discharged from Chesapeake Shores and is now BTR (back to Ridge.) 

Donna and I picked her up in the morning and got her situated back in her home shortly afterwards.  Mom was content and maybe even happy for the first time since her fall.  Jo Jo and Pat came to visit her and we all had some chicken soup that Lila had simmering in the crock pot.  (Whoever invented the crock pot (Irving Naxon) needs to be recognized more because that's one great device is it not?)

I was looking for some old country music song where "I wanna go home" is sung over and over (click here) when I stumbled upon this Johnny Cash cover that surprised me.  I'm not the biggest JC fan but this isn't bad.  I may even play it later for Mom.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Dog or Pear?

As I travel to and from Ridge on a daily basis it's always nice at this time of year to scan the tress, shrubs and flowers as they start to bloom.  Yesterday, I found myself checking out all of the blooming trees and it dawned on me that I couldn't differentiate a Bradford Pear tree from a Dogwood tree. 

Home, I asked my wife Pam what the difference was and she immediately replied "Bradfords look like a pear and grow up; dogwoods are shorter and grow out.  Bradfords are bigger and taller.  Dogwoods shorter and wide.  Plus their leaves are different."

After doing that internet search on the difference between the two trees, I learned that Pam had pretty much nailed it.  Check out this discussion  (click here.)
Van knew all about the beauty of a tree.  (Do wonder if he could tell a Redwood from a Sequoia though (click here.))

This is on my path to and from home. Free drink to those of you can say where it is. Clue - it's on 235.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Badass Papa Smurf

I call it the Badass Papa Smurf video.  You know the one I'm talking about where the old dude named Tom Bruso in a blue T-shirt beats the hell out of a younger black guy while they are on a bus.  The video, originally filmed in 2010, has now had over several million viewings and gets reposted quite frequently on someone's Facebook.  It even has its own Wikipedia entry (click here.)
The Wiki article provides background info as well as updates on individuals involved in the fracas.  As Wiki also notes there are several YouTube parody and followup videos if you can't get enough of this throw down.  I've included one here that interviews Mr. Bruso and also has a parody song about the event.  With all of Mr. Bruso's skills and notoriety it's a wonder that Trump didn't make him Secretary of Defense.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Old Bay Country Store

My Mom is currently in Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home doing a rehab for her broken ankle and foot.  The other day I took her for a tour of the place.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Old Bay Country Store that Chesapeake has recently opened up.  It is currently run by a resident of the home Don Buckler shown below with Mom.

As I got to talking with Don, I informed him that he and I had a lot in common because we both managed country stores.  When he asked me which store and I told him Buzzy's Country Store he lit up and said "I have a picture of my Dad drunk on the front porch of your dad's Store."  I told him that I would love to see the photo and sure enough, a few days later Don gave me this copy below.  He had no problems with me posting it here on the Buzzyblog.

Don and Mom in the Old Bay Country Store
Couple observations about the photo.  The old wooden porch floor is shown.  It was eventually removed and replaced with concrete flooring.  The open door to the right of the photo was to a storage room that was eventually removed.  On the entry wall to the store are the signs "Hunting License Sold Here" and Notary Public."  These are the signs that Mary Lou Troutman included in her painting.  Although the signs, the doors and the flooring shown in the photo are long gone, the post that Mr. Buckler is clinging to is still there.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All That Jazz

I was a little disappointed in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his criticisms of the movie La La Land (click here)  because I have always respected him as a class act.  However, his negative take on La La Land and his reasons why came across to me as being more Al Sharptonesque than accurate. 

Kareem's chief complaint is that the white boy in La La Land is portrayed as the jazz purist while the black dude is portrayed as the musical sell out.  The black guy is trying to make music that the masses will enjoy vs. for the select few so called "purists." Kareem didn't feel that the black dude should have been portrayed as the "sellout." (click here for entire article Kareem wrote.)

