This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Football Then and Now

I found these photos earlier in the week and thought to do something with them to comment on the current football season.  Back in the day Brady, Shea and I would have a Ridgell Football Party where we'd steam up some crabs, scald some oysters, move a T-V outside and watch some football.  Here are some photos of our 9 October 2005 Ridgell Football party.  It was also a semi-surprise birthday party for Buzzy whose birthday would fall 2 days later on the 11th. 

Shawn, Shea and Brady

Buzzy About as Surprised as He Could Get
Katie, JC, Buzzy, Stephen at Table, Sherry in Background

Mom and Sherry

Bobby and Shea above; Shawn and Brady below

Steve and Debbie Kapinos - John Wiegman, Shea and Bryan Swann

My sister Lila and my Godson JC in foreground here with my late neighbor Jim Krumpke in background.  Also, my brother in law Danny and Buzzy in back.

Jeannie, Lila, Amy and Lori
The irony of me finding these photos and readying them for the blog here is that the Ravens lost that 2005 game to the Lions in a penalty-filled contest and then almost duplicated that feat in yesterday's game against the Eagles.


That was a recap from 2005 and here's a look at yesterday's game:


At least in 2020 the Ravens won.  Thank God we didn't have another party yesterday because they might have lost that one too had we done so.

Musically here's a tune that I have never sung to Pam.  How dumb do you think I am?  Ok, don't answer that. 

For lyrics (click here.)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Good Moon, Bad Moon?

At this point in my life I don't really need nor require any affirmation from others to make me feel good about what I think or what I believe.  To quote Mick "I'm no schoolboy, but I know what I like." 

That said however, it is always a nice thing to find some validation or seconding of your opinion or take on something.  This happened just yesterday when I saw the following letter in the Free For All section of the Washington Post:

Mr. Duggan's letter made me smile too because I had seen that photo, liked it and copied it onto my clipboard to perhaps use in a future blogpost.  Here is how the full photo appeared in the 4 October issue of the Post:
Unlike Mr. Duggan however, I did not think about the photo as a footnote to the previous 31 pages of bad news,  (I suspect that's because he was reading a paper copy while I was doing a digital read.)  In fact, instead of smiling because the photo represented some sort of relief or pause to all the bad news preceding it, the photo conveyed to me a sinister, more ominous vibe completely at one with the previous bad news.  Something about the two lights looking like eyes peering out of a dark hood made the photo appear a little more spooky and unsettling to me.  

Regardless, it was a great photo.  I saw a quote somewhere that noted that a great photo is one that causes you to stop and look, invites you in and makes you want to stay awhile.   This one certainly did that not only for me but also for the above letter writer to the Post.  

Bottom line too, it ultimately leads me to remembering Doug Courtney again (click here) and the Creedence song that always makes me think of him:    

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Where's the Tylenol?

Pam and I have been cleaning out and disposing of numerous old books that we've had for years. The bulk of them are what I call "Management Books" - all those Seven-Habits-Who-Moved-My-Cheese-kinda books.  One of the books, shown above, reminded me of something that I witnessed at Buzzy's Country Store a couple years ago. 

A local construction crew was remodeling a beach front house below Buzzy's.  Every evening they would stop in Buzzy's for a couple beers before heading north.  Occasionally, their boss/owner of the company would stop in with them.

When they had completed the overall job, the crew popped into Buzzy's a little earlier than usual to celebrate.  As the 4 of them sat around the bar they discussed their boss wanting to take them fishing that evening on a charter boat he had booked out of Solomon's.  They noted that while they recognized that the boss was trying to do something nice for them, none of them wanted to go on the fishing trip that evening.  They were tired and they had other things to do.  One of them noted "Hell, if he wants to do something nice for us, just give us the money he's spending on this stupid fishing trip."  

