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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Notre Ugly

To all of my Buzzyblog followers from Ridge, you may want to skip today because not only do I take a shot at Paris' Notre Dame Church but I am also about to say something semi-blasephmous about Ridge's St. Michael's Church.  Consider yourselves forewarned.

First, Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris)  which I just visited again on my recent trip to France.  With very sincere hopes that I am not sounding too much like the Trumpster himself here, I have come to the conclusion that this is one very ugly lady both inside and out. 

And I don't come to this conclusion about Notre Dame lightly.  After having to spend hours and hours of my formative years looking at St. Michael's Church while ensconced in the adjacent school, I know very well what an ugly church looks like. 

I made my First Holy Communion at St. Michael's, was Confirmed there, did every First Friday Mass there for 8 school years, and sat thru far too many funerals there for St. Michael's not to mean something special to me.  

Interior-wise St. Michael's is very nice and just may be one of my favorite churches because of that.  It is spacious and bright, has great stained glass windows and there is an overall warm feel to it that I get whenever I walk in.  Feels like home literally.

It is exterior-wise that I just can't look at St. Mike's too long because all I can think about is that it looks more like a barn than it does a church.
The burgundy red, or whatever color that is supposed to be, paint doesn't help to change this barn look either; and it only reinforces this opinion for me.  What kind of color is barn red for a church anyhow?  Has anybody ever thought to paint that bad boy maybe a lighter, better color? 

I guess, to be kind, we could say that it is wine colored but still, it looks to me like a mash up of an 84 Lumber Building and a Big Barn Furniture Store with a bell tower smacked on its front.  

But back to where I started regarding Paris' Notre Ugly.  I have now visited it several times and try as I may to be objective knowing that Gothic architecture doesn't do much for me, I still think ND tries too hard to be cool and has just way too much of everything.  Simple is good and more is better, but Notre Dame is way, way too much over the top for me.  For instance, whereas as most churches only have one bell tower, Notre Dame has two making it's front entry look more like a football goal post than a cathedral.  
As Viewed From Montparnasse Tower
In addition to the two bell towers, all the sculpted figures, ugly gargoyles and flying buttresses adorning Notre Dame make it look more like a whore house prison than a place of worship.  And although the Catholic Church still pretends that it is a place of worship it isn't because once you wander inside with the hundreds of other pushing and shoving tourists, you suddenly realize that this place may just be what hell is like.
Buzzy and Tour Group Sizing Up Notre Dame From the Outside 
Inside Notre Dame, after waiting in a long line with a bunch of other idiot tourists, you will find that, unlike St. Michael's, Notre Dame gets drastically worse.  It is dark and dreary and as you plod along in the dark tripping over the hundreds of other tourists , it feels more like a stroll thru a Halloween Blood Manor operation than it does a visit to a holy church.  I remember Buzzy saying as we wandered around inside "Looks like they could spend a little money and fix the old place up some."

One final note (maybe real final) in all likelihood my funeral will be held at St. Michael's some day.  Afterwards, I will be interred next door in the graveyard for eternity looking at the church  every day just as I did in my formative school years.  Full circle wouldn't you say?  No problem.  I just wish they'd paint old Mike another color. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World Series Begins Tonite

Heard someone on the radio yesterday citing how the world has changed since the Cubs last appeared in a World Series in 1945.  Obvious things that were not around in 1945 like the internet and PC's were cited but the narrator also mentioned other things that weren't around in 1945 like diet sodas, the hula hoop, international air travel, Alaska and Hawaii as official states and the NBA.  While I could not find the exact source for the radio account, I did land on a couple similar articles (click here) that discuss how things have changed since the Cubbies last made it  (click here)  

Seems everybody is on the Cubes bandwagon and sure enough they are heavy favorites to win it.  However, the Indians have very quietly taken care of their business without much ado and are a solid team.  Should be fun to see how each team handles the pressure of trying to change the perception of them as always being hapless losers.  I'm rooting for the Cubbies but if I were a betting man I'd have to take the Indians.  Let the games begin.

Here's a cool story how the movie Back to the Future writers predicted the Cubs to win the 2015 World Series.  So what if they were a year off!

However, don't forget that the Indians also had their movie moment featuring Charlie Sheen:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Don't Lose Your Head or Name For a Cause

With Halloween only a week away, how about an early walk on the dark side? 

