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Monday, April 24, 2017

So True

Whenever it is foggy outside I hear a little meow somewhere in my head.  And that's a tribute to this little ditty because I don't particularly like cats.
From http://www.americanpoems.com/poets/carlsandburg/12702
Foghat anyone?  You know their big hits such as Fool For the City, I Just Want to Make Love to You, Drivin' Wheel and Slow Ride.  However, the following tune of theirs was always the most relevant one to me just because of the line "rock and roll sure helped me thru:"

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mac Gets Knifed

The other day someone in Buzzy's Country Store blamed Obama for allowing North Korea's Jong-un to become the nuclear nut job that he is.  (What doesn't Obama get blamed for?)  Someone else pointed out that it was actually President Truman who stopped General MacArthur from invading  North Korea and that he (Truman) is to blame since the same crazy Jong family has been in power ever since.

From my hazy memory of some American History class, I recalled some kind of kerfuffle between Truman and MacArthur which led to Mac's downfall but wasn't quite sure of the details.  I thought that because MacArthur had disagreed with Truman about attacking North Korea that that was why Truman fired him.  I was semi-correct but as always there was more to the story. This from Wikipedia:
Thus, it was info first gleaned from intelligence sources that ultimately led to MacArthur's being fired. 

A few weeks after being sacked, MacArthur addressed the Joint Session of Congress on 19 April and gave his "old soldiers never die" speech (To skip the lead in stuff, go the 7:00 mark in the video for the famous line:)

Try as I did, I could not locate anything that connected Buddy Holly's 1957 recording to MacArthur's famous quote.  Would have been cool though.

P.S. We currently have close to 30,000 Servicemen in South Korea.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sister and Earth Day

Earth Day and as I have previously mentioned, I always think of my Great Aunt Sister Agnes Norris.  Here is my blogpost about it.
Above is a copy of something the Enterprise published following her death in 1990.  Also in the Enterprise archives I found this interview with her conducted in 1984.  Excerpt follows but for full interview (click here.)

Marvin's take on it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Caption This

I like those Caption This contests you see in magazines such as The New Yorker where folks send in various captions for a cartoon or a photo.  Here is a sample:
That crossed my mind when I saw Stephanie's Facebook photo of son Shea looking out at the waters in Maui and his sister Ryan commented "Well, it's not the Potomac but it'll do."
I was thinking something along the lines "Don't see any crab pots."

Or "Damn, I shouldn't have drunk all that beer."

When I showed the photo to my sister Donna Jean, she suggested this quote:
Took me to just maybe my favorite Van tune:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Introducing - Blaise Scott Ridgell

I interrupt my mural musings to introduce to you my Grandson Blaise Ridgell who made his appearance at approximately 5:00 this morning. 

Cute right?  His Mom Caitie is doing well and getting some well earned rest.  His dad Brady is staying there with them in St. Mary's Hospital and the three of them are very content.  Life is good. 

The Carl Sandburg quote comes to mind:  "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on."

This Elton/Bernie song is set to a pretty nice video of and about childbirth.  The intro is a little overdone but the following song, photos and the remarks at the end of the video are all very good.  Enjoy.

And yes, Blaise will be buying his birthday round at Buzzy's later today. Come by and have one on him. (On his Grandpa really but in Blaise's honor nonetheless.)  May well be the first authentic BIRTHday round bought at Buzzy's.

Sign of the Whale Mural

Couple of Buzzyblog followers have mentioned to me the mural that was once on the side of the Sign of the Whale Liquor Store.  I found this Enterprise article on it that also includes a photo of the mural (click here.)  The following are excerpts from the article:

Click on Link Above For Rest of Article

The mural is no longer on the side of the Sign of the Whale.  Hoping to find a better photo of the mural,   I am in the process of trying to contact Bruce Frazier who painted it.   He is located in Prince Frederick and has a studio there (click here.)

Since Bruce included Jackson in his mural, here is a tune from him:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bean Mural

From Leonardtown's overly busy mural (yesterday's post) today let's look at one I see everyday as I travel down to Buzzy's Country Store: the mural on Joan and Chris Axtell's workshop behind their St. Mary's City house. It features Joan's Dad William Edward Bean and her Grandfather Stephen Edward Bean. Joey Porter painted it a few months back.    

