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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Get Over It

OK - some political talk today, my last of the year so if you're not in the mood for it, take a  pass, or a hike if you will, and check back tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday Buzzy musings on some non-political stuff.  

With the overall difference in the popular vote now nearing 7 million votes, my take is as basic as this post's title - "Get over it."

Only a genuine idiot who lost by 7 million votes would continue to maintain that he not only won but also that he "won by a lot."  (But then again our boy has never let reality get in his way has he?)  However, close behind his idiocy has to be the significant number  (50% perhaps?) of his followers who also believe that the election really was rigged against him.  (For a good article on this subject (click here.))  

Even more amazing to me, who like Bruce believes that "sooner or later it all comes down to money," is the donating of over $170 million from his followers for his Election Defense Fund.  (Quick Buzzy aside here - I have not over heard any of my Buzzy Trumpsters in the Store make any statements about having sent Don the Con any of their money to date.  However, I do have my suspicions that some of them may have done so and simply aren't admitting that they did.  I'm betting that if even one of the 40 some lawsuits that Rudy and company have filed on Trump's behalf ever comes close to succeeding, I may yet hear from them.  Otherwise for now, silence really IS golden.) 

But instead of just complaining about all this, how's about I mention a couple possible solutions for this hoo-ha about the election results and the electoral college?  (Of course, it would be too easy to just say do away with the Electoral College and use the popular vote - although I could make a case for that!) 

Instead, why not have a National Voting Law where all states manage their voting procedures the same way?  For example, this business about how some states do or don't count mail in/absentee ballots in a timely manner could be cleaned up by stipulating some consistency.  I know that this is a Constitutional issue and is not gonna happen but hey it's a suggestion.

My Number two suggestion is much more attainable though and that is for other states to do something like Maine and Nebraska have done.  Those two states award their electoral votes by apportionment versus the winner take all method that is currently in effect in the other 48 states (click here for related article.)  For instance, had this been done in Maryland this go round the Trumpster would have gotten 3 of Maryland's 10 electoral votes reflective of him having won the popular vote in 14 of our 23 counties.  (To read further about how this and other electoral options and methods would work (click here.))

But my third suggestion is that we try and make sure that the people we select to run for President are not so petty nor delusional that they can't admit it when their time is up.  And this goes doubly for dudes who shake down their followers for millions of dollars as they do so.    

OK, that's my two cents.  After that I need a shot of rhythm and blues to bring me back up.  Here then are the Stones still getting it done in 2020.  Best comment I read was "If Keith met the coronavirus, the virus would have to self isolate."  Mick's last line in the song "If I want to party, it's a party of one" may even have some relevance for our Non-Conceder in Chief!  Hey Donnie, this one's for you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Beavers and Birthdays

 I apologize for not giving you a heads up (literally!) about the full Beaver Moon that appeared yesterday morning.  However, in my defense I have previously counselled you about relying strictly on the Buzzyblog to keep you informed of current events.  Events at the Store - yes; around or out of this the world - not so much.

So why then is it called a Beaver Moon?  Jokes (of which there are many to be made) aside here is the explanation:
And while on the subject of special events, in December the extended Buzzy family celebrates the following birthdays:  Bruce Henry on the 2nd; my Brother in-law Jerry Taylor on the 7th; Jason Aldridge also on the 7th; Greg Madjeski 10th; Jimmy Cullison 16th; Mike Fenhagen 18th; Pat Birmingham 23rd; BJ Gray 27th; Brian Barnhill 28th; and Bill Holmes 29th.

Celebrity-wise, Barbara Billingsley was also born in December on the 22nd.  I can hear some of you saying who the hell is she?  Well, those of us of a certain age know that she played June Cleaver, mother of the Beav as in Leave it to Beaver.  So there, this post has come full moon or full circle, whichever you prefer. 

This song/video seems apropos even if I should have played it for you yesterday!

Monday, November 30, 2020

Throwback Monday - Like Starting Over

 I scrolled back to one of my earliest November blogposts and found this:

Back then I was only posting once a week or so and this was my second to last entry for the month.  (In my last November 2008 entry I wished my niece Katie Taylor (now Katie Allen) a happy birthday.)

