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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Alcohol Laws - Take it Outside

One of the good by-products of the virus has been the loosening up of certain alcohol laws and regulations regarding take out, home delivery, and curbside pickup of booze (click here.)  Several States have relaxed these restrictions to try and help bars and restaurants financially.    

Locally, there has been a relaxing of the process for allowing folks to now drink outside since Gov. Hogan has okayed that with his recent easing of virus-related restrictions.  

Bars that previously could not serve patrons outside need what is called an Extension of Premise (EP) permit to do so.  (Recall that this is what I had to obtain following Gov. Hogan's visit to Buzzy's a few years back (click here.)  Now that I mention Hogan again, it makes me wonder if maybe there isn't a "Hogan effect" going on here having to do with drinking outside.)

For me to obtain the EP back then, I had to apply to and appear before the Liquor Board.  It was a two month process wherein I had to get approvals from the County Health Department and the State Fire Marshal who charged $100 inspection fee to visit and determine that drinking on the porch wasn't a fire hazard. Go figure.  I'm still a little pissed about the whole thing.  That it cost $100 also stirred up the Buzzy in me.   

However, now with all the fall out from Gov. Hogan allowing outside service, subject to local regulations, our Liquor Board held an emergency meeting the other day to streamline the process for obtaining an EP.  Businesses still must have EP approvals but the process has been simplified with no fees involved.   At a meeting with my Beverage Association buddies on this issue yesterday, I learned that Brian Tarleton's Green Door and Gary Rogow's ABC Liquors already have their EPs in hand and are readying to begin serving outside.  

Me?  I'm debating getting an extension of my extension.  (Mind you, I am talking alcohol-related extensions now and not anything having to do all those ED popup ads I keep getting.)  Buzzy's already has an EP but it is only for drinking on the porch.  I plan to ask for permission to let folks sit at the picnic tables on the Buzzy hill and knock a few cold ones back.   I'll let you know how that works out.   As for reopening I am still in a wait and see mode.

This Smokey tune has been on my mind lately.  Maybe because the video was filmed outside on a beach:

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Guido and Mark

At dinner last night my father-in-law Sol mentioned taking his son Norman and nephew Brian to see Mark Fidrych pitch in Cleveland.  They lived in Rochester and made the 4 hour drive to watch the Indians play the Detroit Tigers.  Sol said he did it because the boys were big fans of Fidrych and wanted to see him pitch.

He went onto to discuss how he had contacted one of his former Army buddies Guido Salvatori something-or-other to get tickets to the game.  (I'm leaving out Guido's last name because Sol also noted that Guido's family were Cleveland Mafioso's.)  Sol said that Guido not only got them 3 box seat tickets for the game but he also arranged and paid for a hotel room for them to stay in after the game.

When I asked if Sol if he had stayed in contact with Guido, he said that they had talked off and on thru the years but not recently.  My wife Pam then googled Guido's name and found an obit for him.  The obit noted that Guido had been a car dealer but did not mention anything about mob connections.  Sol noted that Guido's dad would not allow Guido to join the "family" business.

While Pam googled Guido (I just like saying that) I wondered whatever became of Mark Fidrych.  I learned that he too was no longer around and that he had died in 2009 at the age of 54 in a freak accident.  He died while working underneath  his dump truck, which was running at the time, and his shirt got tangled up in the drive shaft and asphyxiated him.  A couple years later his wife filed a wrongful death suit against the truck manufacturer but that case was dismissed (click here.)

I remember this 1977 Rolling Stone cover featuring Mark.  He is still the only baseball player ever to have appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone (click here.)  (I know, you're thinking of Dr. Hook right now aren't you?!)

Monday, June 1, 2020

Quarantine Dog Days

Thank you to my step-daughter Jennifer for passing along this video to me.  The Holderness family have become internet sensations with entertaining parodies such as this one.  

And what's not to like?  The husband can can sing and dance, the wife is attractive and sexy and the kid is not my son, oops, meant to say not too obnoxious. 