Here is a photo of Joan posing next to her Dad and Joan's Aunt Frances Titus next to her's.
Nothing against the Leonardtown Mural but I like this one a little more.

Since we're talking about farmers daughters, check out this song/video:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Leonardtown Mural

The Leonardtown Mural is located on the side of the building adjacent to the Bank of America building.  The mural is a composite of several scenes and stories as described in the following account:

Also found this Enterprise article that discusses the history of the Leonardtown mural.  Most of the accounts of the mural spend a lot of time discussing Congressman Harris' arrest but I would like to have heard more about the gentleman in the buggy (left side of mural.)  Anyone know?

Anytime I am in Leonardtown, this song runs through my head:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Wisteria Mural?

Here is a nice little surprise I stumbled upon.  I am preparing a "Mural Post" wherein I want to show photos of and discuss various murals that are around the County.  The one that Joey Porter did for Joan and Chris got me wondering about other murals in the County and I began my quest by Binging "St. Mary's County Murals Photos."  I landed on this link (click here.)   If you scroll down a little you will see my 2015 Wisteria Photo included in the sample photos.

How or why this photo was included in this mural link is a mystery to me.  However, given the quality of some of the other photos included in the link, I'm a little sorry that they used this one as it is a clip from a video and not very good quality-wise.  (You can't even read the Buzzy sign and I think that's what pisses me the most!)

But back to my mural investigations, if you know of any murals that have caught your eye in your travels around the County, let me know so I can include them here on the Buzzyblog.  

As for internet info that I have learned of, there was recently a contest for a mural to be painted on the new Navy Air Museum (click here.)  Here is the winning entry.
Not Bad But Could Use a Little Color Don't You Think?
Also, I found this 2001 Washington Post article that mentions several murals in the County (click here.)  Gonna check these out and get to you.  Stay tuned.

No murals but lots of scenic backdrops in this Forever Country tribute video.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Misheard Lyrics

And for Easter I am going to discuss Led Zeppelin's Livin' Lovin' Maid.  Go to Church if you want a spiritual fix.

And "fix" is where I start.

Playing the tune yesterday got me thinking about the opening lyrics, or what I thought were the lyrics - "with a purple umbrella and a fix in hand."  Turns out that "fix in hand" is really "a 50 cent hat."  That English accent strikes again. 

And after consulting the lyrics, I then discover that I have also misheard "going round town in a beige Cadillac."  Bear in mind, that I have probably listened to this song a couple thousand times, at least, and never once have I thought about the "beige Cadillac" reference until yesterday.  But it made wonder about it because I don't think that I have ever seen a beige Cadillac.   And guess what?  I was correct to question it because I discover that Plant is actually singing an "aged Cadillac." 

In my defense though, I had everything else lyric-wise in the song pretty much sussed out correctly.  Guess it's kind of tough to not hear "better lay your money down" correctly.

Livin' Lovin' always makes me think of a trip I once made to New York City.  I had just checked into the hotel in Manhattan when the radio played what the DJ referred to as a "Zep Set," featuring several Zeppelin songs back to back.  In the most exciting city in the world with a million things to do, I stayed in the room until the set finished.  To this day, every time I hear Livin' Lovin' Maid I think of that moment. 

If not a beige Cadillac, at least everybody's heard of a pink one:

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Speaking of transitions (previous post) with Steph and Shea marrying, Caitie and Brady expecting baby Blaise at the end of the month and both my daughters Ryan and Reagan considering new jobs, it got me thinking of life's various transitional moments. 

Transitions can either be good ones such as those examples I just mentioned or bad ones.  The good ones are often referred to as life-affirming events.  The bad ones are those shit storms of life that come your way every so often.    You know, something bad and unexpected like falling and breaking your hip.  (Don't know why that example came to my mind!)  Life changing events such as death, divorce or loss of a job are other examples of transitions that you'd just as soon not have to deal with.  But, deal you must.

Shrinks love transitions because they make a lot of money off of folks dealing with life changing events (click here.)  When doing transitions, all things are in a state of flux as comfortable routines are shattered and life is just a little tougher than it needs to be.  When you find yourself in a transitional moment, you pretty much have no options other than to keep on keeping on and just go though it.  But if you persevere and toughen it out, you will get through it.  