They then discussed and semi-argued over which one of them would use the "Got to take the kid to practice excuse."  They resolved the issue by working out just who would use what excuse for not going on the fishing trip that evening.  (In addition to the kid excuse another one chose the wife-booked-something-else without-telling me one.)  The third guy, unmarried and no kids, planned to use the friend-in-need excuse.  The fourth guy said simply "I'm just going to tell him that I don't do anything  involving boats." 

When their boss rolled into Buzzy's a couple minutes later, he was in a pretty good mood.  He bought the boys a round and sat down with them to discuss the fishing trip and what time they would be leaving the dock.  One by one each of the crew trotted out his excuse for why he could not make it.  The boss came back with "Hey, I got the boat booked and none of you want to go?  WTF!"  Silence.  I turned the music up a little to try and liven things up and they all adjourned to the porch to smoke and I guess try and change the subject.

After a couple more rounds bought by the boss, one by one the crew peeled off until only the boss was left.  He migrated back into the Store and took a seat at the counter adjacent me.  He then confided about how pissed and disappointed he was that none of the crew could make the fishing trip after all he had done to arrange it.  He was upset about the cost of the charter as well as the fact that none of his crew wanted to hang out with him. 

I listened and sympathized with him and tried to write it off to not knowing just how these young folks of today were going to react anymore.  He responded "Well you can bet your ass I won't do this again."  I debated telling him what I had overheard from his crew about "just give me the money" as a bonus/gift.  However, I didn't want to get him any more riled up than he already was and let it drop.  Eventually he began making calls to try and talk some of his relatives and friends into going fishing with him later.  I never did hear how he made out.

I'm not too sure what lessons are to be learned from my Buzzy scene here on how to or how not to reward employees, but I do have this video for you on the subject.  Clarke's reaction is the best.  (One of the comments following the video noted that in 2020 just having a job is your bonus.)

Friday, October 16, 2020

Stubborn Kinda Fella

From Some French Philosopher Montaigne
I won't go as far to say that Buzzy was a stubborn kinda fella; but I will leave it at - once he had his mind made up, it was a little tough to sway him otherwise.  

However, when you come right down to it, aren't we all a little like that?  That said though, I still think that there are some folks who can be just a little more say "dug in" than are others.   And once they are so entrenched in their mental bunkers, there is absolutely no swaying to be done when trying to convince these folks otherwise.  (Note that if I mixed my metaphors there, it's because I was too stubborn to change what I'd written.)

Believe it or not, this is an authentic billboard produced by the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality AHRQ.gov.  (If you are having trouble reading the second line on the sign it encourages men to "Learn the preventive medical tests you need."  Good advice in this day and age that we find ourselves trying to live and survive in don't you think?!
Recall my mentioning yesterday some great music from folks that you've never heard of?  Well, here is another example - Frankie Miller.  I first encountered him on a mixed tape that my buddy Mike Whitson game me some years ago and have liked him ever since.  The following is a little bit of a sad story about him but he's still a stubborn kinda fella.  (P.S. I found this video when I went looking for Frankie's cover of the famous Marvin Gaye tune by that title (click here.)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

New Dove


After I had told a couple recently in Buzzy's Country Store about touring St. Mary's City and seeing the Dove, Rich Brewer informed me of the ongoing construction of a new Dove to replace the current one.  I had not heard about that but made a mental note to find out more about it.  (It also crossed my mind that this is another example of  "nothing lasts forever" as the first Dove replica, completed in 1978, is now in such bad shape that it is cost prohibitive to try and patch and repair it.  Hence, the go ahead to build a replacement that is scheduled for completion in 2021.) 

Construction of the new Dove is well under way at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum located in St. Michael's, Maryland.  To learn more about it (click here) and/or check out the following video:

Musically,  here is something from one of the best bands you have never heard of - the Doves. (Catch the theme here?)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Durwood Acquitted

In yesterday's post I included a link to the 1962 Enterprise front page story where Buzzy was elected County Commissioner as part of the Raley Ticket.  Also on that front page of the Enterprise, was this story featuring some other folks from Ridge: 

To read the rest of the story with mention of Durwood's defense witnesses Mary Frances Raley and Melvin Yost (click here.)  With witnesses like that, little wonder that Durwood was acquitted.