All that said however, see if you don't agree with me that the real star of the video is their dog (1:20 and 2:24 marks.)  Yep, we are living in some very strange times.  So take your humor where you find it.  (What I call humor anyway.)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

June Birthdays - A Day Early

OK I am a day early as I usually post the Buzzy birthdays on the first day of the month.  I was going to introduce this with something along the lines of how it is usually good advice to be early rather than late and make a reference to that saying about the early bird getting the worm.  

However, when I did a little checking on how that saying came to be, I found this Shel Silversten ditty from his Where the Side Walk Ends:

Early Bird
Oh, if you are a bird, be an early bird
And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.
If you're a bird, be an early, early bird -
But if you're a worm, sleep late.

That in turn reminded me of something I once heard about how the second mouse is always the one who gets the cheese.  Maybe I need to rethink that being-early-is-good-business.

Here then, a day early, are the Buzzy birthdays that we celebrate this coming month:

My niece Jean Hofmeister 1 June; my grandson Shawn Ridgell 2 June; Teeny Boy June 11; my sister Donna Jean Taylor 12 June; Kayla McKay 13 June; Lee Carroll 17 June; Cheryl Trossbach on 18 June; Sheryl Mandeville 22 June; my great nephew Wyatt Taylor 23 June; my nephew Todd Taylor 28 June;  and Michelle Lengel on 29 June.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


I attended a meeting the other day to discuss guidelines being mandated in order for Buzzy's to reopen.  While several topics were reviewed, a lot of our discussion focused on the wearing of masks and how that requirement would be followed and/or enforced at Buzzy's.  (For the record all of the attendees at this meeting did have their masks on.  However, it soon became obvious from our discussions that not everyone was comfortable about having to wear one.) 

Sad isn't it that the whole wearing-a-mask thing has become something of a contentious issue?  All of that "we're in this together" happy happy seems to have faded away and now we are engaged in some kind of mask wars (click here.)   

Personally, I too don't like wearing a mask for any length of time.  I don't think anyone does.  However, I do acknowledge that it's not a bad idea to do so given what we're dealing with.  With an 88 year old Mom not doing well and both of my 80 year old plus in-laws living with me, I can't risk picking up anything virusy that could take any of them outta here.  So, I wear the mask.

Health worries aside, wearing a mask is also mandatory iaw Gov. Hogan's orders.  Yet, for me to ask someone who has spent 8 hours at their workplace during the day wearing a mask to come into Buzzy's in the evening and sit behind the counter another 3 or 4 hours with a mask on seems like a lot to ask.  Also, to put that person in a position of having to deal with folks coming into the Store without a mask is also a problem.  

My way of dealing with contentious issues is to not deal with them.  It drives my wife Pam crazy that when it comes to a fight or flight matter, I'm gone.  My bottom line is that life is just too short to be spent in any kind of combat mode. 

Thus, the whole issue of reopening Buzzy's and having to deal with folks who refuse to wear a mask when they come into the Store just makes me not want to reopen anytime soon.  A buddy of mine suggested a compromise solution of "Locals are ok not having a mask on, but when we see someone we don't know come into the Store, then we'll put 'em on."  I told him that I was unaware of any virus antibody being present only in locals.  What I didn't tell him is that I would be more leery of unmasked locals than I would be of masked tourists. 

Anyhow, I hope all this plays itself out and things get better before they get worse.  Problem is, nobody really knows.  

P.S.  If you have any feedback one way or the other on this whole mask issue please let me know.  Maybe I am worrying about nothing and over thinking this.  Again, nobody knows.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Buzzy's Still Closed

On Wednesday Gov. Hogan okayed outdoor service for restaurants and bars to commence this Friday at 5 pm.  Yesterday my buddy David Dent put out the following on his Chief's Neighborhood Bar Facebook page .  I called and thanked him for saving me having to write up something similar as to why Buzzy's also will not be opening up just now for outside service.  This is what David had to say:

Hello Everyone. Unfortunately, we will not be open this weekend for outside seating. We are carefully reviewing reopening guidance from the CDC, the National Restaurant Association, and the Maryland License Beverage Association. Please be patient with me as I develop our plan to reopen in such a manner as to not only keep our guests safe but also keep Chief’s greatest asset, our employees safe. For now, we will continue to operate the store and deli, Wednesday through Sunday 11 am until 7:30 pm and continue to serve take-out orders from 11 am until 7 pm. I sincerely want to thank all of our loyal guests for your support during this time. Please rest assured we want to get back to business, as much as you want to come back. We will update our progress on reopening on Facebook as well as with our text messaging service. Please text the keyword chiefsbar to 77222 from your cell phone to join Chief’s VIP text messaging service Thank you… David Dent

As Dave noted, keeping everyone, including guests and employees, healthy and safe is the priority right now.  Working out the right mix of actions and steps on how to do that is a challenge for all business owners.   For now I am going to hold off a little longer before opening Buzzy's back up. 

Gov. Hogan's next move will be to implement Stage 2 which is scheduled to allow bars and restaurants to resume indoors service.  Don't know that I will wait that long for Hogan to green light us, but as my Mom used to say "We'll see."  (Usually, that was her nice way of saying no though.) 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Rolling Rolling Rolling

My son Brady sent me this video the other day.   I've now watched it a half dozen times and still can not believe what I see.  Then again bear in mind that I am still in lock down mode and hence still got some time to kill.  

However, if you only have time for just one viewing, key on the variety of items that were used to make this go.  The dude used just about everything he had stashed around his house ranging from a red solo cup to a garden rake.  Plus I think he used every kind of ball ever made.  On top of all that, just filming this bad mamma jamma was kind of amazing too.  So enjoy.  I would say something along the lines of the old potato chip warning "Bet you can't just watch once."  However, I appreciate that not all of you are as easily amused and misled as I am and can be.

For some reason this song came to mind. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Doctor Televisits - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

My Mom had a Doctor's appointment yesterday and never left Ridge. In fact she didn't even have to get out of her bed as you can see here in this photo taken by Nancy Dominiak.
My Sister Lila and Mom on Phone With Dr. Gill 
Note: This was Mom's second televisit with Dr. Gill and as with the first one it too went well. Mom fell last week and spent a day in the hospital before being discharged to home.  This was a followup visit with Dr. Gill to see how she is doing.  (Her first televisit with Dr. Gill followed another fall that she had had the week before last.)

While Mom's televisit was due to Dr. Gill not doing any office visits currently due to the virus, I had encountered a medical televisit pre-virus courtesy of my Buzzy friend Bruce.  

Bruce was in the Store one Sunday afternoon with phone in hand and explained that he was on hold with urgent care to discuss a tick bite with them.  He was number 7 on their wait list and noted that this was the way a doctor visit should be - sitting at Buzzy's drinking a beer while waiting to be seen.  And yes, as far as I know Bruce was the first Buzzy televisit that I know of.

Needless to say I am a big fan of these televisits.   No trips to the Shah Building in Hollywood; no sitting around in a waiting room with a bunch of sick and mostly miserable other folks; no being called back (finally!) only to sit around in a very small room awaiting for the Doctor to see you eventually; and no having to deal with Mom throughout all this wait wondering "Why are they taking so long."  Mom has no patience for this sort of thing.   (Recall my post where she once told the nurse after we had been waiting a couple minutes in the to-be-seen-room, that she was 88 years old and did not want to spend what little time she had left here on earth waiting around to see a doctor.  The doctor came in to see her a few minutes later.  I'm going to file that line away and maybe use it some day when I'm in that same situation.  Hope I live long enough to do so.  (Ultimately though I am hoping that doctor televisits become what seems to be our latest buzz word - the "new normal.")

Have you seen those Facebook 10 albums one a day exercises where folks list their top ten favorite albums?  If I were to attempt such a list,  the Stones' Aftermath album would definitely be one of my selections.  It came to mind just now as I tried to think of songs involving the subject of waiting.  I Am Waiting was on Aftermath but it didn't get much notoriety nor airplay as did other Aftermath songs such as Mother's Little Helper, Paint it Black, Under My Thumb and Stupid Girl.  (My favorite song on Aftermath was Out of Time   which for some reason wasn't even included on the US version of the album.)  