In yesterday's post I mentioned Deep Purple's Tokyo Woman rock song as one with a great transition in it.  This set me to thinking about other examples.   Here are a couple of my favorites - CSNY's Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Light My Fire, In the Air Tonight and the entire Side 2 of Abbey Road.  (Note that there are two sub-categories here - transitions within the same song and transitions to another song entirely.) 

For me, the all time best rock transition song belongs to Led Zeppelin with the switch at the 4:14 mark in the video below when they go from Heartbreaker to Livin Lovin Maid.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Signs of Something

Bill Mitchell sent me this photo of the sign at the Chicken Scratch shop next to the Green Door.  They did not have any problem renting that apartment did they?

Reminded me that I haven't done any posts lately on funny signs so here are some things that have caught my eye.
These examples were sent to me by Joan A.

Not sure where this one originated nor if it is genuine:
But I do know where the following sign is.  (Hint - it is not far from Bill's Chicken Scratch photo.)  Free drink to anyone who identifies where it is.
Photo by Shawn Ridgell
I was looking for what I thought was a Deep Purple song that said something about signs but I came up empty.  Well, maybe not completely empty because I did land on this classic of theirs' featuring some very attractive Japanese ladies.  (And the rock transition point at the 3:35 mark is about as good as it gets.)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thoughts on Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday always brings to my mind something that I have said on more than one occasion when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane "Lord, let this cup pass from me."  Being selfish and wanting God to make my problems go away, I would oftentimes invoke this part of Jesus' quote while omitting the second part where Jesus went on to say "Let not my will, but yours be done." 

This in turn leads me to recalling a conversation I had with my Cousin Father John years ago.   I asked him about the line in the Eucharistic Prayer said at Mass during the Consecration -  "Before He was given up to death, a death that He freely accepted, He took bread....."  I noted to John that based on Jesus' Holy Thursday meltdown in the Garden, Jesus did not freely accept that He had to die.  John disagreed and said that I was ignoring the second part of the quote where Jesus did accept His fate by telling God that He would do what needed to be done.  Jesus wrestled with it but ultimately He did freely accept it. 

However, John went on to explain to me that in my own way I had stumbled upon a bigger issue.  He noted that there was much discussion in theological circles about Jesus and His quotes during His agony in the garden.  Given that Jesus, the ultimate example of being bipolar,  was both human and divine, the discussion about His actions in the Garden involves theologians trying to reconcile the two states and why Jesus was so conflicted.  (To get a better idea of this discussion that John was referring to click here.)

Speaking of two things that go together but don't make much sense when they do, here is a Christian rap artist for you.  Not bad either.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Damage Control

When I was working on Base I attended a seminar on Risk Management which was essentially a Communications 101 class.  Our instructor discussed how to handle sticky conversations where you were the conveyor of bad news or you were trying to manage a bad situation.  He even had a formula for such circumstances that went - Empathy, Clarification, Turn the Corner.

He explained the process as follows.  First, express empathy as in "I feel your pain."  Then, try to give your side of the story.  Finally, turn the corner by saying it will never happen again. 

Thus, I had to smile when I saw the following and immediately recognized the formula in action.  .
I think that the "re-accommodate" phrase was the flash point for this overall comment because everyone hearing or reading the CEO's statement recognized it as genuine bullshit.  (The CEO has since issued two more statements and thus it continues to be a big story.  As I have noted in the past, I can always tell when a story has reached critical mass because just about everyone coming into Buzzy's Country Store will have a comment on it.)

The other three part approach to damage control came from something I once read about one of Bill Clinton's advisors who maintained "Three day news cycle."  The advisor stated that most scandals or bad stories would run 3 days if you handled them correctly.  The goal was to get the story off the front page as quickly as possible and move on.  By trying to downplay or mislead about the story (think Catholic Church and the priest pedophile scandal)  you allow it to become an even bigger matter.  P.S. Clinton ignored the advisor's advice by issuing the "I did not have sex" line and we all know where the story went from there. 