Music-wise, when I googled "Kangaroo Court," the following popped up:

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - George and Buzzy


I took this photo of Buzzy and George Aud running into each other at the Bean Building in July 2007.   (I discussed this meeting in a previous 2010 blog post (click here.))  Little did I suspect when I took this photo in 2007 that 2 years later both of them would be gone.  Buzzy died in June 2009 and George passed a month later July 2009. 

In addition to passing one month apart, Buzzy was born 10/11/24 and George in February 1924.

In 1962 Buzzy and George ran against each other in the Democrats' Primary for County Commissioner.  Buzzy defeated George and went on to be elected Commissioner in the General Election as part of the Raley Ticket (click here.)  Fours later George would come back to defeat Buzzy in the Primary and go on to win in the General Election.

In their encounter that day at the Bean Building, George referred to their political paths crossing back in the day when he said to Buzzy "Remember Buzzy when we were politicking and running against each other?  Those were  some good times.  Now here we are both of us running to and from these damn doctors and once they get their hooks in you they don't let go.  It's no fun at all." 

Later, as we made our way down the road back to the Store, Buzzy commented "That was good seeing George.  He made me smile."  Sadly that was the last time that they would see and talk to each other. 

A little Willie seems in order:

Monday, October 12, 2020

Himes Country Store

Linda Lepper told me about the Himes Country Store located in Knoxville, Maryland just east of Harpers Ferry and sent me these photos she took on a recent road trip through that area:

Himes Country Store Also Sells Coal 
After doing some googling, I learned that like Buzzy's, the Himes Country Store has been a family-run business ever since it began.  Whereas Buzzy's has been run by two families, the Schumans and the Raley/Ridgells since its start in the 1880's, Himes' Store has been and continues to be run by only one family since it began in 1912.  Today that legacy continues with the Store's current owner Gary Himes shown here in a photo from the Himes Store's FB page.  

For more about the history of the Himes Store,  Gary and his mother Dot, I also found a couple of very nice articles about them.  This first one is a 1993 Baltimore Sun article that focuses mostly on Dot. The second article focuses more on Gary (click here.)  (Note that Dot passed away in 2012 (click here.)

Too, I found a Yelp review that does a nice job describing Himes Store:

In her text to me, along with the above photos, Linda wrote:  "In the store there is a wooden barrel with sugar in it from the depression era.  Sugar is still in it.  Chris' Grandfather used to sit on it."  Thus, I had to laugh when I read in one of the newspaper articles I cited above:

Joseph, Dots father-in-law, opened the original store in 1912 down the hill. He was a train conductor, too, and according to the story, sold quite a bit of sugar during prohibition.
That's how those country stores rolled back then!

Another comment in one of the articles also made me smile when a new employee Julie McGrane was wondering why the men in the Himes Store were just hanging around and not purchasing anything:

When I first started, men would come in the morning and afternoon, and theyd be standing around, just talking in a group, McGrane said. The minutes would go by, Id get anxious, you know, Can I help you? Can I help you? But they were just stopping by to chat and catch up Gary had to tell me that. Hed say, Relax, theyre not in a hurry. They may buy something, they may not.

And that's how you know when you're in an honest to goodness country store - people standing around just hanging out.

Nice little video here featuring a Country Store in Vermont:


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Note to Buzzy


I think of you every time I pass by Lori and Chris' house and see the Store.

I think of you every time I enter thru the door to the Store.

I think of you when I turn on the lights in the Store.

And then I think of you as I sweep the floor.

People come into the Store and conversations begin.

Your name comes up and I will think of you again.

Guess as long as I run the Store

I'll be thinking of you forever more.

Happy Birthday Dad.  Love you.

Clapton never knew his dad  (click here.)  Despite, or maybe even because of that, he wrote what I regard as the best Father song ever.  Know that I have played it many times previously for you.  However, I never tire of hearing it because  "bit by bit I've realized, that he's always with me, and I've looked into my father's eyes" and will listen to it again - especially today.  (Note that a "Toe rag" (second verse reference "Just a toe rag on the run") is a slang term for a street child/tramp.) 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

What a Difference.......