While touring around Paris, I passed by  Dr. Joseph Guillotin's home and office area.  The tour guide mentioned that while it was true that THE guillotine was named after the good Doctor, he himself did not invent it.  Also, the guide noted that Dr. Guillotin was actually opposed to capital punishment and his reasoning for suggesting using the guillotine was hopefully a first step to eliminating its usage. 

By advocating for the height reducer, Dr. Guillotin was also trying to correct a class issue that saw poor people hung while richer, more upper class folks had their heads chopped off with an ax or a sword.  (His reasoning was that the beheading was a quicker and less painful death.  He saw the guillotine as a more humane way of killing folks.  After writing several articles about using the guillotine, his name became linked to it.) 

He then spent the rest of his life trying to undo the connection.  After his death, his family continued to try and have the name of the killing machine changed, but ultimately they gave up and legally changed their name(s.)  (If any of this interests you click here to learn more.)

It all sounds a little convoluted doesn't it?   However, while in France I heard more than once from various tour guides that things in France are very often "How you say in America - complicated."   The whole guillotine thing was a good example of that complicated dynamic.  For Dr. G, the lesson learned is - be careful what you oppose.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sunday, Ten Commandments Gibb's-style:
From http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364845/faq?ref_=tt_faq_2

Some of our politicians have obviously mastered Gibb's Rule #7 haven't they? But what I'm really curious about regarding NCIS, when the hell is Gibbs ever going to finish that boat and how does he plan on getting it out of his basement?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Remember Now......

COMDA is an advertising company that specializes in promotional items such as caps, pens, calendars etc..  So when I received their catalog package in the mail I glanced thru it to see what they had to offer.  Featured is a 2017 calendar titled Remember When..... and contains a number of old timey pics 

 The November entry (middle of bottom row above) depicted a country store that made me sit up and take notice.
See any similarities?   Made me say "Hey, I resemble that remark!"

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mary Alice Kemery

Died today at age 70 in 1995.  You may know her as Linda Goodman author of the book Love Signs.  She has an interesting biography (click here) on how she began her career as a DJ reading love letters followed by playing a song.  (And no, I did not steal from her that idea of using a song to tell a story.  Truth be told however,  I'm not sure who I did nick that idea from.)   

Following her DJ stint, Linda went on to become a writer and published Love Signs in 1978.  

In Love Signs Linda used astrology to help explain relationship compatibility.  I found this website that will give you an example of how this works (click here.)  The following came up on a couple that I just happened to know their signs and paired them up to see what was said.  (OK it was Pam (Taurus) and me (Aquarius:))

Now I ask you, how many other signs got their own song?

Thursday, October 20, 2016


In 1981 Bruce Nicol opened Nicoletti's Pizza Shop in Hickory Hills Shopping center  (click here.) Thanks to Bruce's hard work and now his son Ryan's, Nicolleti's has been gong strong ever since. 

Nicoletti's is the second longest tenured restaurant in the Lexington Park area. (Nikos in St. Mary's Square has been around since 1977 (click here for my related post on Nikos.)  Only Radio Shack in the Square has been around longer than has Nikos.) 

Quick aside here - check out this aerial photo (courtesy of Jason Babcock) of St. Mary's Square being built in 1973:
Not As Square As Its Name Would Suggest Is It? 
Back to Nicolletti's.  Managing to survive and stay competitive amidst all the fast food places that have cropped up like mushrooms all over the area, Nicolletti's has made it by giving people good food at a good price.  And after all these years and all the competition, their lunchtime buffet is still the best one around.  (That I now qualify for the Senior Citizen discount makes it an even better deal.)

I meet several friends there every Tuesday at 11:30 so drop by sometime and I'll buy you lunch - even if I got to pay the non-Senior rate.

Not too many pizza songs around but if you are curious about some of them  (click here.) 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good Lovin Good Bad

Speaking of Angelina and Brad (actually I wasn't but I thought that I would give them some much needed publicity here on the Buzzyblog) howz bout a Good Lovin Gone Bad post today? 