Here then is the soundtrack that plays in my head whenever I am, you know, waiting for someone to come out of somewhere. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Yesterday being Memorial Day I had planned to post the following about my 2 closest veterans who are no longer here with us.  However, when I visited their grave sites the other day, both of their military service footstones were partially covered over in grass.  Thus, I had to make a return visit to St. Michael's cemetery to do some maintenance.  (The VA furnishes at no charge not only these footstones for vets but will also provide headstones and markers if asked to do so (click here.))

Brother Steve has been on my mind here of late also because he died on 23 May 2011.  Nine years and still can't believe he's not here.  Time does go by.

Re-watched Casablanca the other night on TCM.  Always thought that As Time Goes By was written just for that movie but turns out it had been recorded 11 years previously (click here.)  Dooley Wilson however made it famous when he performed it in the movie.  (For the rest of the story on how the song's writer composed it in a New Jersey bar (click here.)

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day - Then and Now

Our President's very ironic Memorial Day tweet from last year.
This from someone who after taking 4 college deferments and then found a quack doctor to gin up a fake injury about him having some phony bone spurs (click here.)   Ironic is maybe too nice a word.

Can't wait to see what he tweets this year.  Since Joe Biden also dodged the draft 5 times - four for college and a 5th one for asthma - that should be good material for a least a couple of tweets about it from President Hypocrite.     

In addition to being a great movie, Forrest Gump also featured a great sound track.  Sample follows.  The first song played here is Fortunate Son  written by John Fogerty.  He said that the song was not so much about Viet Nam as it "speaks to the unfairness of class than war itself." 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Religion

Memorial Day Sunday and thoughts turn to what else - crabs.  (But for those of you just dying to go to church, there is also this:)
Combining the two, crabs and religion, check out the following 10 Commandments of Crabs being posted around on various sites (click here.)  

I am good with all but a couple of these commandments.  For instance, I got to confess that I have been known to violate No. 3 every once in awhile.  Forgive me Father.

Also, Number 5 seems a little over stated and untrue.  My experience has been that nobody around the table really cares what or how somebody else picks and eats their crabs.  And claws are always optional so if somebody doesn't want them, no problem.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Stage 1 1/2?

Gov. Hogan's reopen plan consisted of 3 stages (click here.)  When he implemented Stage 1 on 15 May many bar and restaurant owners were disappointed that their businesses were not included.  However, Hogan's plan all along had bars and restaurants slotted for a reopening in Stage 2.

As an interim measure however, many bar and restaurant owners are now lobbying hard for a Stage 1 1/2 where outside service would be permitted.  Locally, Seabreeze Restaurant and Bar has taken a lead in this effort as discussed on their FB page:
To Read More click here
Friday's edition of the Enterprise also contained a good article on this matter (click here.)  So we will just have to wait and see if Hogan decides to approve any modification(s) to his plan.

As for how this would impact Buzzy's reopening should Hogan ok outside service, I would have to think about it.  My first thought is to hold off a little longer and see how it all plays out before putting the Buzzy beast back on the prowl.  Again, I defer to my default mode of - when in doubt do nothing.  

But speaking of being outdoors here is one of the all time best movie endings ever.  Only caveat is that it makes me sad seeing and missing John Candy.  In case you are wondering, Dan Akyrod's dance partner, who does a great job keeping up with him  here, is Stephanie Faracy.

Friday, May 22, 2020

You Might Be a Redneck - It's Alight!

Yesterday I was at the Store doing some chores when I  noticed that the You Might Be a Redneck calendar had not been updated since Buzzy's was last opened in March.  I tore off all of the ensuing dates and read the entries before I chucked them.  Couple of them however made me smile and I've included them here:

Couple of those made me ponder "Who hasn't done that?!"  I'll leave it to you to try and figure which ones hit me that way.  But here are some clues to assist you - I am not a hunter nor a fisherman but I do like honey buns and I do go to lunch a lot.  (I also spend a lot of time in bathroom stalls; but these days I am not doing any sleeping when I'm in there!) 

Thursday, May 21, 2020


Through the years I have gotten a lot mileage out of my favorite Thursday response of "SHIT" when asked how I'm doing.  As my questioner looks at me with a puzzled expression, I will quickly followup with "Sure happy it's Thursday!"