This November also marked the 40th anniversary of the release of John Lennon's last album Double Fantasy.  Good article here from the Washington Post (click here.)  You know all of the popular tunes from Fantasy such as Watching the Wheels, Starting Over, Beautiful Boy and Woman but check out this one that was included as a bonus track when the album was reissued several years later. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday - No Politics No Religion Right?

My friend Frankie Tippett will often post an old photo (sample follows) of places on Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's... FB page and make you guess where it is: 
Unlike the above example, most of the time a commentator or two will eventually identify it.  

Thus, if imitation is the best form of flattery,  here's my "Frankie Photo" for you to guess where it is.  (Most South County folks will have no problem knowing exactly where it is.)  I added the caption for it.
Both Out of Business
So here's the deal, free beer or drink to anyone who can identify where both of these photos were taken.

And speaking of good pairings, check out this Luke Combs tune that a good friend told me about:

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Listen to the Music

I miss the hell out of listening to live music.  Were I not minding the Buzzy counter today from 2-5 , I would most likely be at the Port of Leonardtown Winery listening to Patty and her bandmates performing as the Bootleggers.  (I have previously discussed Patty and her band 6 Pack to Go who played at Buzzy's Country Store 50th Anniversary Party in 2003 (click here.)   From 6 Pack to Go to the Bootleggers, I think I see a pattern here!)

Here they are doing a great cover of John Prine's classic tune:

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black, Plaid and Wet Friday

 Saw this as a reference to Black Friday:

And naturally it made me think of this video from Pulp Fiction.  I have played this previously for you but still get a charge out of it whenever I view it.  As you watch it, think about which character you see yourself as - the righteous man, the shepherd or the evil man.  Like Sam says though, I'm trying mighty hard to be the righteous dude.
But then there is also something making the rounds known as Plaid Friday that calls for supporting local businesses (click here.)
And when you tire of all your shopping today, swing by Buzzy's Country Store where we will be having our usual Wet Friday.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving - A Movable Feast

True or false?  Thanksgiving has always been celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November.

If you said false you get an extra heaping of mashed potatoes at today's dinner feast.  Here's a quick scan of how the holiday got established and then re-established:

In 1789 President George Washington signed a Proclamation designating 26 November as a day of thanks (click here for good article on how George envisioned Thanksgiving as a day of unity in what was then a politically very divided country - that sure sounds familiar doesn't it?)

It hung on that date for 74 years when, in 1863,  President Lincoln signed legislation designating the last Thursday of the month as our day of Thanksgiving.

Then 75 years later President Roosevelt moved it back to the second to the last Thursday in November to allow extra shopping for Christmas.  In 1939 Thanksgiving would have fallen on 30 November and FDR wanted the extra week for the unofficial start of the shopping season.  That whole Black Friday thing was around even back then! 

Two years later in 1941 Congress and FDR designated the 4th Thursday as our official Turkey Day. It has been celebrated on the 4th thursday of November ever since then.  

On this day I am most thankful for all of my family and friends. And while this has been a particularly tough year, one of the few good things about it is that it has brought me closer to and more appreciative of my family and my friends. That I have several friends who are like family to me makes it even better.  Happy Thanksgiving!

The Doobie Brothers were inducted into the Rock N Roll HoF earlier this month.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Covid Spike

 I received the following from the Maryland Beverage License Association yesterday:

Today Governor Hogan held a press conference, primarily to reinforce the need for adherence to current COVID restrictions and to announce that the State would be ramping up enforcement.   Maryland's COVID statistics continue to escalate with the highest positivity rates since June and many hospitals at near capacity.  The Governor reviewed the various rollbacks in capacity he announced on November 17th  such as 50% for indoor businesses such as restaurants and retail stores and the closure of bars and other establishments at 10 pm.  While the Governor stated  that Maryland continues to do better than other States with an exponential increase in testing capacity, he also asserted that the new restrictions will only be effective in controlling the spread of COVID if people adhere to social distancing and wear their masks.  He said there is strong evidence that COVID fatigue is leading to lack personal adherence to precautions and lack of enforcement of restrictions on business operations and capacity limitations.   