You know what I'm talking about - those relationships that at one time were wild and wonderful for awhile but ultimately went south forever.  You go from a state of mind where there is nothing that you wouldn't do for your partner to where there is nothing that you would do for him/her.  Meatloaf summed it up best in Dashboard Lights:

Awhile back in Buzzy's Country Store an older dude, who usually had a lady friend with him, came in, this time solo. I knew him well enough to comment about him traveling solo and he informed me that he and his lady friend had split up. As he said it he seemed a little down about it so I responded "Well you know the old saying - women come and women go." To which he replied, "Yeah but I like it better when I'm coming and they are going."  So much for him being despondent over their split up.

Music-wise there are thousands of such Good Lovin Gone Bad songs but this one here sort of captures it best:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ape Hangers Pt 2

Any mention of the bar Ape Hangers (previous post) always reminds me of a talk that a Jesuit priest gave at the Loyola Retreat House there in Faulkner, Maryland. 

He discussed how shortly after moving to Southern Maryland from Boston he was out exploring the area when he decided to stop in Ape Hangers to check it out.  He then informed us of how he is not even vaguely familiar with anything motorcycle-related.  In fact he didn't even know what the Ape Aanger reference was all about as he pulled into the parking lot.  He said it was mid day and there were a few motorcycles in the parking lot but he didn't think too much about it as he strolled into the place.  Once inside he realized "Oh my God, I am in a biker bar."

He continued describing how he was so not a motorcycle person to the point that he regarded them as annoying and noisy and their owners, with their bandanas and leather and jacket patches, as crazy stupid for owning one.   "Bottom line," he noted "I just don't get the whole motorcycle thing."   

"However," he continued, "I have learned through the years that just because I don't see the appeal of something, does not mean that there isn't something to it.  I may not see it but I am fully aware that there is something there.  This is what is known as faith."    

He then went on to relate a second story to show how faith enables us to believe in the unseen and the unknown and will get you where you need to be even if you are not sure about it.

He discussed how he had moved down to Faulkner the previous fall from Boston.  A city boy, this was his first experience at living in the country and being able to enjoy nature and rural living. 

So on his very first morning after moving here, he decided to walk to the retreat house from the priests' residence located a mile away.  The road to the retreat house is a hilly, winding road thru the woods and he enjoyed walking it in the bright morning sunlight.
However, later in the evening when he set out to return to his residence, the sun had gone down and by now the roadway was completely dark.  Once he turned the corner away from the retreat house parking lot lights, he found himself in total pitch black darkness without a clue as to how the road spilled out in front of him.  "I knew that the road was there but I couldn't see a thing."  So he very carefully and slowly began walking the road putting one foot in front of the other and correcting accordingly whenever he would begin to walk off of it.  He noted how it took him close to an hour to walk that one mile.  He said that he had faith that he could do it again, but the next day he packed a flashlight.  

He summed it up by saying that faith is like walking that dark road: you just have to trust that the road is there even though you can't see it.  If you trust and keep going, you will get to where you are trying to go.  It may be a slow trek thru darkness, but you will eventually get there. 

I couldn't find any video of the road into the retreat house there in Faulkner but this one below of the Jesuit retreat house in Ohio gives you some idea of what it's like.  (The Loyola Retreat House in Faulkner is one of the prettiest and nicest places that I have ever seen.  If you are ever up that way, drive back onto the property and check it out.  You can always go to Ape Hangers afterwards and have a beer.)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ape Hangers and Linda Lu??

In promoting his book, political analyst Bob Beckel discussed this story on the radio the other day.  I'm guessing that the Southern Maryland bar he references is Ape Hangers.  (Hey Bob, if you're reading this, how bout letting me know if I got that right or not.)
Only one song can accompany this story right?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Story Was Whatever Was the Song What It Was

Sundays, something semi-spiritual right?  Usually I try but today just enjoy this great song and  video and say a Hail Mary.  Whatever you do after that is up to you.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Talking Basketball

October 15 and I always think of Lefty and his creation of Midnight Madness.
Few weeks back, Paul Houley and Tommy Murphy were in Buzyy's Country Store when Keith Raley rolled in.  Keith and Tommy had not seen each other in several years and as they reminisced they discussed their St. Mike's basketball team that won the Parochiaal School championship that year (1967 or 68.)  Keith said goodbye, left but returned soon after with this team photo.
Team members were (back row left to right) - Kevin Clark, William Boyd and Robert Earl Radford, Donnie Hammett, Tommy Titus, Leroy Owens.  Front row - John Clark, Keith Raley, Tommy Rob Drury, Larry Messick, Francis Balta, Tommy Murphy and Arnold Sewell.