A day makes.  My Thursday/Friday routine this week was definitely a picture of life's contrasts.  Thursday was a great day while Friday was not so great.  Here's a quick summary:

Thursday - 08:30 a.m - I left Piney Point to pick up excess deck supplies from a job site to return to 84 Lumber for Brady.  Doing so netted him a $960 credit.

Friday - I left my house at 7 a.m to head up to Prince Frederick for a Mohs surgery appointment.

Thursday - 10:00 a.m. - Following 84 Lumber and  some other stops in Lexington Park, I met up with John Carbone in Scotland Beach and spent the next couple hours touring and enjoying his Gator Trails along the Bay and in the woods.  I took these pics including some of the old cemetery on the property along with John's dozen deer stands scattered about.  Wonderful time, very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you John.

One Trail Runs Along Bay; That's Sharon and Brian Barnhill Estate at Northern End of John's Property

Old Richardson Cemetery With Tombstones Dating Back to 1814 

John's Brother Vic's Deer Stand - Vic's Ashes Are Buried Beneath the Antlers On the Base of the Tree

View Across Long Neck Creek From John's Property - Buzzy's Homeplace With House My Sister Donna and Husband Jerry Taylor Had Built by Puggie Pulliam

Back to Friday - 8:00 a.m. I arrived at Anne Arundel Dermatology office in Prince Frederick to have a cancerous spot removed from my nose.   It took 4 very long hours to complete the procedure and was an awful time.  No photos here of me being cut up as I wouldn't want to gross you out by doing so (not just yet anyway.)  Here then is a shot of the office building where Anne Arundel Dermatology is located (one block behind Nick's of Prince Frederick.) 

Thursday - 1 p.m. thru the afternoon at Buzzy's Country Store we had a very nice 94th birthday  celebration for Charlie Simms.  Excellent, excellent fun time.  Lots of food and thank you to everyone who brought something.   Charlie had a good time and all in all it was a great afternoon.  Thank you to everyone for dropping by and wishing Charlie a Happy Birthday.  Couple photos here were taken by Kim Wiley.

Charlie Bending Lisa's Ear With Clutch Listening In

On the other hand, my Friday-afternoon-1 p.m.-on-time was nowhere near as much fun.  Following my surgery and Pam driving me home, I was back in Piney Point where I spent the afternoon resting but hurting in bed with an ice pack on my nose.  Here then is the gross out photo I promised you and yes, I felt even worse than I look.

Move Over Freddy Krueger Your Replacement is Here
Such is the yin and yang of life I guess.  One day it's good and the next day it's not so good.  But like the old timers say - any day that you survive is a good one.  Even though my Friday was nowhere near as enjoyable as was my Thursday, I survived it and hey, it's only rock n roll right?

Speaking of music, I had thought to play the Dinah Washington's What a Difference a Day Makes song for you. Yet that tune is more about how romance can make a difference in your day(s) and believe me there was nothing romantic about my surgery.  (OK, there was this attractive nurse's assistant who had a sexy little vibe about her.  However, in my sliced and diced up discombobulated condition, I was in no mood to entertain any kind of romantic thoughts about her much less try and flirt with her.  Maybe next time at a followup visit, but not this past Friday.  Chalk it off to another liability of getting old and infirm - when you're hurtin' you don't feel like  flirtin'.)  

Music-wise then, check out this U2 tune that is a little more apropos of what I'm trying to say here about my past 2 days: some days really are better than others.  


Friday, October 9, 2020

Sex Sells - Even Onions


Yeah, it caught my eye too so that's why I'm passing it along for your entertainment.  To read the entire story (click here.)