Consequently, Governor Larry Hogan announced the launch of a wide-scale compliance, education, and enforcement operation with the objective to slow the spread of the virus and keep Maryland safely open for business.,,,,,,

Starting Wednesday, the Maryland State Police will launch a joint operation with local law enforcement to deploy High Visibility Compliance Units across the State throughout the holidays.  In addition, the Maryland State Police will be operating a new 24/7 phone line to support Local Compliance Teams and will be expanding its current COVID-19 Prevention Hotline that is in place to enable the public to report unsafe behavior or activities that violate   current orders.  MEMA will be sending a Statewide Wireless Emergency Alert on Wednesday evening to remind the public of the need to maintain social distance and wear masks and the Maryland Department of Health will be launching a new Unified Statewide Public Health Campaign. 
Best wishes for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

Accordingly, I am asking (again) that all of my Buzzy's Country Store friends who come into the Store be in compliance with the Covid protocols:  Masks on when not seated and social distancing when up and about.  If the Covid spike continues as it is, Hogan's next move will probably be to close all bars and restaurants.   I don't want Buzzy's being one of the places that causes that to happen.   With vaccines now in the pipeline, relief isn't too far away.

And this one that I know several of my 2A bubbas should be able to relate to:

Most under rated rock group?  My vote is for Steely Dan who were inducted into the Rock and Roll HoF in 2001 but still never seemed to get the notoriety nor fame that they deserved.  Many rock critics thought their music was too slick or too soulless (click here;) but I always liked them because, I guess, I appreciate all things that are slick and soulless.   

Check out their tribute to Charlie Parker here.  Don't know what's better the guitar intro or the sax break.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Talking Two Turkeys and Two Pardons

Well, since we won't have to listen to him complain about how unfair the election he lost by 6 million plus votes was, guess we can now plan on hearing all about "Presidential Pardons" for the next couple months or so.   

As Presidential pardons go, check out the irony of Carrots being told that the results of the election did not change.  You can't make this stuff up can you?   

It made me think of this funny scene 
from West Wing when two turkeys...well watch for yourself. 

P.S. Buzzy's will be open this Thursday. If  you are home alone and bored, you know where to go. (No political talk of has-been-turkeys though.  And please wear your mask.)

Monday, November 23, 2020

Throwback Monday

Several photos here of what looks to be a birthday party for my Mom in Buzzy's Country Store.  (The August 21 date on the calendar confirms it.)  This is probably the one and only time that Mom ever joined in with "your Father's carrying on's out in the Store."  Looks to me like she was having a good time however.  

Evelyn and Ralph Woodburn, Lorraine and Tom Teefey                        Lois Bradburn (l) Other lady ?

Lorraine, ?, Mom and Brother Steve                           Mom Blowing Out Her Cake Candle(s)
And where was Buzzy during all this merry making? Where else would you expect him to be!?
Note the Pickle Jar
Here's the Number 2 song on this week's Country Music charts. Nice little video with an ending that may just be where the boy gets the girl after all. Not sure though; see what you think about that final shot.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

All the News That's Fit to Print (Literally!)

From my Mom's files and collection of things here is an example of my early interest in the publishing business.  I was 8 years old at the time and as you can tell my world was full of dogs, stolen goods and lost wallets and softballs.  Life was simpler back then.

Hypnotic Eye was Tom's last album and contains several great tunes including this one about being a Full Grown Boy.  I guess it popped into to my mind for obvious reasons:

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Tom Waring - One of Our Founding Fathers

I only learned yesterday of Tom Waring's passing at the age of 98 from vibrio infection.  While I had not heard of Mr. Waring's November 7th passing, I am very saddened to hear about it.  He was one of the last of what I refer to as the original builders and shapers of our County, our Founding Fathers so to speak.   

 It was due to the efforts of people like him that helped make our County the vibrant and successful community that it is today.   To get some idea of his accomplishments and to appreciate what can truly be referred to as "a life well lived" check out Mr. Waring's obituary (click here.)

(Note:  Back in 2010 Bob Schaller, then head of the County's Department of Economic and Community Development, hosted a Founding Leaders breakfast that featured many "Founding Fathers" such as Mr. Waring (click here for related Enterprise stories.)  I too mentioned it in a blog post from back then (click here.)   