The advisor's approach for dealing with a brewing scandal or crisis was to acknowledge that it happened by putting everything out there and honestly answering all questions about it.  By Day Three the media will have moved onto something else and if the matter ever comes up again you simply say "I've already addressed that."   Watch how this United story will continue to play out for the next couple of days and then go away.

George Clooney's Up in the Air movie did a good job showing how the main character dealt with adverse conversations.  Following video gives you an idea of how Clooney's character managed it versus how his younger partner did not:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sitting With Mom on the Porch

Nice little unexpected treat for me yesterday just sort of happened.  

My sister Donna brought Mom down to Buzzy's Country Store just as the Four O'clock Club was rolling in.  Too, my Monday evening relief Anna showed up to relieve me from having to do counter duty.  (In my mind, I always think of it as "Pay me duty" which was Buzzy's catch phrase when he was stationed behind the counter.)

Very rarely do I get to sit out on the porch and just relax like so many of my Buzzy friends and visitors do when the weather is nice.  And never have I sat out there enjoying it with my Mom.  So it was a special moment.

My thanks to Janet Whitt for taking the following pic.
"Life is good when it's front porch sitting time."

Monday, April 10, 2017

He Got His Dream Girl

At Stephanie and Shea's wedding Saturday, Best Man Brady summed things up very well in his toast when he noted that "Shea got his dream girl." 

And it was a dream wedding.  Stephanie and her bridesmaids were all very stunning and even Shea and his groomsmen looked good in their tuxes.

Father Paul Nguyen did a nice job performing the ceremony which was held at St. George's Catholic Church.
Three Ridgells and A Swann

Reagan Doing a Reading

Shea Being Congratulated by Raymond McNeal (Photo by Michele Nelson)
Their reception was held at nearby Mt. Olive where Donna and Danny O'Connor have converted their horse barn into an events facility.  Don't let the "horse barn" fool you, it's a great event site.   These photo's will give you some idea of how nice a facility it is.
Gary, Marion and Ed Being Introduced

Emma, Shawn and Lily Entering
Bridal Party Applauding Steph and Shea Entering
And did I say Party?  Well, yes it was.  Even my Mom, recovering from her broken ankle, got in on the action:
Mom and Regi On Dance Floor
Here are a couple other photo's.
Jennifer, Emma and Steph (Photo by Cathy Wright)

Ed and Lily

Dancing the Night Away
All in all it was a great affair.  Hats off to everyone who helped out and in particular to Stephanie and Shea for having such a great wedding.  Everything was very well organized.  The food and drinks were great.  And everyone had a good time.

As a former wedding photographer I have attended close to 300 some weddings in my time.   Having said that, this was one of the nicest weddings that I have ever witnessed.  Of course I am being a little biased here when I say this; but it won't be the first time I've ever been accused of being biased.

Shea told me that the DJ had asked him if playing Frank Sintara as an entry song for Pam and me would be ok.  Shea very wisely said "No, Dad doesn't do Frank." 

Instead of Frank, and thankfully so, the DJ played Celebration as our entry song. I would have preferred "It's Only Rock and Roll" but Celebration was not bad either.  Anything but Frank.  How old did that DJ think I am anyway?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

HoF Induction Ceremony

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 induction ceremony was held this past Friday night (click here.)  I hate to sound like an old fart but the only inductee that really moved me in this year's group was Pearl Jam.  The others are just so so imho. 

Journey, Rush and ELO were all ok as inductees but Joan Baez and Tupac were NOT rock and rollers.  As one of the commentators noted - it seems that the Hall of Fame Induction committee seeks to avoid criticism in its PC selections of one female and one rapper each year regardless of whether or not they truly belong in the HoF. 

Little know fact - Pearl Jam's biggest hit song Last Kiss was one that they didn't make any money off of because it was part of a benefit for Kosovar Relief Fund (click here.)

(Guilty pleasure confession time though, I do own Journey's Greatest Hits' CD.)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Opening Day

My apologies for not doing anything on baseball's opening day this past week.  With the Orioles and the Nationals both hosting home openers,  it was a great afternoon for fans like me to catch both games back to back on T-V.  And in both games our guys won.  That's a good day.