Video-wise, here is one for you of our very own Tubby Smith making a Midnight Madness entrance at Texas Tech a few years back when he was their head coach.  (Tubby is now head coach at the University of Memphis.)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Margreet MacLeod

Yeah, you have heard of her, just not by that name.   Try Mata Hari.
She was executed as a spy on 15 October in 1917.  For a fascinating recount of her life story (click here.)  There are several biographical videos on YouTube about her also.  Just from the little bit that I know about her, sounds like she would have fit right in at Buzzy's Country Store.  One thing's for sure, we would have definitely not shot her.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Music, Booze and Country Stores

Did someone say potpourri?  I like that word and not just because it has pot in it but because it means a little of this and a little of that.  Here are some things that recently caught my eye:
Note to Hunter:  Get What You Mean But I Have Tried This and IT DOES NOT WORK!
And then there is this insider story about Bacardi creating some waves in the liquor industry.  I had originally planned a full up post on this titled Rum Chatter.  However, like some off-Broadway productions, while I came up with a decent enough first act, I didn't really have a second or third to go with it.  Here then is Act 1 of Rum Chatter:

Bacardi recently made a major move in their distribution network by designating one central distributor throughout the U.S. vs. having several individual distributors.  Here is a good/funny interview on the subject (click here.)  The move has created quite a behind-the-scenes stir (pun intended) in the industry.  Adding even more intrigue and churn, there is this Washington Post article that talks to Bacardi marketing their Havana Club brand of rum (click here.)

Country-store wise, here is a Frankie Tippett entry from Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's FB page.
My initial title for this Potpourri Post was going to be Acid, Booze and Country Stores - ABC! I know this is a really bubble gum sucky song, but I always liked it in a train wreck kind of way:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hey Joe - Right On Not Wright On!

Forget all those great Greek philosophers who dissected and summed up life so well. I get my words of wisdom from pop songs.   For instance, how about this little profundity from Joe Jackson - you can't get what you want until you know what you want:

Speaking of the old guy philosophers, did you know that Socrates was not in favor of the written word when folks first started writing things down? Obviously not an early adopter, Soc thought that writing degraded verbal discussions and led to a coarsening of reasoned discussions about issues (click here.)  I guess when you have an entire teaching method named after you (Socratic method) you tend to get protective of your turf. 

However, were he still around today, Soc would probably be very pleased to know that schools are no longer teaching writing  (click here.)  Maybe the old boy was just way ahead of his time and knew what he was talking about after all.  That and he knew what he wanted!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sarah and Mark

I didn't recognize him when he walked into Buzzy's Country Store but he began by saying "I had my first beer here 20 years ago."  He then went onto say how he knew Brady and Shea and introduced himself.  Here is his FB account of his visit. 

When my Mom told Mark that she was a Raley before she married Buzzy he responded that his wife Sarah was also a Raley. It was then that I knew exactly who he was - Mark as in Sarah and Mark, the famous couple who got married in 2005 on the Today Shows' Hometown Marriage Special (click here.)
The Today Show organized it such that Sarah and Mark got married over on the Eastern Shore vs. having it here in the County.  I am going to see if they'd like to re-new their vows sometime in the future at Buzzy's!  Whether or not Matt Lauer and his cohorts participate doesn't matter because you know it will be a party at Buzzy's regardless who shows up.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Party Weekend at Buzzy's

Birthday Party weekend at Buzzy's Country Store.  Friday night Mark Dominiak celebrated his birthday.  Kayla McKay took this instant classic photo.
Duncan, Nancy, Mark, Clyde, Greg, David, Chris, LP Karen and Ned

Then on Saturday Charlie Simms celebrated his 90th birthday.  Again, a good time was had by all.

Jimmy, Bobby and Charlie Reacting to Something Brian Said (or Did)
Speaking of twosomes and birthdays, check this young duo out:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Big Picture

While the bug man was spraying around in Buzzy's Country Store the other day, I was relaxing in Jenn's apartment above the Store when this painting on her wall caught my eye.  Ironically, I remembered hanging it up for her awhile back but because I was so focused on the task at hand, I didn't bother to really look at it. 