And speaking of original Founding Fathers, check out this video below on how our Nation's Founding Fathers all appeared on the scene at a moment in time to jump start us like they did.  Someday I may attempt to do a comparison of how the Navy's arrival here in the County in the 40's was similar to how our Nation was originally started by another group of such dynamic leaders.  (Think about it - Jack  Daugherty as our George Washington!)

OK maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but it does make one wonder though, whatever happened to all those truly smart and foresighted people like that?  Given what we have today, where did they all go?  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Today in History

 Two historical events today:


At Buzzy's 11/19 Tommy and His Right Hand Mann - Bob (Even if he is on Tommy's left hand side)

Of even more importance than the patenting of a traffic light however, this day in history marks the birth of one Thomas Courtney 75 years ago. Here is good 2010 Enterprise article I found on Tommy and Julie (click here.)

Also, check out this video that I have played before but is so well done that it merits a second showing.

Julie has agreed to give Tommy a hall pass so he can visit Buzzy's later today and buy his birthday round. Come join us if you can. Remember to bring and wear your mask.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Love the One You're With? Not!

I was stocking the beer case in Buzzy's Country Store the other day when Stephen Stills' Love the One You're With played on the radio.  Every time I hear this song it makes me stop and do a little recalculation of "Does this song make any sense?" 

Musically I like it a lot.  Stephen and company nail it what with all the energy in the song, the guitars strumming like they do, the great Hammond organ break (1:43 mark below) and the whole "Du-du-du-du-du-datu" feel to it.  As they used to say - its got a good beat and you can dance to it. 

But lyrically though, the words always trip me up every time I hear them sung.   OK, I know that Stills wrote it during the free-love-hippy-dippy-period in music history but the overall message just doesn't make sense to me.  I guess so, because personally, I've always been a Johnny-Cash-I-Walk-the-Line-one-woman-kinda-guy.  Fooling around because I'm "down and confused and don't know what to do" and the girl next to me "is just waiting for something to do" is not the way I roll.   

Thus, the whole "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" gist of the song seems a little off to and for me.   (Confession time here though:  I do admit to the Jimmy Carter "lust in my heart" sin that he discussed in the infamous Playboy interview he did back then.  Nothing wrong with looking and thinking about if you can't be with the one you love right?)

I landed on this good article (above) that talks to some of the problems I too have with the song (click here.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Parents and Friends

Photographer - Kim Wiley

I always like it when parents and their adult kids visit Buzzy's.  (Parents with little kids I like seeing too, but not as much.)   The above photo shows my Mom with a couple of her adult kids - my sister Donna Jean and yours truly who does act like an adult on occasions.

I enjoy seeing the oldsters (parents) interact as friends with their progeny (kids.)  They come into the Store, buy each other drinks, they b.s. and trade stories, they laugh and joke with other folks in Buzzy's and in general they just relax as they enjoy each others' company.   Mother/daughters, fathers/sons. mothers/sons, fathers/daughters,  I had just about all of those combinations in Buzzy's Country Store this past weekend

I guess one of reasons I enjoy seeing this dynamic play out so much is that it always reminds me how Buzzy and I became such good friends thru the years.  I recall a quote that posited you never really know someone until you travel with them.   Well, that certainly proved to be true for me when I first started travelling with Buzzy in the 90's.   We were always friends up until then and had developed a pretty good adult relationship, but once we started travelling so much like we did, it made and brought us even closer. 

Moving forward then, whenever I see parents and their big kids hanging out in the Store together it makes me more appreciative that my relationship with my kids has evolved to where it is now.  

Me and Ryan in Buzzy's Behind the Counter

There is that famous Mark Twain quote (click hereabout how he was amazed at how much his old man had learned.   I too hope my kids can see and appreciate how much I have learned over the years.  (For  an overall good article and discussion on the topic of parent/adult relationships (click here.)

So next time you are out and about with your folks (or your kids as the case may be) bring 'em down to Buzzy's and I'll take your picture for my new photo collection I am starting titled Parents and Kids in Buzzy's.