Try as I may, I am not exactly sure where I first heard this expression. It sounds like something that Brother Oswin from my Ryken High School days may have said.  Maybe I heard it from him initially but I am not sure.

However, I do recall an old Army friend I knew named Tate saying it every Thursday.  (Tate was a West Virginia guy who always had a quip and a quote whenever you asked him how he was doing.  For instance, "Happy as a tick on a big fat dog" was another Tateism I recall him frequently saying.) 

Today, of course, thanks to the internet of memes and cartoons SHIT is everywhere:
Whenever I use the Sure Happy expression today, I think of my Grandmother Miss Hattie and Cousin Bud Shoemaker.  Reason why I do so is that I recall once talking to Miss Hattie about Bud and she made the comment:  "I like Bud; but the only problem I have with him is that his favorite word is the Sam Houston Institute of Technology."  I remember not getting the reference and asked her "What do you mean?"  She smiled and said "You know, s-h-i-t."  And yes, she spelled it out for me.  We both laughed about it.  I guess you could say that my Grandmother knew I didn't know SHIT.

Funny though, when I tried to track the Sam Houston quote down, I found the following summary with several similar acronyms.  Sure enough Sam Houston made the list just two above Skanky Hoes in Tights.  Don't know as I have ever heard THAT one.  However, what I do know is that Miss Hattie never said it.

The other day I did a post about ranking days of the week with song titles in them and Thursday came in last.  Maybe Conan was trying to help rectify that here. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Elmer Hall's Store

Frankie Tippet recently posted the following photo of Hall's Store on Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's FB page.  The comments reflect classic country store memories.

I then found this letter to the Enterprise discussing how Mr. Hall  started in the store as a clerk in 1942 before he purchased it in 1958.  
Although I did not know Elmer Hall, every time I go thru the traffic light there at Routes 5 and 245 I look over and think of him and his Store.

I re-watched Forrest Gump for the umpteenth million time the other night.  For some reason his "Stupid is as stupid does" comments caught my ear, probably because I had just finished watching the evening news prior to the movie.  That you know who I am referring to here is kinda sad isn't it?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Twofer Tuesday

Not many songs have Tuesday in the title (click here for a ranking.)  

But here is one from the group Chairmen of the Board.  I hear you saying who?  I'm also betting that you don't remember nor even recognize this Everything's Tuesday song of theirs'.  

However, after you listen to it, click on the second video and as soon as you hear the opening line you'll immediately recognize it even if you don't remember the Chairmen were the ones who did it.   The song is remarkable because it is probably the first and only time a rock and roll song has ever featured a dude not wanting to jump his young lady's bones as soon as he could.  What?  A guy wanting to wait?  No way Jose!
The "brrrrrrrrrrr" at the 2:16 mark gets me every time.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Guidelines for Bars and Restaurants

FYI here are the CDC guidelines for reopening of bars and restaurants.  It outlines a series of steps that should be taken to keep employees and customers safe. (If you have trouble reading it click here and it will take you to a clearer version on the CDC website.)   
In addition to these guidelines, other regulations as determined by the State and our County governments will be in place.  So stay tuned.

On top of all that, there is also the issue of business owners' insurance liability as related to the virus (click here.)  There is currently a lot of legal uncertainty  about just what the business owner is or is not responsible for.   Given that lawsuits are always something of a fear or a concern for small business owners, in these crazy times it's just one more worry made worse by the presence of the virus.   

All of which just reinforces my decision to not reopen Buzzy's just yet.

Music-wise, a Happy Birthday to George Strait who turns 68 today.  Did you  know that he and Jeff Bezos are cousins?  Wonder if George gets any discounts on things he buys off of Amazon.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Preakness - 1973 - Secretariat

Secretariat Wearing Preakness Winner's Black Eyed Susan Blanket
Yesterday should have been the 145th running of the Preakness.  This year's event has been rescheduled to October.  (Quick aside here - maybe this year the Black Eyed Susan flowers used to make the winner's blanket (above) will be real ones.  The ones used in May are fake Susans because the real ones don't bloom until later (click here.)  The winner's blanket is actually made up of daisies with their centers painted black to look like Black Eyed Susans.) 
Bud Ridgell and I attended that 73 Preakness where Secretariat certified his greatness by winning the race in record time (click here.)  It was also in that race where Secretariat made his famous last to first move in a matter of seconds, took the lead and went on to win easily by 2 1/2 lengths.   I recently found some photos that I took that day.