The other day however, with the luxury of time on my hands, the painting took on new meaning for me.  I like the way the artist Daniel Pollera pulls you into the scene and you find yourself looking right at the middle of what he has directed your eye to.  He then highlights the water just enough and now you find yourself switching back and forth between the chairs and the highlights.  Pretty cool.
Pollera is a practitioner of a whole sub-category of art known as Beach Scene Art.  To check out some of Pollera's other stuff (click here.)  Samples are shown here:
And speaking of how I didn't really appreciate this until I stopped and gave it a good once over, click here and take this test.  

Turns out there is a term for this known as Inattentional blindnessNatalie Merchant even wrote a song about it.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Slant(s)

While on the subject of negative Chinese stereotypes (previous post,) the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) is set to review a case initiated by a band called the Slants.  The Slants had previously petitioned to have their name trademarked and were denied because the name was deemed offensive.  (The Redskins also tried to do this and were also turned down.)  A lower court has upheld the Slants' request on the basis of their First Amendment rights (click here if you want to read more discussion of it.) 

Should SCOTUS decide 4-4 on this matter, as they have done so a couple of times since Scalia passed away back in February, the lower court opinion will stand.   With Congress sitting on Judge Garland's nomination, these 4-4 deadlocks just prove that the Supreme Court is wasting its time reviewing such controversial  matters.  The betting is that when/if Hillary wins, Congress will select Garland as fast as they can for fear that she will nominate someone even more liberal.  From most opinion makers, Garland is considered to be a moderate. 

And since I have now wandered into the political briar patch here, I will go even a little further.  
Why is it that the First Amendment gets so much attention while our Second Amendment receives little to no scrutiny nor clarification?  Judicially, the First Amendment has been reviewed and examined numerous times (e.g. you can't yell fire in a crowded theater, there are seven words you can't say,  and "I know it when I see it" etc. (click here) while the Second Amendment has only had a handful of SCOTUS' cases (click here.)  

Bottom line, we like our guns a little too much to have had any real conversation about what makes sense regarding controlling them and their usage.  Seems that we'd rather talk about what we talk about than do anything about what we do or don't do.  

Here then is a suggestion - name assault weapons such as the AR-15 above something semi-offensive like The Slants.  Perhaps that would get them evaluated by SCOTUS.  Then again, it would probably just result in a 4-4 decision by the time they were done looking at it. 

One final note - I still haven't had any gun lovers give me one good reason why they think they need or should be allowed to posses an assault weapon like the AR-15. 

Here then are the Slants, currently a musical group but soon-to-be a gun. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

China Connection

I remember Buzzy telling me that one of the byproducts of travelling that he enjoyed was reading the world news section of the newspaper and seeing articles on places he had visited.  He noted that previously he would have skipped over the story but because he had visited the country, the article would now make more sense to him and therefore interest him more.   

I thought of him telling me that just now when I saw this churn over a video story that a reporter conducted in NYC's Chinatown (click here.)

Just last Sunday when we were in NYC, Pam and I had dinner in a Chinatown restaurant located on Mott Street.  Because our cab driver discharged us a couple blocks away from the restaurant, we had to negotiate our way down Mott Street to get to the restaurant.  (Lesson learned - before paying  the cab driver make sure you are at the location that you actually requested.) 

When looking at the video (below) I recognized several of the Mott Street locations that appear in the backgrounds of the interviews conducted.  Hence, I thought of Buzzy's take on post-travel news stories.

Although I don't really see what was so "bad" about it, the video has generated some controversy.  Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Reminded me too of Jagger being criticized for putting down Chinese women when he sang
Chinese girls are so gentle, they really are a tease. You never know quite what they are cooking Beneath those silky sleeves.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Walk Across America - With a Little Help From Some Ridge Boys

Jan Walker, Jason Bean, Warren and Jimmy
Good story by Jesse Yeatman in yesterday's Enterprise (click here) about a lady walking across America as a memorial to the 9/11 victims.  There is a South County role in her efforts in that Brother Warren Burke and Capt Jimmy Cullison helped assist her in getting across the Bay over to Crisfield.  To read a full description of how she met up with Jimmy and Warren and made her way across the Bay go to her FB site here and scroll down.  Here is an excerpt from her account:

As it turns out there is a listing of various folks who have walked across America and it makes for some interesting reading about them (click here.)  For instance a lady known as Peace Pilgrim walked across America for 28 years and died as she was doing it for the seventh time. 