Great cover here of a Dylan classic.  I particularly like the paraphrasing of the lyrics at the end (4:09 on mark.)  Bob's original lyrics went 

Note how Matt amends and even adds his own lyrics "You don't have need to be a Rockafeller to help a fella - I said that."  (Ok, at least I thought it was kinda funny!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Marshall

I don't recall how the subject came up a couple weeks ago but Brady and I were discussing Marshall University and their football team's terrible plane crash in 1970.  I told Brady how I once knew a lady who talked of how she was a cheerleader for the Marshall football team but for some reason or other did not make that fateful trip with the players.  I remember her discussing the incident and saying how it was something that she would never forget.  I concluded my recollection of this conversation by noting that it took place several years before they made the We Are Marshall movie about the crash and events following it.

Brady then told me his Marshall-related story about a husband and wife couple whom he had done some work for when he was part of A&A (the Adams brothers) Construction crew.   Turns out that the husband was also a Marshall alum who was a student there when the plane crashed.  Brady noted how when the film came out in 2006, the man's daughter leased out the entire movie theater so that her Dad could view it privately on his own.   

I mention these two Marshall stories because this past 14 November marked the 50th anniversary of the plane crash.  Check out this excellent article on it from the Washington Post (click here.)

As for a follow up to our Marshall connectedness, a few hours after Brady and I had discussed all of this, the same lady that he and A&A had done work for years ago called him about doing some additional work.  Her husband has recently passed away.  She is now in the process of putting the house on the market and needs some repair work done and someone referred her to Brady.   Brady couldn't believe that she called him only a few hours after he and I had just talked about her husband and Marshall.   

As for my Marshall connection, I did manage to locate on Facebook the lady who told me her story.  I may just have to try and contact her to let her know I still think of her and our conversation every time I hear something about Marshall. 

As for Buzzy's Country Store and its Marshall connection here, my friend Pat Stover is an alum who was also there in 1970.  He told me how he knew and hung out with several of the players on the team and what an awful time it was following the plane crash.

Music-wise and to try and end on an upbeat note, this America tune played at the end of the movie We Are Marshall.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Throwback Monday

Here is a 2011 post from Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's ... FB page.  I am fairly certain that I have posted this previously but it's a crummy Monday and my creative juices just aren't jumpin' and humpin' much today.  (As for the comments below, I'm still not clear what the hell Dave Hammett was saying about Never Becoming a Deputy though.)

Good excuse to lay a Same Old Song tune on you even if it's not the one by the Four Tops:

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Tweets

I picked this little book up sometime ago thinking I might start Tweeting.  However, like a lot of my other good intentions taxiing around on the runway of life awaiting take off,  the whole tweet thing is just not that pressing to me.

However, I do like to check out this tweet book for various quotes on various subjects.  For example, under the topic Politics here is one from James Thurber that I won't even  bother trying to tell you why I think it's pretty accurate:

You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

But even better than that one, leave it to George Carlin to really sum things up as he discussed Problems:

We're all fucked.  It helps to remember that.

But today being Sunday, allow me to include the book's entire section on the topics Religion and Spirituality (with apologies for my sloppy cut and paste efforts.):

Regarding the Arthur C. Clarke quote, I have amended that to read "God is a woman and she has a sense of humor."  Speaking of which, be forewarned that you'll need a sense of humor to appreciate the following video:

Saturday, November 14, 2020


My Mom and Judy Raley were miles apart when it came to political leanings.  While Judy was very right wing and conservative, Mom was very left wing and a liberal Dem.  Despite those differences however, they remained best of friends through the years as witnessed in this birthday card that Judy gave Mom:

My last conversation with Judy was a good one and also one that I learned a very valuable lesson from.  It took place on 21 August 2018, my Mom's birthday.  I had swung by to wish Mom a good one and Judy was there preparing to take Mom out to lunch at Tommy's to celebrate her birthday.  Judy suggested "J. Scott why don't you come join us?"  I thanked her but begged off noting that I had a delivery coming to the Store and couldn't do so.  However, I countered "Let's go one day next week.  You get Michael to join us and we'll do a Mother and oldest child luncheon."  Judy laughed and agreed to do so.  

As I pulled out of the driveway and watched my Mom get in the car with Judy I said a little prayer of gratitude as I thought "Thank you God for Judy.  She's is still going strong and will do things like pick up Mom and take her out to lunch.  Thank you, thank you,  thank you."  