The first is Secretariat just chilling in his stable before the race.  (His pre-race lunch sure looks a little slack doesn't it?)  Bud knew a horse owner who took us behind the scenes with him to get a look at Secretariat.  I remember the owner saying how everyone was talking about what a good looking horse Secretariat was and he wanted to see for himself.  

You  really can't tell it here from my so-so photo of him, but Secretariat was not only a big horse but he was also a beautiful chestnut color that made him even more impressive when you saw him up close.  (A criticism of the movie made about Secretariat was that the horses portraying him did not look like anything like him.  None could.)  
Secretariat Horsing Around
Something else I remember about that Preakness was seeing Johnny Unitas in a car riding  around the track and I took this photo of him.  Johnny had been traded to San Diego and was being honored that day for all he had done in putting Baltimore on the football map.  It prompted a NY Times column by Red Smith with the clever headline "An Old Colt Stars at the Preakness" (click here.)

After winning the Preakness that Saturday in May, Secretariat appeared on the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated the following week.  As I stated above, the Preakness victory really was Secretariat's launch into super stardom.  (Another quick aside here, only 6 other athletes have ever appeared on these 3 magazine covers in the same week.  Can you name them?  If not (click here.)

Here then is the video of the 73 Preakness.    Keep your eye on the top of the screen around the :36 mark where it looks like  Secretariat, who had been running last until then, says "Screw this. I'm going around these bozos" and does so in about 15 seconds time.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Buzzy's Still Closed

Yesterday I had several inquiries from folks asking if Buzzy's would be reopening iaw Governor Hogan's Stage 1 lifting of his lock down restrictions.  Officially, I could reopen.  However, I have decided to hold off doing so until Gov. Hogan lifts further restrictions and allows all bars to reopen.   

Remember that technically Buzzy's is a country store and not a bar and that is why I could still be open.  However, for this crazy time that we find ourselves living in, I am regarding and treating Buzzy's as a bar that will remain closed for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost are my concerns for everyone's health and safety.  This involves my concerns not only for the folks coming into Buzzy's but also for the folks who work behind the counter - me for instance.  

Second reason I am holding off re-opening is that I don't particularly look forward to having to enforce all the mask wearing, social distancing, 50% capacity rules that business owners are now required to have in place.  I am 100% in favor of all those requirements being in place.  However, while I think that they are all very necessary, I still do not want to be the enforcer of such rules.  I just can't see confronting some idiot, I mean person who wanders into Buzzy's not wearing a mask and then I got to ask him/her to leave.   (And furthermore, I still don't know how the whole wearing a mask while drinking in a bar is going to work.)    

So while I appreciate and thank all you folks for wanting Buzzy's to be back open, I am going to hold off doing so a little bit longer.    See you in a few whatever - days, weeks, months.

This Dave Mason tune never fails to reorient my thoughts whenever they need to be reoriented:

Friday, May 15, 2020

This and That

Like everyone else my time spent cruising the internet has increased substantially.  Here then are some things that caught my eye in my travels on that world wide highway.  Notice no porn, sports nor politics.  Guess I need to expand my circle of information.

First up - a clever marketing ploy by a wine shop.
From https://lakewood.advocatemag.com/2020/03/09/local-wine-store-selling-coronavirus-vaccine/

Next an ad for a 75 inch T-V leading to the question "You Think There Was Any Stimulus Coincidence at Play Here?"

An L.A. mural sums it up very nicely:
Then again if stuck at home, you may as well have some tomato soup Buzzy-style:
Some good advice to ponder as you slurp your soup:

And the most important thought of all:

Catchy little tune here for you featuring the new found art of Photoshopping:

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hyphenated or Not

The word of the moment seems to be reopen.  