Another person by the name of James Pierce did it before landing in Key West where he now dresses up as Darth Vader and plays a banjo in the street.  I found this video below and while I am not a 100% sure that it is Mr. Pierce, how many Darth Vader banjo players can there be in Key West?  I know, don't answer!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Not Quite Stardust But Close

Guess where I was this past Saturday?  Woodstock as in Woodstock, New York.  So what if I was only 47 years late for the concert, I made it right?  Actually, though I made it to Woodstock the town, I still haven't made it to Woodstock the concert site.  Here's the story.

Pam and I met up with some friends in Manhattan Thursday evening and the next day took the Hudson Valley train up to Hudson.  Noticing that Woodstock was only a short distance away we elected to rent a minivan and drive over to check it out on Saturday. 

By the time we got to Woodstock, we were..... disappointed to find that the concert site itself was in Bethel 67 miles southwest of Woodstock.  Since I was driving, I noted that doing the extra miles to see the actual site was not a problem.  Someone appropriately noted "Long ways to go just to see a marker in a field" which is really all there is to see there (click here.)  

Fields I see everyday, so reluctantly I agreed with the group consensus and drove away from Woodstock.  Pam took this photo of Philip and Ninan as I was doubled parked in the road.  Last thing I wanted was a traffic ticket in Woodstock. 

So put this one down as to what I call a "Mona Lisa Moment" where the anticipated/famous sight turns out to be less than what you were expecting.  Goes to one of my core beliefs -  keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed. 

Still it was cool to have visited the town of Woodstock with its hippie vibe and 60's hangers on wandering around.

But as if the Karma Tourist Gods felt sorry for us, on the drive back to Hudson we stumbled upon an unexpected surprise in the middle of nowhere.  (What's the old saying - it happens when you're not looking?)  We stopped in Bard College where we spent some time there admiring their Performance Arts Center designed by Frank Gehry.   The center is in the background here (photo below) and literally blends into its surrounding environment.  Check out the video below to give you a better idea of how cool it is.
Pam, Ninan, Meryl and Philip Drinking in the Sights

Got to leave you with this:

You Rascal You Pt. 2

After yesterdays post I came upon a Levi's commercial featuring the same modern day version of You Rascal You. 

But topping that Levi's commercial was this one that was banned here in the U.S..  Don't see why it was.  (There is a joke in that comment that you will get once you watch the video.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You Rascal You (Two for Tuesday)

I have discussed previously how Buzzy's Grandfather Austin Ridgell (far right in above photo) lived with them on the farm and that the old guy was very mean to the kids and vice versa (click here.)  

Buzzy told me how they would sing this song to him "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You." 

Released in 1929 by Sam Theard, the song was written about some guy who ran off with the  dude's wife.  Seems like Sam should have directed some of that vitriol at his wife instead.

I heard an updated version of this on a Californication episode and have it here for you (below.) 

That I managed to link up Great Grand Dad Austin with an episode of Californication is one of my better Two-For-Tuesday pairings wouldn't you agree?

Monday, October 3, 2016

The King and His Throne

Guy in the Store the other day was a retired Army Captain who at one time was stationed in Grafenwohr, Germany.  I asked him if the Elvis stall was still there and he confirmed that it was.  Here's the story.

When he was in the Army stationed in Germany, Elvis spent some time at a training base Grafenwohr, Germany that I am familiar with.  Elvis was in the 3rd Armored Division.  I was stationed in Germany in the 1st Armored Division and my Battalion would go for a month or two of training "in the field" as they called it. 

The highlight at Graf was a gold painted latrine stall where Elvis had written his initials and ETS (Estimated Time of Separation) from the Army on the wall.   I often joke that the closest I have ever gotten to the rich and famous was this toilet stall/Elvis encounter.
I tried Googling info on this but putting in "Elvis + toilet + Grafenwohr" just turned up a bevy of items about Elvis having died on a toilet (click here.)   All jokes aside (e,g. my title above) that sure wasn't any way for the King to have left this ole Heartbreak Hotel of life was it?

Here is Elvis and Juliet Prowse from G.I. Blues and note his Third Armored Division patch. Note too what he does at the 1:15 mark singing the words "lonely night." Makes me smile every time I hear it.  He does it again later in the song (1:55.)