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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Great Storm of 1933

Mentioning 33 reminded me of something the old timers in Buzzy's Country Store often talked about when the subject of naming hurricanes came up - the Great Storm of 1933.  It was a hurricane no doubt about it they said.  However, because the naming of hurricanes did not start until 1953, whatever hit us in 33 is known simply as The Great Storm of 33.  

I found a 29 September 1933 St. Mary's Beacon with a couple stories about the Storm but they were not too legible.  (If you care to try and decipher them (click here.) 

However, I do have my copy of  Mr. Clarence Bradburn's account of the 1933 Storm in his book Some Important People and Events of St. Mary's.

Also, found this video on the Storm and how the Ocean City inlet was created by the 33 Storm:
Rodney Crowell and Emmylou doing Bob's take on it:

Monday, May 22, 2017

33 And Counting

Friday evening we celebrated my youngest daughter Reagan turning 33 years old.  As we were talking about 33, Brady noted that it reminded him of Eddie Murray.  (I got to admit that Eddie was also my first thought too when the subject of 33 came up.)

Eddie was always known as Steady Eddie because he maintained an even keel approach to things.  From Eddie, I learned one of my Life Philosophies as in - don't get too high when things are going good and don't get too low when they aren't.

As we discussed 33, Shea then mentioned Scottie Pippen, whom I had forgotten also wore that number. 

All of this talk of 33 later led me to do a Google search where I learned that 33 is a very happening number in many areas.  In the world of sports for instance, 33 has had some great ones wearing it:  Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Tony Dorsett, and Patrick Ewing (click here.)  (Some hockey dude named Patrick Roy also wore 33 but not being a big hockey fan, I don't know much about him (click here.))

In addition to several famous athletes wearing the number, I also found that 33 Numerology-wise is considered a Master Number (click here.)  Also, in Math, Science and Religious matters, 33 plays several key roles (click here and scroll down.)

And in a full circle kind of way, as Reagan cut her birthday cake Friday, I became nostalgic watching her do so, because it suddenly dawned on me that when she appeared in 1984, I was 33 years old.  May have to play Numero 333 in today's Lotto.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dons Abroad (Subtitle M.O.B.*)

Our world traveler President is set to stop in Italy in a day or two as part of his first trip overseas. 

Initially, I thought I would do something along the lines "Hope that while on travel overseas, Donnie can do like Tony famously once did and resist temptation."  Meaning "Hope Trump resists the urge to run off at the mouth and say something stupid like he usually does." 

The Tony/Sopranos' scene that I recalled seeing involved Tony visiting Naples to negotiate the price of providing his counterparts there with stolen cars.   I remember Tony declining sex with the mob lady boss he was selling the stolen cars to.  As seen in the video below, the lady propositions Tony but he declines with the classic line "I don't shit where I eat.  It's bad business."

That's what I was initially looking for regarding the Trumpster not giving into temptation.  

However, the video took on new relevance wrt Trump when Tony responded to the lady after she noted that he was his own worst enemy. As Tony notes at the 1:07 mark "Everybody is their own worst enemy." Think about that for a minute or two.  

Perhaps Melania should try and tell her Don that too.  Doubt that it would do any good but at least try and get him to not be so tempted.
*Money Over Bitches

This is a tune I never tire of hearing:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chelsea Flower Show - Then and Now

I saw something about the ongoing Chelsea Flower Show in London.  It reminded me that Buzzy and I were there one year, but not intentionally.   

We were in London on our own.  (Now that I think about it, this was the only overseas trip we ever took where we were not part of an organized tour group.  We were just hanging out and taking in the sights.) 

While looking for something else, we accidently stumbled our way into the area hosting the Flower Show.  It was hectic and crowded and we asked someone "What's going on?"  When we were told "It's the Chelsea Flower Show,"  Buzzy's immediate response was "Let's get the hell out of here."  Which we did.

Some great lyrics in this video here for you such as "it takes a man to live, it takes a woman to make him compromise."