Baseball's opening day always makes me think of my Cousin Father John Ridgell who was not a sports-minded person at all.  And yet I once heard him give a wonderful sermon comparing opening day to Christ rising from the dead and giving us new life. He noted how on opening day we start over for the season ahead. Hopes are high and everything is possible on opening day. 

After Mass I complimented John on his remarks.  I told him that he sounded a little like baseball writer Tom Boswell who wrote the book titled Why Time Begins on Opening Day.

On opening day this past week I received this photo thru my phone with the message "Tailgating in a No Parking Zone at the Nationals season opener with beer and koozies from Buzzy's Country Store."
Left to right - Joe, Jeff, Gene, Dick and Robert
Robert had been in Buzzy's Saturday night buying a couple cases of beer and koozies for Monday's game. Thank you Robert for the business and the photo.

Going thru some old photo's I found this one below of Shea, Brady and Reagan when we did a baseball trip up the East Coast hitting 4 games in 4 days. This one was at Shea Stadium which is now Citifield Ball Park.
Mentioning Shea, he marries Stephanie today - now that's an opening day!  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria and China

Syria first bombs their own people so we respond by bombing them some more.  Go figure.

(Speaking of figures, each Tomahawk missile costs approximately $800,000, which means that the 60 or so bombs we let fly on them ran about $48 million (click here.)  Chump change right?  What if instead of bombing them, we had earmarked that $48 million in humanitarian foreign aid for the Syrian people instead?  Just a thought.)

With the Chinese President here visiting President Trump, I found this GDP ranking below to be a little bit of an eye opener.  All the talk of Russia and how, according to our President Trump, we need to have a better relationship with them, check out where Russia ranks in a listing of countries based on their GDP's.  (Note that South Korea ranks higher than Russia.)  Then check out China's ranking.  Think we ought to be working on that Chinese relationship a little more so good luck Donnie with all the wining and dining this weekend at Mar-a-Largo.

Also, note that the U.S. at Number 1 comprises 25% of the world's total GDP.  Combine that with the next 4 on the list, the EU, China, Japan and Germany's GDPs and you see that we five represent over 70% of the world's total GDP.  (Not sure if Germany's was doubled counted in the EU's but still you get my drift.)
I had just seen a clip of President Trump dining last night with the Chinese President when a few minutes later the breaking news disclosed the bombing of Syria per Trump's orders.  Reminded me of this West Wing scene where President Bartlett ordered the assassination of a foreign official while he and his staff attended a play.   (I think one of the Godfather movies had a similar scene but I was unable to locate it.)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Say, It Isn't So!

OK, fill in the blank "Beam me up _______!" 

If, like me, you said "Scotty" well, like me, you are incorrect.  As is the case with Bogart's "Play it again Sam" and "Me Tarzan, you Jane," "Beam Me Up, Scotty" is another of those lines that were never actually said (click here.)  "Beam me up Mr. Scott" is the correct saying.  (I know, again like me you find this tough to believe, and you are now going to spend the next 10 minutes Googling the hell out of it but trust me.)

Several folks attributed this to something called the Mandela Effect as in a belief in things that aren't correct.  The term originates from the popular belief that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80's when he actually died in 2013 several years after he was released from jail. 

The Mandela Effect has been in the news a lot of late as it has been mentioned in conjunction with President Trump's approach to things.  (Google "Trump Mandela Effect" and you'll see what I mean.)

For me, I never fell for the Mandela-is-dead rumor because of my previous attempt to hear him speak to a Joint Congress (click here.)  

However, I did have a conversation awhile back with a young lady who clearly exemplified the Mandela Effect.  Several years younger than me, she grew up near Buzzy's Country Store and was good friends with my younger sister Lila.  Awhile back she was in Buzzy's Country Store and as we reminisced, she recounted an incident wherein she and Lila saw me smoking out back in one of the sheds, informed Buzzy and he in turn whipped my butt.  "You were so mad at us" she said as I tried to tell her that it just wasn't true.  "I never smoked as a kid.  You're probably thinking of my brother Stevie."  But no matter how much I denied the story and tried to correct her, she was adamant that it was me and that I got a whipping for it.  (Buzzy used to use either his belt or a peach tree limb to discipline us, so I can recall pretty much every instance when that went down and me smoking was not one of those instances.)