The creators of the ad, the Gaze Seed Company have had some fun with the story on their FB page (click here) when they published the following:   

Ironically, by censoring the Gaze Seed Company's ad like they did, the Facebook folks have ultimately provided them with a whole lot of free publicity.  The story has appeared in several publications and been on T-V around the world (click here for a listing of media sources that have published the story.  I'm debating suggesting to them that my Buzzyblog reference here should be added to their summary of just where the story has appeared.  Be pretty cool don't you think to see www.buzzyscountrystore.com listed right there below BBC's entry?!)

Too, it has got me thinking that I may need to sexualize something I sell in the Store that Facebook would censor and thereby afford Buzzy's a bunch of free publicity.  Little tough however, making those 10 ounce Buds sexy.  Maybe if I draped a condom over them........ naw, too hard!  (Sorry.)

Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell had an Onion Song (click here) but I'm going with John's Glass Onion.  You know his and the Beatles' version of it, but check out this version.  Note too that the end lyric "Fixing a hole in the ocean, Trying to make a dovetail joint" John originally wrote as "Looking through a hole in the ocean for a yellow submarine."  His original lyric sorta makes more sense because throughout the rest of the song he is interjecting several references to previous Beatles' tunes none of which ever referred to a dovetail joint  (click here.)  (And while I think I know what a dovetail joint is, I'm still not sure that it's the kind of "joint" that John was talking about.)

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Happy Birthday Charlie!


Charlie Simms turns 94 today and we wish him a very happy birthday.  Later today at Buzzy's Country Store we will have a little get together for him starting around 4 o'clock.  Drop in to wish him a good one but please remember to bring and wear your mask if you do so.

I recently came upon an article written by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel titled Why I Want to Die at 75 (click here)  As he discusses one's quality of life after 75 and how one's health slowly declines as it does from 75 on, I thought of Charlie and how well he has done and continues to do.  I thought of how, when I see Charlie stroll into Buzzy's everyday, smiling and joking with folks, it makes me feel a little better about these so called "golden years."  Charlie serves a role model for so many of us.

I also heard some Gerontologist on the radio the other day discussing the keys to living a long life and she noted that it was a factor of three things: diet, exercise and genes.  She explained that diet and exercise certainly play a big part in how long one can expect to live, but ultimately it all comes down to whether or not you have good genes.  She concluded that whereas you can do something about your diet and your exercise routines, ultimately your genes are your genes and over that you have no control.  Obviously, Charlie has some pretty good genes.

How's this for a little coincidence?  As I landed on an age-related song to play here, I learned that Stephen Stills turned 75 in January of this year while Neil will celebrate his 75th birthday next month on the 12th.  Long may they run as they try to catch up with Charlie.  (That they recorded this song in 1976 makes me feel older too!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Peacock's Feather

When Buzzy and I toured Ireland we spent a couple days in Dublin where I talked him into taking a Literary Pub tour.   As we discussed doing it, I remember him saying something along the lines "Well, I'm not too interested in the literary side of the tour but at least I'll enjoy going to the different pubs and seeing where the old boys drank."   

It was on that tour, in one of those pubs that I first heard mention of Irish poet Seamus Heaney.  (I blogged about him the other day and was not very complimentary in my take on one of his poems, so I figured I'd better do a followup here on him and try to make amends.)    

Here then is another poem by Seamus titled A Peacock's Feather that he wrote for his niece Daisy at her christening party. There is an interesting backstory as to how he came to write it (click here to read that explanation.)  

I've also included the poem here for you from the linked article.  However, the video below featuring Daisy's mother does a nice job explaining how and why he wrote it.  Enjoy.

Daisy's mother discussing the poem's origins.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - To Be A Rock and Not to Roll

Forget all the "And Three Days Later He Arose From the Covid Grave" malarkey, the really important news of yesterday had nothing to do with politics (unless you can make a case that our Supreme Court folks punted on taking up such a controversial matter (click here.)   

With the Court deciding NOT to hear the above case at all, it means that the lower court verdict finding Zeppelin innocent of plagiarism stands.  (For a good Rolling Stone account of the 2016 court proceeding click here. The article also contains the Spirit song/video Taurus that was the basis for the lawsuit.  So you can listen to and judge for yourself if they sound too much alike.)