Friday, May 19, 2017

I Know Your Mama She Don't Like Me

If you missed Mothers Day last Sunday, just tell Mom you are waiting for the 27th of this month.  Here is why you can get away with this.

I asked the lady who cleans our house if her family was good to her on Mother's Day.  She replied that her family does not celebrate Mother's Day until 27 May.  She explained that this is per her Bolivian history and told me about a battle where the women defended a city.

I found this source that explains it (click here.)  The following is an excerpt from that account:

The 27th of May 1812 was the first time women participated in battle. In the year 1812 Latin-America was fighting to get their independence of Spain. The king of Spain sent general Goyeneche to the valleys of Cochabamba. This general was successful, but he had one plan left: The Heroines of the Hill. While the men were dying in a bloody battle, the women decided to defend their community by themselves. Under the orders of Josefa Manueal Gandarillas (who was elderly and blind) an army formed. The army consisted only of women, children and elders. They were armed with small weapons like saucepans and sticks. They scaled the Coronilla (San Sebastian Hill) with shouts of ‘Our home is sacred’, and carrying the image of Virgin of Mercy. On May 27th (1812), a day we will never forget, the inevitable happened. General Goyeneche and his army slaughtered hundreds of women. There was a lot of pain in the community, but through this pain grew new hope. The women who were killed are called now: ‘Heroinas de la Coronilla – Heroines of the Hill.’ Every year the Bolivian people celebrate Mother’s Day at the 27th of May and every year this date remembers millions of people of these heroic women who died in 1812. Today, their lives and the battle they lost are remembered as one of the most special days of the year. There is always a big party during Mother’s Day.

Don't know whether or not Rosalita was Bolivian but who cares because this may just be Bruce's greatest song.  (Even if seeing Clarence makes me a little sad that's he's since moved on:)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Get Back?

Beatles debut today on XM Channel 18 at 9:09. (There is a reason that that specific time was chosen (click here.)  Anyone want to bet what the first song they play will be:

My Top 5 Favorite Beatle songs is an ever changing list. This week it's Ballad of John and Yoko, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Don't Bring Me Down, and She Loves You.  Number 5 on my list, just because Russia seems to be everywhere now that we've been Trumped, is Back in the USSR. (Here's Paul's live version in Moscow a few years ago.  Check out Vlad himself at the 00:15 mark.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hurry's Store - Ann and Tony's

Found this Enterprise front page article from 1998 (click here.)  Note Chief Larry Eberhard's comment at the end of the article.

All of which reminded me of this Elton tune:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Two For Tuesday - Foolish Frog

Caught the Mark Twain Bill Murray Award show the other night on T-V and enjoyed it very much.  There were some great presenters with funny stories about Bill and Mark Twain. 

The following performance was by Rhiannon Giddens doing a song The Foolish Frog.  Check her out:

Little did I know that this was an old (1907) folk song that Pete Seeger updated in the 50's.  Pete's version also included a story around the song that prominently features a country store.  (No wonder I liked it as soon as I heard it.)

It also has the store owner (1:12 mark) telling the farmer to go home because he was busy with "all these summer people."  That sounds familiar too!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mary Go Round - Everywhere But Here

OK, since I started down this Visions of Mary path, let's continue with it today.   Fatima was probably the most famous of Mary's many appearances.  However, through the years there have been numerous other reports of her appearing to folks.  Collectively these gigs are referred to as Marian Apparitions (click here.)   (I did a blogpost about one a few years back when she, or a resemblance of her, mysteriously appeared on a Marietta, Georgia church window (click here.)

However, of the many reported sightings of Mary throughout history, the Catholic Church has only officially recognized 12 of them as being authentic.  And in a blatant example of anti-Americanism, none of the approved ones are from the U.S. even one that Frank Sinatra and Cardinal Spellman patronized back in 1945 in the Bronx (click here.) 

There was a Mary sighting in Champion, Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay, that has made its way up the approval chain. Our Lady of Good Help was approved locally in 2010 but don't look for Rome to approve it anytime soon. 