Seems that music in general has always had these sort of feuds between the purists and the populists.   Remember when Dylan went electric at the Newport Folk Festival and the folk-music-loving crowd booed him for it?

Jazz in particular has always had this semi-snotty divide.  If a smooth jazz listener confesses to a jazz purist that he/she listens to and enjoys "smooth jazz" the purist will scoff and back away.  

When it comes to jazz music, I too prefer the smooth stuff over the traditional jazz.  Listening to the traditional jazz tunes, I find myself agreeing with a couple of the commentators  to Kareem's article:
From http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/
Speaking of smooth jazz here is a nice tune and video from Boney James:

Monday, March 6, 2017


Speaking of Governor Hogan, I was glad to see him declare emergency status for the opioid problem (click here.)  Nationally,  it seems that our politicos are doing their best Nero impersonations by talking about what the Russians did or didn't do, building walls, dismantling Obamacare, destroying ISIS etc. while the opioid epidemic consumes the country.   Maybe some of that proposed $54 billion for increased defense spending could be earmarked to fight this very REAL problem.  As is, it doesn't seem like the epidemic is getting much attention despite headlines like the following:
Locally in the County we have a methadone clinic in Callaway located behind the old Hewitts Lumber Store (click here.)  Early one morning Pam and I were heading up the road and I left my truck at the Weis Store there in Callaway.  As we left I saw two scrawny little white boys in hoodies hanging out in front of the Store.  Because they looked a little sketchy, I called Terri , who works at Weis and covers Thursday nights for me at Buzzy's Country Store and asked her to keep an eye on them and my truck.  Terri said, "You don't have to worry. They're just waiting for the STS bus because they've been over to the drug clinic and now they are heading back home."  I guess that's a good thing that we have a clinic to do that.  But still it seems like a band aid solution to a major problem.  Here's what Ray had to say about it:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hogan One Year Later

It's been one year since Governor Hogan visited Buzzy's Country Store (click here) to announce plans to widen the road to Pt. Lookout.  As best I can tell, it looks like it's still in the 3 year mix.
My son Shea may have had the best comment about the project when he observed "You're only talking about one mile of road.  Why has it taken so long to do it?"  

I remember going to a briefing by a State Road official who began by saying "Remember, we are like the wine producer who does nothing before its time."  He was referring to the  Paul Masson commercial made famous by Orson Welles and even more famous when the very drunk Orson outtakes were subsequently released:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Buzzy Behind the Door

At Chesapeake Nursing Home with Mom, I visited the area where they have posted the plaques of folks who have been selected into their Hall of Fame.  Buzzy was inducted when he was a resident there in 2008.  (I've discussed this in a couple of previous posts (click here) (click here.))

When I found his plaque, I was a little disappointed because it is situated on a wall concealed mostly behind a door that is kept permanently open.  My first thought was "I got to say something to someone to get him relocated to a more visible spot."

But then I recalled Bart once telling me that he did not particularly like the photo of Buzzy on that plaque.  (I had a copy of the plaque up on a wall in the Store.)  Bart told me "That's not the Buzzy I remember.  He doesn't look like himself in that picture."  Bart then walked over to the Buzzy photo on the Store chimney and said "This is the Buzzy I remember - has his hat on and is smiling like he doesn't give a shit.  That's the Buzzy I remember."

Per Bart's input, the Hall of Fame Buzzy plaque will remain where it is at Chesapeake Nursing Home behind the door.  As for my copy at the Store I have long since taken it down and stashed it in a corner.

With all my talking about a door, this video seems appropriate:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Different Song Same Sentiment

In his book, John Fogerty writes about songs being so bad that they are good.  He used 96 Tears as an example when he stated:  "That song is one of those oddities - it's awful and it's really cool.  It held both positions!  What an awesome song!"

I always liked 96 Tears and never for a moment considered it anything but a great tune.  However, I do know what John was getting at regarding songs that are so bad that they are good because just the other day I stumbled upon a tune that I always had similar thoughts about. 