In Buzzy's Country Store, Led Zepp tunes will usually get the "crank-it-up-treatment."  However, when I hear Stairway to Heaven start to play, I usually wait a couple minutes or two before cranking it up.  The song's beginning (and supposedly plagiarized part) is my least favorite part of it.  Too slow and too boring.  Lyric-wise it's a little slack too e.g. "When she gets there she knows that if the stores are all closed, with a word she can get what she came for."  Who the hell is she - Oprah?!  

In Buzzy's I'll usually hit the volume button somewhere around the 5:35 mark when Jimmy kicks in and after that "we wind on down the road with our shadows taller than our souls."  (Now them's some lyrics even if, confession time, from my Misheard Lyrics' file, I always thought the line was "I'll share a story that I told.")  

For more than you ever wanted to know about Stairway to Heaven and how it came to be (click here .)

Monday, October 5, 2020

The Big Red Store

For the most part, when references to a country store are made, one thinks of a rather small place such as Buzzy's Country Store.  However, somewhere in my internet travels I landed upon The Big Red Store that at one time called itself "the world's largest country store."

5 July 2019 (From Big Red Store FB Photo Page)

Located in Appleton, Tennessee, The Big Red Store of today is not as big as it once was.  Note how the roof was rebuilt (photo below.) 

Today the Store is more of a museum and is open only a couple times a year.  To view their Facebook page click here.   I also found this 2010 video (below) filmed when the Store was still open for business.   

Like I always tell folks who wander into Buzzy's and comment on the fact that it is still around and still open "Enjoy it while you can.  They aren't making any more of us."

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Happy Belated Michaelmas and Yom Kippur


Initially, I had this cued up for last Tuesday as a "twofer" item that actually fell on 29 September, St. Michael's feast day.  However, I decided to save it for my Sunday Buzzy religion spiel.  (In case you haven't noticed, on Sundays I try to check that old time religion box in my own Ridge boy way by doing something semi-spiritual here on the Buzzyblog.  And yes, that is about the extent of my holiness as I muddle my way thru life's gigantic corn maze.  Aside #2 - Bowles' Farm Corn Maze is now open for you to wander thru on the weekends.)    

Back to St. Mike, in Christian circles, the 29th of September officially marks the feast day of him and a couple of the other archangels (above - literally!)  However, those of us who went to a certain grammar school in Ridge know full well that it is all about Michael, the most badass archangel/ghostbuster of them all because he was the dude who sent Satan straight to hell (click here.)  

Like many of the Christian feast days though, Michelmas had its origins in a Celtic pagan feast day marking the end of one harvest season and the commencement of the next one (click here.)  Smart business men that they were, the original Christians knew better than to try and do away with the established pagan celebrations and instead coopted them by coming up with their own reason(s) for a celebration on that particular day.  For instance, and I hate to burst your bubble here, but another mas, Christmas, that you know as the birthday of Christ, also started out as a pagan gig (click here.)

Pre-Christianity however, around this time of year the Celts would not only celebrate the end and beginning of their harvest seasons but also would settle up any accounts or debts that they owed.  That "day of reckoning" also plays a role for our St. Michael.  In addition to casting out bad boy Lucifer, Mike is also often depicted as the weigher of souls on Judgement day:


This "Book of Life" idea originated in the Jewish faith as they c
elebrated their High Holy Days during this time of year.  Jews begin their new year on Rosh Hashanah by petitioning God for forgiveness of their sins.  Then 12 days later, on Yom Kippur,  their Day of Atonement, they seal the deal with God.  Their book of life keeps track of their progress or lack thereof.  This year Yom Kippur was celebrated on 27 September thru 28 September.

I only know one Yom Kippur joke but it sorta ties into all this God keeping track of our good and bad deeds.  Here it is:

A rabbi was not happy with his congregation so he decided to skip Yom Kippur services altogether and go play golf instead.  Moses was looking down from heaven and when he saw the rabbi on the golf course, he reported it to God and suggested that God punish the rabbi very severely. 