It made me wonder about the Conyers, Georgia sightings of Mary back in the early 90's (click here.)  Remember all the hoopla over that?  Well, it sounds like that one is not getting any official recognition any time soon either and has even been downgraded some (click here.) 

I remember discussing this with my Cousin Father John at the time and he said there was an effort in the Church to try and demystify things.  Hence, they wanted to downplay the whole  apparition business and not encourage it.  (Maybe that also helps explain why they changed the name of the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit (click here.))

But back to Mary and her many visits here and there around the world.  Here's my petition to her:

Dear Mary,
How about you visit a place that actually has your name in it?  In fact, the whole State that St. Mary's County resides in has your name first and foremost.  (OK, so what if it was not you but the Queen of England, still you get my drift in that the least you could do is make a stop-and-go here sometime in the future.)  We don't need you to do anything special for us, no miracles nor off the wall predications, but a little attention here would be nice of you.   

Looking forward to seeing you in Buzzy's Country Store soon.

From Pot to Pope to Barry

In true Trumpian style,  I know that I bounce around a lot here on the Buzzyblog.  Yesterday a pot post, so as a followup to that, how about one today about the Pope and the Blessed Mother?  

Pope was in Fatima yesterday commemorating Mary's appearance to the 3 kids 100 years ago on 13 May 1917.  He canonized as saints two of the three kids. (The third one only died in 2005 and she is currently going thru the whole canonization process.  After seeing the visions, the first two kids died due to a flu epidemic that swept Spain.)
During her appearances to the kids , Mary supposedly gave them three predictions.  The first one dealt with World War I and the second with the rise of Communism.  However, the third prediction was kept a secret by the Vatican because it foretold an assassination of the Pope. 

After he was shot on 13 May 1981 and survived it, Pope John Paul II released the third prediction because he regarded it as being about him.   

On his radio show a few days ago, Glenn Beck featured an author who has written a book on Fatima, Pope John Paul and Ronald Reagan.  The author laid out the whole Fatima/Pope JP II connection(s.) 

He then went one step further and tied it all into Reagan's assassination attempt on 30 March 1981.  He noted that Reagan getting shot when he did somehow played a part in stopping Russia and their planned invasion of Poland. 

Sound confusing?  Yes, but worth checking out (click here.)  (Too, I wonder if your odds of having a prayer answered increase if you direct that prayer to a wanna-be-saint who is a miracle or two shy of making the grade?  Just a thought.)

Last appearance by the Manilow boy on the Buzzyblog - promise.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gone to Pot

With the birth of my Grandson Blaise on 20 April, I neglected to do a post about National Pot Day which is also on 20 April. So, in true pot-makes-things-slow-down-fashion,  I'm only 3 weeks too late with a pot-related post.

State Delegate Deb Ray was in Buzzy's Country Store the other day and we were discussing past and upcoming legislation.  I asked her about legalization of pot and she said she was against it.  I told her that I had heard on the news that the majority of Americans were now in favor of legalizing it.  She laughed and said "That's because you listen to fake news." 

Since I had heard this factoid on Fox News (below) I had to admit that perhaps she was correct.

I don't usually watch Family Feud but this exchange wasn't bad:

Friday, May 12, 2017

If It Walks Like a Duck....

Speaking of travelling, as in giving one his or her walking papers, what is the over/under on the number of folks President Trump will fire during his four year term?  Since President You're Fired took office in January of this year he has fired 4 officials and now FBI Director Comey marks his fifth ouster in 4 months (click here.)  Going forward, can even the Trumpster  maintain that pace?  
Regarding a possible replacement for Comey, just one question - who would want that job? 

On a related, something smells fishy matter, the big story in sports currently involves the Florida Gators' football coach having to deny that it was him in the following photo:
Dude, You JUMP, Not Hump, the Shark
I'm betting we will be hearing more about both of these developing stories.