Little did I know that that would be the last time Judy and my Mom would ever go to lunch together.  A couple days later after she felt ill, Judy went to the Doctor, and ended up in the hospital where she learned that she had a rare and ultimately terminal disease.  She passed on 24 October roughly 2 months after my Mom's birthday and taking her to lunch.

As for the lesson that I learned that day from my last conversation with Judy:  when someone invites you to do something with them - you do it.

John Lennon wrote this song in memory of his Mom who died in a car accident at 44 years of age.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Life's Lottery

When my friend Joe Stone texted me this Wednesday night my first thought was "Damn, I really should have played it."  By it, I am referring to the number 489.  

Following my Mom's passing at the age of 89, Joe had informed me that his Mom was also 89 when she passed a few weeks previously.  We then talked about how Lindy McKay and Mary Ann Hammett were also 89.  I told Joe "Maybe we should play the number 489 and box it."  

Well, we should have because the winning number this past Tuesday was 849!

Having missed out on playing 489, my next hot tip is 431.  (All 4 were born in 1931.)  When 431  hits however, don't bother letting me know because as with 489, I probably won't play it either.

Closest I could get to 489 musically was this Beach Boys' tune talking about a car with a 409 engine:

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Young and Shirley General Store

So I check out that Rock n Roll Angel tune (previous post) by the Kentucky Headhunters and of course the country store setting (above) piques my interest.  It sent me on the following discovery of the Young and Shirley General Store.  

I found the above photo on a FB site Barrens of the Land (click here to read caption.) The photo's caption gives the history of the Store and concludes by noting that "It's no longer a store but the well preserved building still stands and is owned by Richard and Cindy Jones.  Richard is a grandson of Oren and Effie Young and a great grandson of James H. and Hattie Shirley.  It should be noted that Richard is also a member of the well known Kentucky Headhunters." 

I also found this interview with Richard Young and even though he doesn't discuss his Grandparents' Store it is still a great read (click here.)  

While the Store is no longer open for business, Richard's wife Cindy puts together window displays such as the following  (click here.)
Music-wise, the Headhunters also used the store as a backdrop for their first hit (below) which was a remake of the Bill Monroe classic.  (I have previously mentioned their second and biggest hit Dumas Walker (click here.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

It Comes in Threes

Three items on my mind today as follows.

1.  I received the following last night from the Maryland State License Beverage Association: 

"At 5 pm tonight Governor Hogan held a press conference to discuss the increasing number of COVID cases in the State and to respond to that development.  As it pertains to bars and restaurants, the main change being implemented  is that bar and restaurant capacity is now reduced to 50% of maximum capacity (as defined by the Fire code) from the current 75%.  This takes effect at 5 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020.  He emphasized that local enforcement of this lower capacity limit, as well as the rule that customers must be seated to be served and not standing at bars, will be strongly enforced by liquor boards and other local officials.   Violators face fines and the possible loss of their alcoholic beverage license...."

Accordingly, I am asking/requesting that anyone entering, standing and or moving around in Buzzy's Country Store wear their mask.  No exceptions. 

2.  Today being Veterans Day, check out this excellent editorial from the Washington Post (click here.)  Excerpt follows:

 Later today when you visit Buzzy's Country Store and you are a Veteran wearing a face mask, your first drink is on Buzzy.

3.  And speaking of tribalism and the current malarkey over our election results, I only have 3 words to say - 5 million votes!  Even a Ridge boy can do that math.
Kentucky Headhunters have been around awhile but have never really gotten the attention that they deserve. Check out this tune of theirs and note the country store connection which I will be talking about more in a later post.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Then and Now

Going through some old photos I found this one of Brady and Shea shooting pool with Buzzy seated in the background.  Note my Beatles and Stones decor on the walls.  I sure was cool rockin' daddy back then wasn't I? 

Now compare that to how it looks today.  Pool table is still there but my rock n roll memorabilia has given way to family photos and a huge mirror.   I really am now such an old fart.  (Remember how you used to feel when you walked into your grandparents' living room?  Yep, I've become one of them.)
P.S.  That picture of my folks with the green matting (to the right center of photo) is my favorite one of them together.  I've enlarged it here to show you:
And since I quoted him above when I described my younger self, here is the Boss in his own words.  Even though it's probably the most unpatriotic patriotic song ever recorded, it's been running thru my mind a lot these past couple of days.  Must have had something to do with all this nice weather we've been having.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Death of Salesman?