As Moses watched however, the rabbi played the best game he had ever played.  The rabbi nailed a hole-in-one on the toughest holes on the course and then did it again on the very next hole.

Moses turned to God as they watched and said "I thought you were going to punish him.  You call this punishment?"

God replied "Who can he tell?"     

Video-wise do you recall Travolta playing an Archangel named - what else - Michael?

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Basement Country Store

Here's a way that you can have a country store right inside your very own home or more specifically - in your basement.  

Note that video is from 2017. I may try and contact Mike to see how he made out in getting rid of everything.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Van Halen and Those M&M's

As I purchased some M&M's the other day to re-stock the Buzzy candy case with them, it made me think about the infamous contract rider that I had heard about some time ago.  A rock and roll band had requested that M&M's be supplied for them with the proviso that no brown ones were to be included.  Given that trivial pursuits like this tend to amuse me,  here then is the rest of that story.  

Turns out that it was Van Halen who requested that M&M's but no brown ones be provided to them. Check out Snopes' verification of it (click here.)

However, as Snopes documents "Sometimes the why is more important than the what."  (click here.)  Wiki had the following note as to why Eddie and his bandmates asked for M&M's sans brown ones:  

If the bowl was present, then the band members could safely assume the other, legitimate, items in the technical rider were being fulfilled to their satisfaction. Conversely, if the bowl was missing, or brown M&M's were present, then the band members would be within their rights to have the venue inspect the work, ask that it be redone, etc.[119][120] Their concern for safety was real: during their earlier tours, not only had equipment been damaged, but several members of their road crew were nearly electrocuted, both due to inadequate safety measures and preparation on the part of the local venue.

Thus, it was not such a crazy demand after all.  (Please note that all of the M&M's for sale in Buzzy's do include the brown ones.  However if Van Halen ever stop by to perform at the Store, I'll make sure that the brown ones disappear.)

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Buzzy October Birthdays (Subtitle - What the Hell Is a Penumbra?)


Lots of October birthdays in the Buzzy family this month including his on 11 October were he still with us standing behind the counter at the Store and saying "Shutup and pay me."  (Quick political aside here - the two most cited words I heard yesterday describing Tuesday night's not-so-Presidential-debate were Shitshow and Shutup.  That sorta says it all doesn't it?)  

We start off October with a trio of birthdays today including my sister Lila Hofmeister's, Connie Lepper's and David Jarrell's.  (I don't ever mention any woman's age on her birthday, even when they are celebrating a "milestone" one with a 0 or a 5 in them.  However, David doesn't mind letting everyone know that he will be celebrating turning 80 today by hosting a little get together later this afternoon at the Store.  Drop in and wish him Happy B'day.)   

On October 2nd, Kim Wiley celebrates her day.  (And just in case you didn't click on the photo's caption above, that great fall photo I have included here is one that she took in 2010 in Drayden;) Rita Cole celebrates on the 7th; Charlie Simms turns 94 on the 8th;  Mark Dominiak's is on the 8th; Doug Byrne celebrates on the 9th, Robby Norris 12th, Chief Larry and Janet Whitt 15th, Joey Porter 17th, Bev Hall 18th, Pam Koon 22nd, Puggie Pulliam 24th, Connie Lynch 25th, David Norris 28thWinky the 29th, Ned Pratt and Bruce Price on the 31st.  

Today in the United Kingdom they celebrate their National Poetry Day (click here.)  In 2016 Prince Charles made some news when he read a very famous poem by Seamus Heaney titled  The Shipping Forecast (click here.)  As poems go, it doesn't do much for me, but then again I like my poetry where I can understand just what the hell they are talking about!  To hear Charles reading The Shipping Forecast (click here and see if you can decipher it.)

But I do have another NPD poem here for you that I got a little more out of and enjoyed much more when compared to The Shipping Forecast.  At least I knew what he was trying to say.