Three days after releasing the album that contained the following song, a plane crash killed several members of Florida's Lynyrd Skynyrd band including Ronnie Van Zant the co-author of the song:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Quade's Store

In case you hadn't noticed, I've been doing a little travel theme these past couple days.  From Grapeland, Texas to Hopkins, Belize to Santorini Greece, today I am taking you to Bushwood, Maryland and Quade's Store. 

Back in April of 2010 Pam and I attended the event that John Wharton discusses below.  I even did a little Buzzyblog post on it at the time (click here.) 

Mrs. Quade died in November of 2010.  Here is an excerpt from her obit as it appeared in the Enterprise. (Click link below to read complete version of it.)
Here is a great video featuring Mrs. Quade talking about the Store and its history:

Moving onto Quade's current operations, as detailed on their FB page, they have a full schedule of upcoming events:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Santorini Of Course

A friend of ours is currently in Santorini and posting all sorts of photos of her visit there.  It inspired me to dig out some photos I took when Pam and I visited there in 2010.  We were on a cruise ship with several family and friends.  Instead of booking one of the cruise ship's tours,  we decided in Santorini to book a private tour of the place.  Shown here is our little group posing with the tour guide Nikos Sirigos to the far right.  He told some incredible story of having been raised in one of the caves when he was a young boy.

From L-R Linda, JoJo, Couple We Met Along the Way, Pat, Pam, Darla and Nikos

Looks Like Wedding Bells

Jo Jo Pointing Out THE Spot To Propose

Pam and Pat on the Black Sands Beach

Darla Getting Her Feet Wet

Our Waiter Showing Off Our Lunch Dubbed The Black Obama
A question I always like to ask of world travelers is "Where have you been that you would like to go back to?"  A young lady once answered me like it was a stupid question when she replied "Santorini of course."  That answer has always stuck in my mind.

When I looked for our tour guide's name online, I found this video he has made touting his wedding services. In addition to being an excellent overview of Santorini, it also has some nice songs accompanying it starting at the 3:20 mark.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gary/Lucky Lobster/Soca Music

Went to a dinner party the other night and caught up with Gary McKay.  He was back home for a few weeks taking a break from his businesses in Belize.  (I have previously discussed Gary's Belize operations in this Buzzyblog post (click here.) ) 

Here is a photo of Gary and yours truly at the dinner party.  (Please note that, even as a Ridge Boy, I don't wear a ball cap to a dinner party.  Gary gave all of us several Lucky Lobster Bar souvenir items including the hat along with this shot glass and a cozi that I am showing off here.    To learn more about the Lucky Lobster (click here.) 
Here is a closer look at the Lucky Lobster hat.  The location is Hopkins a coastal town located on the south east side of Belize.
Thank you, Gary!
Music-wise Belizians are into a reggae/hip hop style of music known as Soca.  Here is a sample for you.

I also landed on this video that features the Lucky Lobster. You should be able to recognize Gary.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Darsey's Country Store

Couple of East Texas fellas were in Buzzy's Country Store Saturday on their way back from visiting Pt. Lookout Lighthouse.  They  stated that they were here working on Base and were just doing some sightseeing.  One of them noted that Buzzy's reminded him of an old country store named Darsey's located in his hometown of Grapeland, Texas.  I asked him if it was still around and he said not as a country store anymore.  (I get that answer a lot when folks tell me about an old store that they grew up near.)