As she left the Store, I just shook my head at how she believed so firmly, but so wrongly, what she believed.  Mandela Effect or not.  

Nice little Tracy Chapman song and video on the subject:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Audubon (For the Birds)

Speaking of Kentucky (from a previous post,) I recently watched a video on John Audubon and it was in Kentucky that he decided he wanted to become a bird artist after owning a general store.  He became interested in birds at the young age of 18 when he migrated from France to Mill Grove, Pa..  However, it was in Kentucky where he really began his career.  

He and his wife Lucy landed in Louisville in 1807.  There Audubon was a partner in a general store until 1810 when he relocated to Henderson, Ky. 
During this time while running the store with his business partner Ferdinand Rozier, Audubon would take walks in the woods and observe his feathered friends.  This is discussed at the 6:40 mark in the video below.

After selling his interests in the store to Rozier, Audubon spent his next years travelling all over the U.S. drawing the Birds of America. He eventually settled in New York on the Hudson where he died in 1927.

Audubon also spent a lot time in London where he found a market for his drawings.  Seems appropriate that I lay this Byrds' video on you.  It was supposedly a drug song but the members of the Byrds maintained that it was about their plane trip to London (click here.)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Last Text While Driving

Here's a question for you - given the choice, which would you rather not encounter as you drive down the road - a driver who is drunk or a driver who is texting?  The overwhelming answer I get when I ask folks this in Buzzy's Country Store is "The texter because at least the drunk driver is trying to watch where he's going."

I heard a report that pedestrian deaths rose 11% last year (approx. 6,000 compared to drunk driver- related deaths of 10,000) due to the increase in texting both by the car drivers and the pedestrians not paying attention.  Won't be long before the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will have to shift their focus and become MADAT - Mothers Against Driving and Texting.)

Here's my narrow miss texting story that has made me a non-texter while driving.

I was driving home one afternoon and had just entered the mile long straight stretch of road below Tall Timbers.  I did not see any cars ahead of nor behind me.  Thinking all was clear, I decided to text something to someone.  Of course I was looking down when I felt my vehicle start veering to the right and off the road.  I looked up just in time and there I was over on the shoulder and now bearing down on a pedestrian whom I had not seen when I did my initial scan of what was ahead.  

Fortunately for me, and the pedestrian, he was a couple feet over on the shoulder and I swerved left just in time to miss him - barely.  I may have even grazed his hand as I went by trying to get back on the road.  In my rear view mirror I saw him with eyes wide open and raising his arms as of to say "WTF?!"  Can't say as I blame him.  (Brought up my oft stated need for a universal sign of "I'm sorry."  Kind of an anti-finger where you tell the person you offended that you are sorry.)

So, after that close call (text?) I learned my lesson and accordingly, I do not text while driving.

Don't wanna leave you on a down note.  Count on Tom to always bring you up:

Monday, April 3, 2017

Good News!

The famous Rabbit Hash General Store in Kentucky reopened this past Saturday.  It was destroyed by a fire over a year ago but neighbors and friends pitched in to rebuild it.

Reminded me of Buzzy's fire in 1983.  Thanks to the efforts of our local Fire Department folks who responded so quickly and extinguished the fire and folks such as Pete Peterson and Duncan Lepper who patched and repaired the fire damage, Buzzy's was open the very next day. (To read entire story click on link below.)
I have discussed Rabbit Hash General Store in several previous posts and have viewed several videos about the place. However, it wasn't until I viewed this one that I learned that at one time the store was owned and operated by a Wilson and a Riddell.
Makes me wonder if that isn't a fluky coincidence since spelling-wise Riddell and Ridgell are very close.  The County had that Kentucky connection where several families relocated from St. Mary's to Kentucky so maybe there's a relative in the woodpile somewhere.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oh, Carole

In a previous post, back when Kate was readying to marry Prince William, I posted something along the lines of how I thought her Mom Carole was hotter than Kate (click here.)

Well, along comes daughter Number 2 Pippa who is fixin' to tie the knot next month.  She, like sister Kate, is also a very attractive young lady no doubt.
However, for me, Momma Carole is still getting it done:

Good reason to play this classic Chuck song:
P.S. Memorial funeral service for Chuck has been set for next Sunday April 9th (click here.)