Just last week one of the sales reps from a liquor distributor called and asked if I would mind signing up and testing out their new web-based ordering system.  He informed me that he would send me the app and walk me thru the process so I could begin using their new ordering system.  

Since I had planned on placing an order with that distributor anyway I agreed to participate in the new program.  I downloaded the app, set up an online account and placed an order.

The sales rep then called to tell me that my order had been placed and that  my products would be delivered Friday.  He thanked me and in turn I asked him if this was a move to replace/get rid of him.  He informed me that it was just the opposite in that the move was made to free him up so that he could be spending more time with their larger accounts.  He told me "You were picked because the company targeted our 10% smallest accounts and is pushing them to order on line."  In other words, I was the one being gotten rid of so that my sales rep could go spend more of his time schmoozing the bigger accounts. And here I was feeling sorry for the guy.  

That said, it did mark the second time in recent months that one of the beer and liquor distributors has replaced their sales rep in favor of an online ordering system.  (If you google "replace sales reps" you'll find all sorts of articles on the subject such as this example (click here.))

Recognizing that this is the future way of doing business, I'm ok with it because sometimes it's the sales reps who waste my time trying to sell me something I don't need nor want.  Overall, I prefer to use their online systems. 

Music-wise I found this list of the Top 10 Motivational Songs for Sales and Marketing  (click here.)  Number 1 on the list was a tune from Kayne West that I didn't care for.  (Don't care for him nor the song.  However, I will give Kayne some credit here - at least HE knew when it was time to concede.)  Clocking in at #8 on the list was this pretty good tune and video from Aloe Blaac:

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Musings

I recently found this note from my Mom that she wrote me in September 2007 shortly after I had just taken over Buzzy's Country Store.  (Don't bother trying to decipher it as I've done it for you below.)

In her first paragraph she talks about things having to do with the tenants in the apartments above and behind the store.  I won't bother transcribing what she said there but the bottom line involved her suggesting I clean house figuratively and literally.

Her second paragraph went as follows:

New store hours will be adhered to.  No reason to open Sundays for football games etc. (If Bussy objects, tell him he can come to dinner, etc. here if he wants.)

But it was her last sentence that resonated the most with me:

Whatever annoys you most - make a rule about it and stick to it.

I thought of that advice from her just recently when I did what she suggested and posted this sign banning talk of politics in Buzzy's (click here.) 

Granted, this past week, what with all of the election churn, it's been a bit tough to enforce this rule.  However, as the week has spun out, my Trumpsteristas have grown uncommonly quiet.  Funny isn't it, how there are times and circumstances where some rules just don't need enforcement.

It being Sunday though, I wanted to comment on also having included Religion Talk as being a no-no in Buzzy's.  Frankly, I debated whether or not to include religion in the ban because in general I don't really have a problem hearing and talking about religion.  

I guess that that is because having grown up Catholic, I am very accustomed to hearing and enduring the various putdowns and criticisms of that faith.  Now, having married a lady who just happens to be Jewish, I have become more attuned to anti-Semitic comments which previously I never gave much thought to.    As for Muslims and/or their Sharia Law, I've no clue what is or isn't offensive when talking about them.  (Furthermore, I've no clue  and what they do or don't believe in.)

Ultimately, then when I thought about religion talk in Buzzy's, I opted for the "if-you-can't-say-something-nice...." approach to things and elected to put the kibosh on it too.  As the sign says "No Politics or Religion at the Bar." 

Music-wise my Mom and I didn't synch up much.  She had a lot of Frank/Mel Torme/Andy Williams type CD's along with numerous Broadway show CD's in her collection.  

That said, however, I did manage to find a Streisand CD that I picked up on.  (I've previously discussed how Babs is one of my many musical guilty pleasures (click here.))  I chose this medley from her because it touches on some of the things that I've cited above such as "No religion too."

Nice day ahead of us; may have a car or two at the Store. Swing by.