I did a little research on Darsey's and found that it has quite a storied history starting back in 1880 when George Darsey and his then partner John Foster opened for business (click here.)  Following photo's are from their website which is worth checking out.
Darsey eventually bought out Foster. The business has been in the Darsey family ever since.
Today they operate as a furniture store.
And speaking of a generational passing of the torch, here is a Mike and the Moonpies' tune  about something that Granddad and Dad passed along to the son.   Hint, it has to do with drinking beer and having fun.  Too,  it features some nice keyboard playing by Johnny Carbone:)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

And Party They Did

Patrick Ridgell celebrated his 21st birthday at Buzzy's Country Store yesterday.  Rachel Miller celebrated graduating from Cosmetology School.  There are about a half a dozen jokes I could make about him being legal and her doing hair, but I'll let it slide for now.  
Photo by Jennifer O'dell
Could make me feel old since I've now seen 21 three times.  However, congrats to both Rachel and Patrick.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Wind Cries Jimi

My house is solidly built but still it creaks and groans when the winds are whipping up off the river.  Some nights, such as last night, I sometimes hear a sound or two that awakens me.  When that happens, this tune will always run thru my mind:
One explanation of Jimi's inspiration for the song is this poem To Mary by John Clare;

Ironically enough,  the song was released on 5 May 1967 (click here.)   Leads me to conclude that maybe Jimi was reaching out to me last nightYou know he was a Voodoo Child.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Lies and Liars

Speaking of Trump, I heard a guy on the radio discussing types of lies and liars.  (And yes he was discussing it in context with our leader's tendency to over "exaggerate" things.) 

He broke the categories of lies down as white lies, compulsive lies and sociopathic lies.  (I looked for the guy and his lie categorization on the web but couldn't locate it.)  Here is how he described each category.   

First up are what he called the White Liars and he was not being racial.  White lies are those little fibs that help facilitate things in many relationships and personal interactions such as is portrayed in this famous Geico commercial:

However, moving up the liar ladder, he next discussed the more sinister types of liars as follows:

And then we have the Sociopathic Liar:

A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways ...)  (From click here.)

Jonny Lang was only 16 when he hit the scene with this tune.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letters from Nam

Speaking of Viet Nam (in my previous post,) it reminded me that I have a stash of letters written by my brother Steve to Mom and Dad when he was stationed in Viet Nam in the late 60's. Mom gave me the letters several weeks ago as part of her cleaning out of things. She said she couldn't bring herself to toss the letters and thought that I might want them. The letters are short but newsy little updates from Steve such as the three that I have included here:

Dear Mom, Got your letters and got some more letters. After the big move everything came at once. My address hasn’t changed. Only the Company as I am now in B Co instead of C Co. So address them just like always except to B Co. I am driving a truck now and I got it made because all I do is drive the Sgt. out to the job site and back in. The rest of the time I just sit in the truck and answer the radio. I am getting in good with the Sgt. doing a little brown nosing and I am going up for Spec 4 next month how about that. That means more money. They call me Rye gell instead of Ridgell so now its Sugar Bear cause they know I am brown nosing the Sgt. I don’t care what they call me just so I do the least amount of work and make the most money. That’s not brown nosing that’s just smarts. I am glad that Anna liked the poem. So I wrote one for you too, hope you like it. Well that’s about it for now hope to hear from you soon. Sugar Bear

How’s it going at your end? Over here things are the same. Working hard making little money, eating powered eggs and living high on the hog. My truck has been Deadlined because of the rear end and so for the past two days I been doing nothin but writing letters. Well how is Dickie. I hear he is not doing well. And what is Lee F. doing other than nothing. I bet nothing much. I been thinking about staying here an extra six months. But at the end of my tour I’ll come home and then come back here again and do the six months. But chances are I won’t have it as good as I got it now. I really feel like I’m getting something over on Sam. Well things have been quiet as Chuck and the boys haven’t been bothering us. Only that one time before New Years. And that was just three B40 rockets. Well keep me informed about Dickie’s health and remember God’s watching so give him a good show. (That’s what our Capt. Says every morning before we go to work.) Steve

Dear Dad,
What’s happening at the Country Store? Everybody’s been writing and telling me about the room you built. I just finished doing my monthly chores. My hutch is pretty cool. Me and another fellow have fixed it up good. Rugs on the floor, a big spotlight that’s got a red bulb in it. My stereo and we got a refrigerator from a Lt. who was going home. So our bunker is pretty nice. It’s got all the comforts of home. Plus they are building an eleven thousand dollar PX here and they have built two clubs one for the Ems and one for the Lifers. We also are supposed to get a Bath House and a Steam Bath run by Madam K (whores) so if Nixon is getting us out by 72 these gooks are going to be living in style. Well take it easy.  Steve

Did you know that the Queen of England served more time in the military than all of the members of the Trump family combined have?
Then again Trump has a rationalization for how he spent his draft age years:
Lots of Viet Nam songs to choose from.  Here is probably the most famous one:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Over There Somewhere

The Map blogpost of yesterday reminded me of something that happened back in my Ryken High School Freshman History class. 