Governor Hogan announced yesterday that Maryland will begin to reopen this Friday starting at 5 p.m.  (And speaking of overused terms thank God "Wash your hands" and "We're in this together" seem to have passed their expiration dates.  Sure got sick of hearing those said every 5 minutes!)  

But seeing and hearing the word reopen got me thinking about it.  First, I wondered if it is really a word.  When you come down to it, a business is either open or it is closed.  Thus, how can it reopen?  (Guess you can tell that I have been on a George Carlin roll here lately as he once discussed a whole list of redundancies that you hear said a lot (click here.))

But my second take on the word reopen has to do with how it is spelled as in whether or not it gets a hyphen.  I have seen it mostly without the hyphen but it also appears quite frequently with a hyphen.  

And because I have the time to waste on such trivial pursuits, I hit the ole Google machine and found this little explanation that a hyphen should only be used when the word with re already exists.  
Too, when I re-hit (hyphen pun intended) Google I landed on this extended discussion about something called a diaeresis.  The New Yorker magazine uses this in lieu of a hyphen (click here.)  Please note that this diaeresis business was a new one on me and that Sister Gregory never taught it in her English class.  For that matter, no English teacher I ever had once mentioned a term that sounds more like a medical condition than it does an English reference.

But to conclude on whether or not to use a hyphen, my lazy boy approach to things always takes me back to something someone once advised when making a decision - when in doubt, leave it out.  That works for me.  Henceforth, it is reopen.

And just because it has the line "Deadlines and commitments, what to leave in and what to leave out" here's Little Bob with Jason Aldean.  (The other great line is "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."  Boy does that one ever re-resonate!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"The American Dream - You Have to be Asleep to Believe It"

Been tooling thru George Carlin videos and came upon his classic take on germs and how our immune systems are so bad (click here).  This particular video is making the social media rounds today due to the coronavirus-related crap that we find ourselves contending with.  Seems that many of the "this virus is all bullshit" crowd are citing George as some kind of a prophet and are using his germ-comments to prove their contention.  

All of which makes me wonder and seriously doubt that if George was around today that he would go along with this referencing him as such.  I got to think that the following 2005 rant would be more aligned to how he views things going on today.  (Be sure to check out all those tombstones in the background as part of his set.  Now that was prophetic.) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Happy George Carlin Day!

Shouldn't today be declared a national holiday in honor of George Carlin?
George not only made you laugh but even more importantly he made you think.

PS - His famous Seven Dirty Words that led to a Supreme Court hearing and decision is still in effect today.  For that story (click here.)

Monday, May 11, 2020

Top Ten Photos

Windows 10 has a nice feature in its photos' bin where they automatically identify and sort your uploaded photos of folks you have multiple photos of.  

Thus, when I went looking for a photo of my Mom for yesterday's Mother's Day post, I learned that she is my number one person and rightfully so.  Here were my most often subjects.
For the record,  my wife Pam, daughter Ryan and Grandson Shawn were also in my top 10 tied with 16 photos each.  (As to why Buzzy himself doesn't appear in my Top Ten, I bought this particular PC after he had passed in 2009.  The photo's uploaded here were all taken post 2009.)

One of the by products of having time on my hands is that maybe now I'll figure out how to upload and co-locate all of my photos in one place.  Key word here is maybe because that particular chore has been on my to do list for many a year.  

At dinner the other night after I had asked Alexa to play some Kenny G, I smiled when this was the very first tune she served up.  And now that I think about it, this song always makes me smile.  Video is pretty good too.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

Subtitle - One is Not Enough.

Haven't done any poetry here on the Buzzyblog in awhile so here is an original one from me.   (Usually I plagiarize something from someone else.  After my feeble attempt here, you will better understand why that is a good idea on my part.)

Life is simply not very fair.
Just take Mothers' Day for instance.
Officially the one day to share
Your love and thanks for her existence.   

If you were sick, hurt or in trouble
She was the one there for you
And came running on the double
Always to help pull you through.

No matter what you may suppose
No matter what you may say
Here is something I now propose  
It's Mothers Day every day in May!
Love You Mom