I arrived at the Store where my first official act is to turn on the XM.  Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was playing.  The tune is about 6 minutes long and that's about the time it takes me to unlock the front door, turn on the lights, sweep the floor and load the beer case, my second thru fourth official acts. 

As I putzed around doing my routine, Freddie did the "I see a little silhouette of a man....." portion of the song and I thought to myself "Man, I hate this song, change the channel."   However, I was on the other side of the Store from the radio so I let it play.  Plus, I knew that the best part of the song - the tempo change - was coming up.

So I continued to listen until the final verse and started on my 5th official act of opening and that is to take out the trash.  On the way to the dumpster I was humming "will not let me go, let me go, let me go..."  I thought to myself "Damn, that will be in my head for the rest of the day. I KNEW I should have changed the channel."  Too, that's when it dawned on me that I felt the same way about Rhapsody that Fogerty felt about 96 Tears,

Here for your listening pleasure then is a song that I hate but simultaneously like.
The break that I like is at the 4:15 mark.)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today my daughter Ryan celebrates one of those milestone birthdays - so here is a big Happy Birthday wish to her!  Love you and wish I could be there to help you celebrate.  

Her sister Reagan is flying from San Diego, where she is doing an internship, to Honolulu to help Ryan celebrate her big day.  Before Mom's mishap I too was thinking about making a surprise visit to also help her celebrate.  (In case you were wondering what Ryan is posing next to above, here is my pose in front of the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki.)

When it comes to making plans however, I noted the other day how Man Plans and God Laughs.  It got me wondering about the origins of that saying.  Turns out it stems from a Yiddish proverb.  Also, I learned that it was the title of an album by rap group Public Enemy (click here)
The title song is your typical rap crap that is tough to listen to for more than a few seconds.  However, there is also this cut off that album that's actually pretty good for a rap song.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Buzzy March Birthdays

Birthday-wise in the Buzzy family we celebrate right from the start on 2 March when my daughter Ryan celebrates hers.  Joining Ryan are Rich Brewer and Dick Edwards who also celebrate on the 2nd.  Sheryl (Hall) McKinnon celebrates on the 4th, Tommy Salvo the 7th.  My nephew Michael Hofmeister on the 8th, and Bob Mann also on the 8th, Wendy Dean the 10th, Kevin Adkins 14th, Terri Yates on the 16th and Stevie Pratt on the 31st.  

John Fogerty - Fortunate Son

Sitting around the hospital here with Mom, I read John Fogerty's Fortunate Son memoir.  Early on he discusses growing up with his 4 brothers in El Cerrito, California and how his parents took them on vacation each summer.  

"Some of my happiest memories are of Putah Creek.  It was a wild creek up near Winters, in Northern California - "going to Winters," my family called it, and every summer we went..... Putah was a picturesque, slow-moving little creek.  We stayed in a small cabin....Once in a while my dad would go with us into the actual town of Winters.  There was a little grocery store owned by this one family that owned the liquor store and the gas station too.  My dad would give me a dime or a nickel to get a soda, usually a Nehi Orange.  Or a cream soda. Or lemon lime.  Boy I looked forward to Putah Creek."

Putah Creek would become the inspiration for Fogerty's Green River which I have mentioned previously (click here.)

Countless times in Buzzy's Country Store people will tell me something similar about a country store that they remember from their childhoods.  Many times some of the folks are returnees to the Store who tell stories of when they were young kids camping with their folks at Pt. Lookout.
Several years ago when Buzzy was still around, I was in the Store and a camper from Pt. Lookout came in with his young daughter.  As he entered the Store and saw Buzzy behind the counter, the camper said to his daughter "See honey, the old man is still here just like he was when I was a kid your age and used to come in here when we were camping."  

Got to play this after mentioning it.  (The line "if you get lost, come on home to Green River" (1:50 mark) always makes me feel a little better.)