I was seated in the row nearest the wall.  Directly above me on that wall was a map of the world.  One day, our instructor Mr. Smith launched into a discussion of Viet Nam and asked "Does anybody not know where it is?"  Of course no one in the class raised his hand that he they did not know Nam's location.   Mr. Smith said "Good.  Mr. Ridgell, since you are sitting there, would you point it out to everyone." 

My first thought was "Uh, oh.  No way am I gonna be able to do this."  All I knew about Viet Nam location-wise, was that it was over there somewhere.  So as I turned to look at the map above my head I scanned around "over there" and my eyes landed precisely on, yep Viet F'ing Nam.  I quickly pointed it out like it was no big deal and that I knew exactly what I was doing.  Truth be told however, prior to that, I had no clue as to Viet Nam's location.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The World Isn't Flat

When Buzzy and I flew to South Africa many years ago, it was then the longest flight (New York to Johannesburg 16 hours.)  Currently there are several other flights that are longer and the NY-Joburg trip now ranks 14th longest (click here.)

Once we were in South Africa and processing thru customs, I got to talking to a Brit about how long the flight was and commented "I had no idea South Africa stretched out so far south."  The Brit replied "Well, you have Mr. Mercator to thank for that." 

I didn't know what he was talking about at the time but wrote Mercator in my notebook to research later.  Turns out that Merctor was the dude who came up with the world map (below) that we have been staring at in classrooms everywhere for years (click here.)
But like Bob said "The times they are a changing." New world maps are on the scene and they present things a little clearer and differently, e.g. the following depiction:
Good article here on different world maps including the following one known as the Winkel map (click here:)
When Did Winkie Start Designing Maps?
Trippy Maroon 5 "Maps" video follows but got to warn you that it's depressing.  Suggest you take your happy pill or drink another cup of coffee before watching:

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Birthdays

May is named after the Earth Goddess of Springtime - Maia.  As far as Greek/Italian Gods and Goddesses go, Maia is a little bit of a mystery (click here.)  However, she was famous enough to have gotten a month named after her and, along with her six sisters, a constellation of stars dubbed the Pleiades (click here.) 
Ironic thing about Maia and May is that the Pleiades constellation is hardest to see in the month of May.  It is at its brightest in November and has a link to the origins of Halloween (click here.)   That it disappears in May led a Mexican tribe to plant their seeds at that time of year:
This dove tails with something I heard Capt. Jerry Norris say in the Store the other day about planting potatoes the first full moon after Easter.

Buzzy's May birthdays include my niece Regi Hofmeister on 1 May; Dave Berg 10 May; my cousins Joe White and Sister Marianne Ridgell on 10 May; Robby Norris' Carol on 11 May; Kevin Adkins 14 May; my nephew Todd's wife Sherrie also the 14th and then their daughter Piper on 18 May;  Kim McKay celebrates on 17 May;  Clyde Ridgell 18 May and Richard Mandeville on 19 May.  Bootsie Norris celebrates on 31 May. 

My daughter Reagan celebrates her big day on the 19th.

Patrick and Mom
Another Ridgell turns 21 on the 6th and that is Patrick, Clyde and Michelle's son.  Patrick has assured me that his first legal beer will be consumed at Buzzy's Country Store so I may have to open a little earlier that Saturday to accommodate him.  Later on Saturday evening a party is being planned, so swing by Buzzy's and have one on Patrick.